Maxx(막스) - Get away

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Maxx - Get away

come with me baby,give me something irle
me born and raise in the New York city
in the dance hall,on the dance hall,on the dance floor,we do the ragga dance mana
Ragga man yes,it is a ragga man jam
People drinking champagne fun full of fashion
Pump it up listen to the music jump up and party

Ragga this,ragga that,and a rabba-dub style
Feeling OK,me feeling so irle
I'm the white man,I'm a white man
Ragga with me and get ready to dance man
Boom shakalak truly open your mind
I'm the white ragga man baby one of a kinds
Ragga man yes gonna make my day
Open your mind,I'm your getaway

Getaway,getaway,you're my getaway
getaway,Baby I wanna break out
getaway,getaway,you're my getaway

Biribiribi,me feeling irle,
Come back again,with the sign of a party
On the party ,I'm the dance man
Flipping around to the ragga-man style
Drinking champapagne full of fashion
Party people to the ragga dance mana
In the club man ,on the dance floor
Everybody do the ragga dance mana

I need you night and day
Baby I need you
Yes you're my getaway
Take it night,night and day
I wanna break up now
You're my getaway
I need you night and day

Do it do it baby night and day
Do it do it baby you're my getaway



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