Whitney Houston(휘트니휴스턴) - If I Told You That (WIth George MIchael)

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Whitney Houston - If I Told You That (WIth George MIchael)

Now tell me how you feel if I told
You that I have feelings for you
Ansd would it be so wrong to say
What's on my mind
I'm sorry I have to
We were friends but with time
What I feel inside for you has changed
But I'd give up on love, if I thought
That it was untrue for you

*(If I told you that) I wanted to see you
(And if I told you that) I beg to please you
(If I told you that) I'll always keep you
What would you say (if I told you that)

I know that we were just friends
But what if I decide to bring somethings in
I hope it won't offend the trust
We have cause I don't want this to end
I you think that we'll lose what we have
Then I'd just rather stay (rather stay) the same
(I'd rather stay the same)
Cause I don\\'t wanna choose
Between two of the most precious things to me
(tell me)


If we take this chance and extend
To each other romance
I hope it would be
The right thing for you and me


Would you be there for me
Could you dare to hold me
Will my feelings leave me
Lonely if I told you



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