Rialto(리알토) - Monday Morning 5.19

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Rialto(리알토) - Monday Morning 5-19(1998)

At eight o'clock we said goodbye
That's when I left her house for mine
She said that she'd be staying in
Well she had to be at work by nine

So I get home and have a bath
And let an hour or two pass
Drifting in front of my TV
When a film comes on
that she wants to see

*It's Monday morning 5:19
And I'm still wondering
where she's been
Cos everytime I try to call
I just get her machine
And now it's almost 6 a.m.
And I don't want to try again
Cos if she's still not back
Then this must be the end

At first I guess she's gone to get
herself a pack of cigarettes
A pint of milk, food for the cat
But it's midnight now
And she's still not back


At half past two I picture her
in the back of someone else's car
He runs his fingers through her hair
You shouldn't let him touch you there




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담아갑니다 감사삭제
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제가 정말 좋아하는 곡인데 다시 들으니 더 좋은것같아요삭제
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밴드 소개와 곡 소개도 잘 봤어요. 리알토의 명곡이군요ㅠㅠ 시네마틱 뮤직이라니 정말 딱입니다. 이 곡을 듣자마자 바로 머릿속에서 영화같은 이미지가 떠올랐거든요. 사운드만 듣고 올드 팝인줄 알았는데 98년도면 별로 안됐네요^^삭제


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