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Nujabes(Feat.Shing02)-Luv(sic)Pt.1&2(Live 영상)
처음 Nujabes 음악을 듣게 되었던 그때...
그 문화적 충격이란...

Lovesick like a dog with canine sensitivity
Developing this new theory of relativity
connecting our souls resting in captivity
positive life sacrifice what it is to me
our history only a quarter of a century
reality, sittin on the shoulders of our chemistry
see ain't no mystery that colours we mix
will set the mind free, let the blind see,
beyond harmony, breath life into dead space
blow away all clouds of doubt,
new territory we determine to be
everything a safe heaven is suppose to be
now it might seem distance but the time is near
when our thoughts take off and split the atmosphere
pure sound wave travel semi-infinitely
plus I'll see u there definitely

cause the beat~ plus the melody makes me speak of
L.O.V.E. eloquently, so evidently.. x2 -scratch-

Good gracious, every process has a genesis and ends with a reveltion,
God bless this opportunity for me, to find a voice
for some words, that we waited for way too long, Low wages small tips
on the avenue, never wasted all hits for a revenue
haven't u heard the news lately...?
it seems we've been livin for some-times in a purgatory...
but yo, I thought I knew what a love song sounds like
But I felt a warmer tune in the sun-light
I could still hear it in my room past midnight,
gotta move take a solo-cruise in the moonlight
sometimes I do forget, oh how much we could ease-the lives we lead
If we learn to let go...the reins that we hold...return to our souls...and
the spirit let flow..
you see, every day faced heads a million shapes to express, definition of
but the method I choose my perogitive theres so much love in me I've got to

cause the beat~plus the melody makes me speak of
L.O.V.E. eloquently, so evidently.. x2 -scratch-

oh how I can write a book about how u make me feel
but how about this song that I wrote for u?
what I feel like, I wanna put my trust in these simple words
for u to feel what i'm sayin'
what u feel like...? reminisce about the little episodes that we shaped
remember the time that u told me the cold night?
to relaz when I knew only to hold tight
remember the time I spoke to a croud in a full house and realize that u was
my ace?
I was the joker, on the stage singin the blues all eyes on me and had nothin
to prove
but no, I thought I knew what a diamond shine like, but I felt a love in the
from the queen of hearts watching me quietly from the upper deck balcony
sometimes I suspect I'm an actor well scripted
line dividing comedy when I cooked back
that frozen of timeand try the defrosted sences I lost
enough with the metaphore the motivation I wrote this letter for
for u to know that musik helps un carry on
like u say a new day will bring us tommorow

cause the beat~ plus the melody makes me speak of
L.O.V.E. eloquently, so evidently.. x4 -scratch-

Once again, now where do I start, dear love
Dumb struck with the pure luck to find you here
Every morn' I awake from a cavernous night,
Sometimes still pondering the previous plight,
Seems life done changed long time no speak,
Nowadays I often forget the day of the week
Taking it by stride if you know what I mean,
No harm done, no offense taken by me
So let's rap, we'll catch up to par, what's the haps?
Perhaps we're even closer now after all things considered on this side of the planet,
Couldn't pick a better time even if we planned it!
To come clean and candid if I have to
Oh what I wouldn't trade for your laughter
Sweet and sour spice in my poetry pot melting,
Even better than the real thing!
It's like the God in me saw the Devil in you
I wanted to break myself in the worst way when I met you
Who would have thought, conversate by the river, celebrate birth,
Sit and delivered the lines that would prove to be the seeds of trust
Unsigned, yeah but destined to grow with sunshine
Self-assigned task piled on the desk of good works,
Knowing hardship appreciate the best of both worlds!

C'est la vie, as they say L.O.V.E evidently, see every song has a sequel
Never same, everything but the name, all fresh just like back then, how we do everyday
C'est la vie, as they say L.O.V.E eloquently, see dream has a part two
Never same, you got to keep it tight, all fresh just like back then, now hear me out…

Once together, now where do we go, dear divine
I pray that you keep watching over us,
From the heavens where light is the nucleus
To this space filled with darkness and negative matter
Anti-gravity pull is what I would rather feel when I leave this shell eventually
Ties to the mother earth ground me mentally,
Real vibes will keep me alive spiritually
Imagination brings bliss at no cost, when I blink blink I receive at no loss
Victory comes in small packages like a leaf of an olive tree brought back by a dove
From above, then I'm gonna rhyme love,
Well you saw that one coming ever since the beginning of the end
Well anyways, I am not a perfect being, yes I am a man full of sin
It's like the Devil in me saw the God in you,
You epitomize the etymology of enthusiasm!
Look it, up there lies the clouds that form the rain
That came from the ocean that flowed from the river
I'm a believer, firm with the first words, lyrical transceiver of our ancient roots
(Science + Arts) * Faith / # of our Ethnic Race!
Let me mention what I've been thinking
How to save the children, when the ship is sinking
So I'm singing, no lip syncing to slogans,
Political hooligans with tanks, missiles and guns!
Everything is relative when it's all in the family of man,
Understand the time has finally come to realize the great power of 1,
All formulas equalize under the Sun, Amen!

The rhymes will heal 'cause I believe in music,
In times of need I won't be leaving you sick
The beat plus the melody's the recipe,
Your vibe surely brings out the best in me!
The rhymes will heal 'cause I believe in music,
In times of need I won't be leaving you sick
The beat plus the melody's the recipe,
All good souls lost may they rest in peace!
Hiphop worldwide we got to live in peace, like that!



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shit,,,넘 좋아삭제
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좋은 영상 잘 보고가요. 누자베스 사무라이 참프루에서 알게됐죠. 음악 정말... 깔끔하단 말로는 뭔가 표현이 부족하군요 덕분에 감상 잘 하고 갑니다.삭제


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