Learn, Speak, Act: Recording artist Mike-E and the American Cancer Society inform about lack of health care access among Africa

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The American Cancer Society has partnered with international recording artist and poet, Michael "MIKE-E" Ellison to produce a public service announcement (PSA) entitled Learn. Speak. Act. With 24 percent of African Americans living below the poverty line, and 21 percent lacking health insurance, the high-energy, hard-hitting spots draw attention to the need for quality, affordable health care for all Americans. Currently, 47 million people in America are without health insurance and millions more have inadequate health coverage, and may be just one illness, injury or missed paycheck away from financial ruin.

The issue of inadequate access to health care has been the focus of a major public awareness campaign that the Society launched in the fall of 2007. Research has shown that lack of adequate health insurance coverage is associated with less access to care and poorer outcomes for cancer patients. Enabling more African Americans to get necessary cancer screenings is critical, as African Americans are more likely than whites to be diagnosed with cancer at a later stage, and less likely than whites to survive five years after diagnosis for most cancers at all stages of diagnosis. The PSA featuring MIKE-E is an effort to raise awareness of the issue among African Americans.

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