Resveratrol-based Nutraceutical (Longevinex®) Induces Favorable Changes on Gene Expression in Mouse Heart At Doses 17-320 Times

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Researchers report that a proprietary Nutriceutical matrix (Longevinex®) exhibits striking effects upon genes controlling energy metabolism, nine times broader than research-grade resveratrol and calorie restriction (mouse study- Experimental Gerontology, early online edition, July 2008, for August hard-bound edition) at doses of resveratrol 17-320 fold lower than used in previous animal studies.

In a breakthrough study using laboratory mice, the matrix of Nutriceuticals was found to produce more striking changes in gene expression, and influence more genes, in comparison to mice placed on research-grade resveratrol or a calorie restricted (CR) diet. The Nutriceutical matrix favorably affected more biological pathways (by 3-4 fold) compared to CR. The study utilized microrrays which provide data on the expression level of over 20,000 genes. The study was conducted in mouse heart tissue.

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