Knight Foundation Study shows Residents' Emotional Connection to Community has Significant Relationship to Economic Growth

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A new Gallup study explores the link between economic growth and residents' loyalty to and passion towards where they live. According to the "Soul of the Community" study, the qualities that make people love where they live include social offerings (such as entertainment venues and places to meet), openness (how welcoming a place is) and community aesthetics (such as physical beauty and green spaces).

The first-year findings of the Gallup study, funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, surveyed 26 communities where Knight Foundation's founders owned newspapers. "This is a new way of looking at how engaged residents create successful communities," said Paula Ellis, vice president for strategic initiatives at Knight Foundation. "The data provide new insights to leaders focused on improving the long-term economic well-being of their communities beyond the immediate challenges of the financial crisis."

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