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2008-05-06 アップロード · 28 視聴

Historic Footwear Brand Celebrates Re-launch with Marketing Blitz

Pony International today announced the re-launch of the famous footwear company once known for iconic performance and creativity with "Back In the Game," a clever marketing campaign designed to return the once category leader back to prominence.

"The Pony brand has always been a classic. From its incubation on the streets of New York to the way it once ran the floors of professional arenas. We're eager to show the world that Pony is once again 'Back In the Game,' commented Pony CEO Kevin Wulff. "From the form and function upgrades we've made to our products, to our new marketing campaign, we are now delivering on all cylinders."

Born in Brooklyn in 1972, Pony quickly became the premier sports brand of the 70's and 80's with legendary pitchmen such as Muhammad Ali, Dan Marino, Reggie Jackson and Pele. Wulff and industry icon, Lead Shoe Designer Kyle Pulli, both acknowledged the vintage roots of the brand and aimed to focus on performance to compete with industry leaders Adidas and Nike. "The inspiration for the product and 'Back In the Game' is not to be different, but to be better and original," says Benjamin Woo, Marketing Director for Pony International.




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