Diane Lane Returns from Rwanda with Word of a Gift that Really Matters this Holiday Season

2008-12-23 アップロード · 146 視聴

DIANE LANE, star of the current romantic hit movie “Nights in Rodanthe,” traveled to Africa with world hunger organization HEIFER INTERNATIONAL to see how Heifer is helping end poverty and hunger.

She was moved by seeing Rwandan farmers who had lifted themselves out of poverty sharing offspring of their cows with others in Heifer’s “passing on the gift.” Now Diane wants share her experience to inspire Americans to use the holiday season for good – to buy “alternative gifts” -- cows, goats, poultry -- to help families around the world escape from poverty and to know the joy of giving.

Too often the holiday season is a stressful search for merchandise as gifts for loved ones. When many families’ budgets are limited, it’s even more important that gifts to friends, families and business associates be meaningful. Diane Lane can tell your viewers how even a small gift can help end hunger around the world.

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