Americans Turn in Record Numbers to Environmentally Friendly WaterFurnace Geothermal Heat Pumps to Relieve Strain of Soaring Ene

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Americans everywhere are feeling it: not only the pinch at the pump, but also the strain of monthly utility bills. That's a big reason why more and more homeowners are turning to geothermal systems like those from WaterFurnace (TSX: WFI) as a means of reducing the high cost of their energy bills. With 70 percent of a home's total energy bill resulting from the costs of heating, cooling and hot water, the use of geothermal energy not only increases the energy efficiency of a home, but also significantly reduces energy bills. The savings and return on investment (ROI) accrued over the lifetime of a WaterFurnace geothermal system are attractive to homeowners looking to get ahead of rising energy costs, ease the financial pinch associated with routine maintenance and upkeep of their home and, just as importantly, simultaneously take an environmental stand by reducing their carbon footprint.
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