Dr Alban(닥터알반) - Its My Life

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Dr Alban(닥터 알반)은 1957년생으로 아프리카 나이지리아에서 출생했다.스웨덴에서 자라서 공부하며,치의대 졸업할만큼 명석했다.그 때문에 닥터라는 별명도 그때 부터인것 같다.그리고,주 무대로 활동했던 스웨덴에서 유로댄스 와 힙합레게음악을 주로 하는 뮤지션겸 프로듀서이다.히트곡으로는 'Hello Africa','Its my life','Sing Hallelujah'등이 있다.'Its my life'는 유럽전역에 히트했었다.스웨덴,오스트리아,독일의 싱글챠트에서 1위를 했었고,스위스와 영국에서는 2위로 올라왔었다.1990년대 초중반에 유로댄스를 이끄는 인물이였는데
곡 자체는 90년대에서 업그레이드 되었지만 더이상 이런 곡들이 요즘 세대에서는 트랜스음악이나 일렉트로닉한 음악들이 더 보편화 된것 같다.
Dr Alban - Its My Life

It's my life, take it or leave it
Set me free
What's that crap papa-know-it-all ?
I got your own life
Live your life and set me free
Mind your business
You know everything papa-know-it-all
Very little knowledge is dangerous
Stop bugging me
Stop bothering me
Stop bugging me
Stop forcing me
Stop fighting me
Stop yelling me
It's my life

It's my life.
It's my life my worries
It's my life,
It's my life my problems
It's my life.
It's my life my worries
It's my life,
It's my life my problems
It's my life, do you understand ?

I live the way I want to live
I make decisions day night
Show me signs and good examples
Stop telling people
How to run your business
Take a trip to east and west
You find that you don't know anything
Every's getting tired of you
Sometimes you have to look and listen
You can even learn from me
Little knowledge is dangerous
It's my life

It's my life set me free
So you beg so you lie
What you see is what you get
Listen to people and sort things out
Things I do I do them no more
Thing I say I say them no more
Changes comes once in life
Stop bugging me, stop bothering me
Stop bugging me, stop forcing me
Stop fighting me, stop yelling me
Stop telling me, stop seeling me
It's my life



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소중히 담아갑니다^^삭제


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