Wines of France offers the Ultimate French Wine Lover's Sweepstakes.

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Ever fancied the life of a vigneron or a highflying winemaker? Wine enthusiasts everywhere have flirted with the dream of making their own wine - but cost, oenology schooling and lack of courage tend to hold most of us back. The "Ultimate French Wine Lover's Sweepstakes" is offering the chance of a lifetime to one lucky winner, and a guest, to get their hands stained in French vineyards this September, make some wine, load up on local cuisine and finish, en beauté, with a whirlwind gastronomic tour of Paris.

The wine-centric trip involves six days each in Bordeaux and Burgundy, the holy grail of wine regions. The winner will be exposed to harvesting grapes that make the world's most famous wines and will get to experience vinification with a range of reputable wine producers. It won't all be work, though. There will be plenty of time doing what the French do best: enjoying life, eating and drinking, with a special focus on all things local. Plus, an essential stopover in Paris will span two days of more epicurean heaven, where they will visit gourmet markets, fine wine shops and eat at the city's bustling bistros and brasseries.

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