The Pillsbury Doughboy today launched his Campaign for a Sweeter America at a rally in New York City.

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The Pillsbury® Doughboy® kicked-off his Campaign for a Sweeter America today and introduced the four candidates running for the nation's favorite dessert – Cake, Brownies, Frosting and Quick Bread – at a rally in New York City. Consumers 18 years and older can vote for their favorite dessert at Pillsbury Doughboy campaign stops in nine swing cities across the country including, Troy (OH), Pittsburgh, Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Asheville and Columbus, or online at

Each candidate has a deliciously unique personality and platform that is sure to tempt everyone's taste buds. Cake is cheerful and fun, so moist and delectable it makes every occasion a celebration. Brownies are indulgent and confident with a decadence that is too good to resist. Frosting is helpful and hardworking, spreading sweetness across the country. And Quick Breads are clever and sharp-witted, providing instant home-baked goodness anytime.

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