Infinity Dance Theater presents Body of Work: 50 Years of Dance with Kitty Lunn, May 28-31 at Joyce Soho

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Kitty Lunn will present her Infinity Dance Theater, a non-traditional company for dancers with and without disabilities, in new works by Peter Pucci, Heidi Latsky, Carla Vannucchi, and Ms. Lunn, along with an Infinity favorite by Robert Koval from the company's first season in 1995. Performances will be held May 28-31 at Joyce SoHo.

For Kitty Lunn, the season will be a celebration of 50 years in dance. The New Orleans native started dance classes as a child and performed with several companies, including the Washington Ballet, where she danced in Swan Lake, Giselle, Les Sylphides, The Nutcracker, and the full company repertory. Lunn moved to New York in 1967, and in 1987 while preparing for her first Broadway show, she was injured in an accident which left her paraplegic. Determined to show that dancers can move in a multitude of ways, Lunn founded Infinity in 1995 to expand the boundaries of dance and change the world's perceptions of what a dancer is. In addition to regular New York seasons, the company's schedule has included appearing at festivals in Italy, two seasons at the Kennedy Center in D.C., and the 1996 Cultural Paralympiad in Atlanta. Lunn is also active as an actress on stage and TV (including a long stint on "As The World Turns"), a dance educator and an advocate for people with disabilities.

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