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New Campaign Supports an In-Clinic Education Program
Sponsored by the AVMA and Fort Dodge Animal Health

SCHAUMBURG, IL (August 22, 2007) / PRNewswire / – Is it risky for your cat to chase a squirrel? Or your dog to drink from a puddle? How risky are fleas and ticks? These are some of the questions raised in a new public service campaign – "Being a Pet is Risky Business" – from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Funded by an educational grant from Fort Dodge Animal Health, the campaign seeks to raise awareness about common pet disease risks and how to protect against them.

The campaign's television and radio public service announcements (PSAs) humorously depict pets in atypical risky situations – skydiving, scuba diving and surfing – to call attention to typical, routine daily activities where cats and dogs are frequently and more realistically exposed to disease-causing organisms. The PSAs inform consumers that disease risks, which all pets face, can be significantly reduced through individual pet risk assessment and twice-a-year wellness exams from a veterinarian.

The television PSA spots were filmed at Animal Hospital of Pittsford, located near Rochester, NY. Dr. Tomeka Smith, Dr. Meghan Duffy and Veterinary Technicians Jennifer Nardone and Caitlin Fredenburg appear in the PSA.

"The 'Risky Business' PSA campaign is a good example of how the AVMA fulfills its mission of improving animal and human health by bringing important information to the public's attention," says AVMA President Gregory Hammer, DVM. "We are grateful to Dr. Smith, Dr. Duffy and their staff for sharing their clinic, time and talents in filming the television PSA and to Fort Dodge Animal Health for its financial support of this project."

Pet owners can learn more about disease risk and prevention at local veterinary clinics where the "Being a Pet is Risky Business" campaign is underway. Free consumer brochures and a variety of other materials are available at clinics participating in National Pet Wellness, an educational initiative sponsored by the AVMA and Fort Dodge Animal Health. Nearly 15,000 veterinary clinics currently participate in National Pet Wellness education campaigns.

"Wellness exams help your veterinarian detect and, ideally, prevent problems before they become serious, while risk assessments help your veterinarian develop an individualized disease protection program that's right for your pet," says Craig Wallace, Vice President – Marketing, Fort Dodge Animal Health. "And, because pets age much faster than we do, all pets should be seen by their veterinarian twice a year to maintain good health."

For more information visit the National Pet Wellness (Month) Web site -

The AVMA, founded in 1863, is one of the oldest and largest veterinary medical organizations in the world. More than 75,000 member veterinarians are engaged in a wide variety of professional activities. AVMA members are dedicated to advancing the science and art of veterinary medicine including its relationship to public health and agriculture. Visit the AVMA Web site at to learn more about veterinary medicine, animal care and access up-to-date information on the association's issues, policies and activities.




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