Sensation Belgium – 14 March 2009 Ethias Arena Hasselt

2008-11-20 アップロード · 38 視聴

After 4 wonderful, sold-out, showpieces in the "Sportpaleis" in Antwerp, Sensation moves to Hasselt. This year we are proud to welcome the spectacular Ocean Of White show.

4 years ago, Belgium was the first country where Sensation took place outside the borders of the Netherlands. And that's something we are still very proud of! But during the last few years Sensation has become an international phenomenon. In 2009 Sensation will take place in more than 22 countries - spread out over 4 continents; for example shows in Chili, Australia, Spain, Czech, Poland, Germany,...

Together with the worldwide expansion of Sensation, the show has also grown in an exceptional way. In Belgium, the Ethias arena is the only venue that can hold the entire production, including the 80 meter long fountain show. The beautiful hall has proven its qualities several times by now and is the perfect location for the most wonderful spectacle of the year. Hasselt, here we come!

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