Desperately Seeking Fame

2009-05-13 アップロード · 86 視聴

A decade on from its first show, Big Brother has transformed from social experiment to fast fame generator, seizing upon the nations appetite for celebrity. Its spawned a plethora of reality TV series and copycat shows, and has sparked an ongoing debate about the characters it creates and the message it conveys. But how far will wannabes really go to achieve five minutes in the limelight? And what is the reality behind being a reality star?

From the wannabes in tireless pursuit of recognition and attention, to the formerly famous struggling to retain their celebrity status, Desperately Seeking Fame is a definitive insight into Britains fame hungry generation. Exclusive to Current TV, this one-off special offers a unique perspective on the rise and fall that surrounds the growing alumni of reality TV stars, and looks at what happens when the spotlight fadesLaunching ahead of the tenth series of Big Brother, Desperately Seeking Fame airs on Friday 29th May at 10pm. If you cant wait to see the show, watch this footage now, shot at the Big Brother auditions, which gives you a taste of the reality wannabe stars of tomorrow. See more clips at




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