Pearson's SuccessMaker Combines Research-Based Lessons With Engaging Animations to Meet All Students' Needs!

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Today's digital kids learn, think and play differently. Now with today's launch of the innovative, new SuccessMaker®, a digital, supplementary, curriculum solution from Pearson, schools can offer young students a learning environment that puts them all on the road to academic success. A highly engaging, animated, research-based program, SuccessMaker is designed to support classroom instruction in reading and mathematics.

Premiering this week at the 2008 National Educational Computing Conference, the nation's largest ed-tech conference, SuccessMaker was developed by leading experts in literacy and mathematics education. Used in conjunction with a school's core reading or math program, it provides schools with a 21st century approach toward learning that accommodates learners with a wide range of needs, including students with learning disabilities, gifted students, at-risk students and English language learners. SuccessMaker's unique instructional design takes individualized learning to the next level, putting students on the learning track that best meets their individual needs - rather than a "one size fits all" approach.

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