Tanzanite Jewelry is Timeless

2008-04-15 アップロード · 30 視聴

Jewelry Television® is one of the world's largest retailers of the exquisitely beautiful gemstone, tanzanite. This increasingly popular stone, known for its vibrant shades of blue, continues to lure jewelry enthusiasts and fashion experts alike. With its best and largest tanzanite collection to date, Jewelry Television® is proud to host, "Tanzanite Is Timeless", the industry's only 24-hour tanzanite sales event on April 12.

"Tanzanite is considered one of the smartest buys in a gemstone," says Natalie Parman, vice president of merchandising for Jewelry Television®. "It continues to increase in value - and since it's only mined one place in the world - it is predicted that the gemstone will become unattainable within 20 years. It's a stone jewelry enthusiasts everywhere want to get their hands on. We recently had the rare opportunity to buy a large amount of tanzanite rough in Arusha and will be offering faceted stones and finished jewelry from that lot as well," said Parman.

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