Cappella(카펠라) - Move On Baby

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이탈리아 출신 하우스/테크노 댄스 그룹.1990년대 초반에서 중반 활발히 활동한 그룹으로써 그들의 가장 히트곡인 'U got 2 know '으로 UK 싱글 차트 2위에 올랐다.
Cappella - Move on Baby

Take the chance
Give it all that you can
Cause he doesn't feel a thing for you
So nothing will be go wrong
Maybe he willbe you

back on track
lt's me yeah,and I fixed it
I proves my point,now we mix it
Yeah the a double L star,fresh and I got together
That's why we stand strong,now you know what's up
If I'm on the movie,
I can't stop
The beat is simple,but you can't refuse it,

Move on baby
Move on baby
Move on baby
And we get together

Again and I keep going with the swing
I stay funkey like this and Ibring
Beats to move you,
So I can prove you
That I can rock a microphone like I used to
check me out
This is how I deal it
The bass,the the mis,the treble
I just fuse it together
Cause I love music





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