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Best of Green Home & Lifestyle Products Tap into Internet's Social Media Roots to Promote Solutions We Can Live By

The fate of the planet hangs in the balance. So one of the world's most organic home builders is sending out a clarion call to action. Vote for the best of healthy, sustainable products for the home and the most useful tips and ideas for green living. Cast your ballot for countertops made from things like paper and glassware, or home insulation made from the blue jeans you wear. The GREEN LOG Home and Lifestyle Awards have arrived just in time to drive home the message: the time to think green, know green and go green is now!

Jim Young, the incoming chairman of the Log Homes Council for the National Association of Home Builders, is one of the creative forces behind the GREEN LOG Home and Lifestyle Awards. Young's efforts are aimed at galvanizing the home building industry and inspiring a new call to action. More than 80 companies have been nominated by their peers and by experts such as senior editors at the Environment News Service for a Green Log Award. Each can be examined up close at the GREEN LOG Blog at

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