Want to Improve Your Car's Gas Mileage? Try a Wynn's Fuel System Service.

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Wynn's Fuel System Service, when performed on your vehicle, can effectively increase fuel economy, improve engine performance and decrease emissions. This translates to better gas mileage and fewer fill-ups at the pump.

Automotive experts will tell you that, over time, dirt, varnish and carbon deposits can build up in a vehicle's engine, restricting the flow of fuel and air, and inhibiting proper combustion. This all leads to poor performance, decreased fuel economy and increased emissions.

Wynn's Fuel System Service uses proprietary formulations and specially engineered equipment to provide immediate and optimal cleaning of critical engine components. This process attacks and removes build-up and deposits from fuel injectors, intake valves, combustion chambers, throttle valve and throttle body. The result: better gas mileage, minimized emissions and improved start-up and acceleration. Peak power and performance are restored for engines of all types and sizes, including optimal towing capacity for diesel engines. To save gas effectively, this service is suggested once per year or every 15,000 miles for both fuel and diesel engines.

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