Blue Planet Run: A Race to Provide Safe Drinking Water to the World

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Blue Planet Run represents an extraordinary collaboration of photographers, journalists, leading environmentalists, information designers and athletes who teamed up over the summer of 2007 to put a human face on one of the biggest challenges facing humanity today: the world's rapidly disappearing source of clean water
One hundred percent of the royalties from Blue Planet Run will be used to provide clean water to the people around the world who desperately need it.

"Many people in the developed world still assume the global water crisis has nothing to do with them - that it's a crisis for 'those poor people, over there.' The painful truth is that the water crisis is now on every continent and in cities large and small. This crisis affects every human being on the planet, but most of us just aren't paying attention yet."
— Robert Redford, from the Foreword

Rick Smolan and Jennifer Erwitt, authors of highly acclaimed illustrated books including the New York Times bestselling Day in the Life and America 24/7 series, are releasing Blue Planet Run (Earth Aware Editions, December 2007). A powerful and disturbing visual journey, this book is aimed at sparking a global conversation about a problem that until now has received relatively little attention: the global water crisis.




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