Moonlight 1X1

2009-04-04 アップロード · 3,897 視聴

1.01 - No Such Thing As Vampires

Written by: Trevor Munson, Ron Koslow
Directed by: Gerard Bocaccio, Rod Holcomb
Transcribed by: Lovecat

[Mick is sleeping in a freezer]

INTERVIEWER over: Mick St. John, thank you for joining us tonight.

MICK'S VOICE OVER: You're welcome.

INTERVIEWER over: So, what's it like being a vampire?

[Mick is being interviewed by a woman, but we don't see the interviewer]

MICK: Being a vampire sucks. It's a bad joke, I know, but it's the truth.

INTERVIEWER: So you drink blood?

MICK: Why, you offering? I'm just kidding. Yeah, I have a guy.

INTERVIEWER: You mean like a dealer?

MICK: Yeah, like a dealer.

INTERVIEWER: So you never bite anybody.

MICK: No, no. Unless they really ask for it.

INTERVIEWER: You sleep in a coffin?

MICK: No, that's an old wives tale. I sleep in a freezer. And while we're on the subject, garlic is tasty on pizza.

INTERVIEWER: Does it repel you?

MICK: Repels my dates sometimes. Toss holy water on me, I get wet. Crucifixes, okay, if you like that kind of thing...oh, and I definitely can't turn into a bat. That would be cool though, wouldn't it?

INTERVIEWER: What about daylight?

MICK: Daylight's not good. Daylight's not good...the longer I'm in the sun, the worse I feel.

INTERVIEWER: But you don't burst into flames?

MICK: Not if I can help it.

INTERVIEWER: How do you kill a vampire? Wooden stake, I'm guessing.

MICK: No, a wooden stake won't kill a vampire. Flame thrower will kill a vampire. Or we can lose our head, I mean, literately. Other than that we heal.

INTERVIEWER: You seem like a very nice guy, but don't vampires kill people?

MICK: Most vampires don't have boundaries or rules, but I do. I don't hunt women, I don't hunt children. I don't hunt innocents, but there's predators out there who need to be dealt with.

INTERVIEWER: Is that why you became a private investigator?

MICK: It's a way to use my special abilities.

INTERVIEWER: Any advice for the vampire wannabes out there?

MICK: Yeah. Stay out of my way.

[Mick is waking up]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: I offer wonder what it would be like if I had the opportunity to explain myself. But it's just a fantasy. Here's the reality: you sleep alone, you keep your secrets hidden. [Mick gets up and walks to the kitchen. He opens a cabinet and picks up a tube of blood] Oh yeah, and here's what a dinner party looks like. I know, I know, everyone says they're open minded, everyone tries to accept people who are different from them, but the truth is people don't react well when they find out the truth: I'm undead. And the other thing you got to deal with: when you live forever the past always catches up to you. Like all good detective stories this one starts with a girl.

[Mick is watching Beth on BuzzWire's website. She's talking to the camera]

BETH: Promising life cut short. Tonight, a killer is on the loose.

MICK'S VOICE OVER: Well, technically, two girls. And one of them's already dead.

BETH: This is Beth Turner for BuzzWire.

[Beth is doing her story from there]

BETH: Cut.

[Steve Balfour, the camera man gives her thumbs up]

BETH: Really? I was okay?

STEVE: Oh yeah. Total Amanpour. I mean, no one would even know it was your first live web cast.

BETH: We gotta get a shot of the body.

STEVE: Nah, the cops won't let anyone get close.

BETH: I'm not leaving without my money shot. [pause] Oh my God, did I just say that?

STEVE: Yeah.

BETH: I've become a news whore of the night.

STEVE: Not overnight.

BETH: Lieutenant Carl! Come on, what can you tell me?

LT. CARL: Let's see Beth...nothing!

BETH: Come on, I was first on scene. Who fed you the location on the 10/7 freeway shooter?

LT. CARL: Alright, fine. We think she's a Hearst college student. She had a mask and a tattoo on a very discrete part of her anatomy.

BETH: Front or back?

LT. CARL: Not these guys, get that camera out of here! Get these cameras out of here, now, move it!

REPORTER: Lieutenant!

[Cut to Mick. He's looking at the scene from a distance]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: When you've been around for as long as I have, you think that nothing can surprise you anymore. But that was before tonight. Before I saw her. Walking barefoot through a freezing fountain. At 2 in the morning.

[Beth's taking pictures of the dead girl]

LT. CARL: Beth! Step away from the body.

BETH talking to herself: Murder on student slain. Eh...Vampire. Something with vampire in it.

[Mick and Beth see each other]

BETH: Do I know you?

MICK: You tell me.

BETH: You're a cop, right?


BETH: Reporter?

MICK: Nope.

BETH: We've met before, you look very familiar.

MICK: Well, maybe I've just got one of those faces.

BETH: Okay. Question: what do you like better? 'Vampire slaying rocks L.A.-'

MICK: There's no such thing as vampires.

[Beth turns around again and looks at the crime scene]

BETH: I don't think the girl in the fountain would agree. I mean-

[When she turns back to Mick he isn't there anymore]

[Beth and Steve are walking around the crime scene the next morning]

STEVE: Come on, Beth, the body's gone, the cops packed up hours ago. What are we still doing here?

BETH: Looking for the girl's car.

STEVE: Right, and how do we know she didn't walk?

BETH: Nobody walks in L.A.!

[They stop in front of a car]

BETH: Here we go. 'Hearst College parking permit'

[Beth is walking in with Steve and Maureen, Beth's boss joins them]

BETH: I need you to check on that parking decal. I can't deal with-

STEVE: Nah, don't worry about it. I'll call, I'll call.

MAUREEN: Two hundred thousand unique visitors on your vampire story and we posted it less than 24 hours ago. The vampire angle was genius. Did you come up with that?

BETH: Yeah, it just kinda came to me.

MAUREEN: Very nice. [she turns to a worker] Get me some science on this and some expert. [she turns back to Beth] Now, I wanna blow this thing up a bit, make it seem real. 'Are there vampires among us?' I'm letting you run with this. What's your next move?

BETH: Steve got the dead girl's address from a parking permit. I think I'll take a look around.

MAUREEN: Don't think, go! Mama needs fresh content.

[Josef is walking around on the phone]

JOSEF: [on the phone] You don't get to change the rules of the game after the game has started. And that goes for your silent South American partners, too. My position is simple. I'm short of Shanghai A-shares and that was a guaranteed deal. Guaranteed. [to Mick] Hey, buddy, let me get rid of this guy.

MICK'S VOICE OVER: My best friend Josef. One of the oldest vampires in L.A. 400 going on 30. Living- well, unliving proof that paranoia never goes out of style.

JOSEF: [on the phone] I need default, and I would not be sleeping so snugly if I were you. [whispering to Mick] These people are unbelievable, no integrity.[on the phone] Oh, you don't like veil threats? So how 'bout this: You screw me and I will personally come down there and cut your heart out, okay? [whispering to Mick] It's the only thing they understand. [on the phone] Well, that sounds good. Give my best to the family. [to Mick] Well, you look good, you working out? Little bit, huh? Have you seen the news? This terrible thing in West Hollywood? It's everywhere. 'Vampire slaying rocks L.A.'

MICK: Yeah, I know, it doesn't look good for us.

JOSEF: It's a threat to our secrecy, what is this, the 1720s? We're discrete. we don't leave bodies lying around. Now we have to be extra vigilant, and we live in the age of fingerprint scans, DNA tests-

MICK: Josef! Relax.

JOSEF: I am relaxed. Totally relaxed. You're only 90. You've never been chased by a torch-bearing mob. Hungry! - Now would you care for a liquid refreshment?

MICK: No, thank you.

JOSEF: Are you sure? She's delicious. '82 is a good year.

MICK: You went to the super bowl on '82, right? Lost a million bucks on Cincinnati that year, right?

JOSEF: Yeah, except for that. You're fooling yourself, if you think you can exist on that retail blood forever.

MICK: I do alright.

JOSEF: Yeah. For now. But you're fighting a losing battle, my friend. Sooner or later your inner vampire is gonna demand to be fed. And then what?

MICK: Goodbye, Josef.

JOSEF: Goodbye.

[Mick walks in. Guillermo is drinking a glass of blood while working on a body]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: My guy at the morgue, Guillermo, deals with information and blood. Tonight I needed both.

GUILLERMO: Hey, Mick. What can I do you for?

MICK: Drinking on the job?

GUILLERMO: 4 or 6-pack?

MICK: Gimme 6.

GUILLERMO: Oh, thirsty boy, huh? I don't know why you like this A-positive so much. O-positive got a much better finish.

MICK: I wanna see the body of the girl they found at the design centre.

GUILLERMO: Yeah, I figured you would.

[Guillermo shows Mick the body. Mick senses what happened. He sees a girl walking at night and being attacked. He sees the bite marks on her neck]

MICK: There's no smell of vampire on her.

GUILLERMO: I noticed. The coronal artery's been severed.

MICK: How much blood loss?

GUILLERMO: She sanguinated. 40% blood loss, the heart stops.

MICK: A vampire would've drained her. Those aren't bite marks, they're too clean.

GUILLERMO: Plus, there's impact trauma around the wound, and her neck was punctured by something.

MICK: Call me if you get anything else.

GUILLERMO: Yeah, yeah, 'cause I work for you, right?

[Mick is driving his car]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: I didn't intend to end up a do-gooder. For the longest time I was like most people, just kinda looking out for myself. Then 22 years ago I took a case that changed my life forever.

[Mick's in his office and a woman knocks on the door]

WOMAN: Mr. Saint John, please, help me. Someone took my daughter.

MICK'S VOICE OVER: Some cases really sucker-punch you. You think you know what you're getting into, and wham.

WOMAN: The police have nothing. It's been two days.

[Mick senses what happened. He sees the little girl being taken.]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: Whether it's a missing child or a murdered co-ed, victims always leave a trail. You just have to find it.

[Beth is breaking in]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: The cops haven't been to the dead girl's apartment since morning. I've been waiting since six. Looks like I wasn't the only one.

[Beth walks in and looks around with a flashlight. She senses someone's presence and picks up a vase. She turns around and hits Mick in the head with it]

MICK: Ouch.

BETH: You were at the crime scene.

MICK: Easy with the mace, okay?

BETH: Stay back!

MICK: I'm not gonna hurt you.

BETH: You're not gonna hurt me? How do I know you're not the killer?

MICK: Well, because I'm not killing you.

BETH: Okay. If you're not the killer - and let's go with that 'cause that's comforting - what are you doing here?

MICK: I'm a private investigator.

BETH: Let me see your credentials. 'Mick St. John'? Who are you working for?

MICK: It's under my client confidentiality agreement.

BETH: So don't you wanna know who I am and what I'm doing here?

MICK: You're Beth Turner. You work for BuzzWire. It's entertaining.

BETH: Excuse me, it's not just entertainment. It's hard-hitting, investigative-...okay, there's a bit of sleaze-

MICK: You're probably the best.

BETH: Best what?

MICK: Thing they have.

BETH: Oh. Thanks.

[Mick finds a necklace just like the one Beth saw at the car overview mirror]

BETH: Let me see. I saw something just like it at the victim's car. Same exact thing, I've been researching-

MICK: Egyptian hieroglyphic. Insignia for ancient blood cult.

BETH: Right. Blood cult. So we're talking vampires? I know, they don't exist. But something has to explain all the killing and goth-a-rama around here, I mean, obviously she had a thing for vampires.

MICK: Yeah, I guess they're back in style. You know, some people actually find them attractive.

BETH: Really?

MICK: Yeah.

[Mick takes a small tube out of the bat jewel]

BETH: What is it?

MICK: Blood.

BETH: We should get that to the police.

[Beth's phone starts ringing. She answers it]

BETH: [on the phone] Hey, honey. Josh, I'm in the middle of something right now, can I call you back? Okay, bye.

[She turns off the phone and notices Mick isn't there anymore]

BETH: Stop doing that!

[Mick is walking around, looking from a distance]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: 9 out of 10 murders, the killer is someone the victim knew. That's why I wasn't about the miss Kelly Foster's funeral. Too bad funerals always take place during the day. That glass on the grave always puts everyone on edge. But when it's murder, keep your eyes open. You're gonna see more than just tears.

BETH: Thanks for ditching me the other night.

MICK: I knew you'd be alright. You're resourceful.

MAN: Kelly was a bright and promising student, and we all mourn her loss.

BETH: Christian Ellis. He was Kelly's Social Anthropology professor.

CHRISTIAN: We inhabit our physical bodies for what we call a lifetime, but death holds no dominion. Kelly Foster lives as our sister in blood.

BETH: I'm guessing the emos with the black roses are part of his ancient mythology studies program.

MICK: Did your homework.

BETH: Which I am sharing with you. Your turn. Where's the blood vial? You took a vial of blood from Kelly Foster's apartment. I want it.

[Christian is attacked by a female student]

DANIEL: Chloe! Chloe! Chloe! Chloe! Hey, hey! We still love you. You know that!

CHLOE: Oh, shut up!

MICK'S VOICE OVER: A whiff of fresh blood in the air. Blood I smelled before.

DANIEL: You okay?

CHRISTIAN: I'm okay.

[Mick and Beth walk away together]

BETH: A lot of angry people. Angry people make good suspects.

MICK: Dangerous ones.

BETH: Don't worry. I'll look out for you. We should divvy them up. Two can cover more ground.

MICK: I work alone.

BETH: A girl's dead, I'm not letting this go!

MICK: You're kinda pushy, aren't you?

BETH: You'll get used to it. Start with the professor. I'll take his young attacker. Wait. What about my vial? We should get it to the police so they can analyze it, to find out whose blood it is.

MICK: It's the professor's.

[Beth and Chloe are sitting together talking]

BETH: What's going on with you and professor Ellis, Chloe?

CHLOE: What do you mean?

BETH: Well, you tried to slice the guy opened at the funeral today.

CHLOE: Well, Christian's a svengali. He liked, brainwashed Kelly with all this literary crap about vampires and sex and dark desires. He runs a vampire study group.

BETH: Study group?

CHLOE: It's a cult.

BETH: What goes on there?

CHLOE: The usual clichés. Chanting, candles, blood drinking.

BETH: They drink blood?

CHLOE: Oh, yeah. Christian thinks he's a vampire.

BETH: A real vampire?

CHLOE: A lot of girls believe him. He's got a lot of...disciples.

BETH: Were you a disciple?

CHLOE: Yeah, I was in. In fact, I was the one who told Kelly she should join. Big mistake that was.

BETH: What happened?

CHLOE: She was all over Christian. Totally fed into his crap.

BETH: And you didn't?

CHLOE: Yeah, I did. He's really powerful. Seductive. Makes you feel special.

BETH: But you weren't.


BETH: And that made you jealous of Kelly?

CHLOE: Yeah. And pissed off. And no, I didn't kill her, if that's what you wanna know. Go write your stupid little vampire story some place else.

[Mick is in his car outside of the house, listening]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: When I was turned into a vampire, all my senses were heightened to a level. I'm able to smell the past, glimpse the future, and I can hear a marriage going down the drain from a hundred yards.

MRS. ELLIS:: When should we discuss this, when another one of your students turns up dead?

CHRISTIAN: I had nothing to do with that.

MRS. ELLIS:: Is that what we're telling people?

CHRISTIAN: You can tell me whatever the hell you want.

[Christian leaves; Mick goes to talk to the wife]

MICK: Hi, is professor Ellis home, please?

MRS. ELLIS:: He's not here.

MICK: Oh, ah... I'm sorry to disturb you, I didn't mean to bother.

MRS. ELLIS:: Is there something that I can help you with, Mr...

MICK: St. John, Mick St. John. I'm a private investigator.

MRS. ELLIS:: Is this about the dead girl?

MICK: Yeah, I'm looking into the case. This must be very difficult for you, how 'bout I come back another time?

MRS. ELLIS:: What do you wanna know?

[They enter the house]

MRS. ELLIS:: There was a time when Christian was a serious academic. He has a PHD in mythological anthropology. He published every year, but now he has other interests.

MICK: Like Kelly Foster?

MRS. ELLIS:: Among others. These girls are so young and impressionable. I used to be that way myself.

MICK: Me, too.

MRS. ELLIS:: Christian can be very charming. Like a snake. Oh, he's a vampire by the way, I don't know if you knew that.

MICK: I did not.

MRS. ELLIS:: At least that's what he tells them when he seduces them, in the basement of Chandler Hall.

MICK: Mrs. Ellis, do you think your husband killed Kelly Foster?

MRS. ELLIS:: The girl had a bite in her neck, right?

MICK: Right.

MRS. ELLIS:: He's the only vampire I know.

[Beth is sitting in the classroom, watching Christian teach]

CHRISTIAN: We have all fed on blood. Every one of you is this room. Everyone on this earth. In the womb, our first meal is blood. We feed in darkness, there is no time. There's no life, there's no death. It is a perfect world, seemingly everlasting, until we are ripped from the womb into daylight. When we are born, that paradise is lost. We spend the rest of our days trying to find our way back, back to that perfect world of blood and darkness. That's enough for tonight. But remember to take this truth with you to your everyday lives. We are all vampires. Every last one of us. I will see you all next week.

BETH: That was an amazing lecture.

CHRISTIAN: Thank you.

BETH: Hey, I'm Kate Nelson; I just transferred down from Berkley.


BETH: I read your book, 'The Mythology of Darkness'.

CHRISTIAN: Well, that's more than I can say for a lot of my students.

BETH: I think it's really interesting that vampire is metaphor for desire.

CHRISTIAN: Thirst for blood is symbolic of a deeper hunger.

BETH: A hunger to connect.

CHRISTIAN: You did read my book, huh?

BETH: Do you think I can audit your class?

CHRISTIAN: Well, my lectures are pretty popular, but I'm sure we can squeeze you in.

BETH: Thanks, I really appreciate it. I know I'm a month behind, is there a syllabus I can get started on or some way to catch me up?

CHRISTIAN: Well, I do have a study group for some of my more motivated students.

BETH: I'm really motivated.

CHRISTIAN: Daniel! This is Daniel, my TA. Daniel, this is Kate...

BETH: Nelson.

CHRISTIAN: Kate Nelson, I'm sorry. Would you take down her information?


CHRISTIAN: I have to get going.

DANIEL: Hi. Study group, huh?

BETH: Sounds intriguing.

DANIEL: So how do we get a hold of you?

BETH: 310...

[He is standing on the roof, watching the sky]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: Somewhere in the city a killer is on the loose. Josef wants me to hunt him to keep our secret safe. I just wanna make sure he doesn't do it again. You don't have to be a vampire to get a taste for blood.

[Mick is suddenly in his ofice]

CHRISTIAN: You startled me.

MICK: I'm Mick St. John.

CHRISTIAN: Right. My wife mentioned you came by the house. You're looking into Kelly Foster's death.

MICK: Ah, murder.

CHRISTIAN: Do you mind if I ask who you're working for?

MICK: I'm working for Kelly.

CHRISTIAN: Well, then I wanna help in any way I can. She was an extraordinary girl. And I, I truly cared for her.

MICK: So there was a relationship.

CHRISTIAN: I already told the police everything, I have nothing to hide. If I did, do you think I'd be talking to you? That piece if over 500 years old, from the reign of Sigismund, The First. The sign of Vilnius, a Lithuanian Vampire God.

MICK: Vampire God, huh? Now that's really interesting, because Kelly Foster showed up dead with two bite marks on her neck.

CHRISTIAN: Clearly someone's trying to make it look like I had something to do with it.

MICK: Maybe it's 'cause you keep telling people you're a vampire.

CHRISTIAN: I am a vampire.

MICK: Really?

CHRISTIAN: Well, not in the way most commonly portrayed in dime-store novels. When most people hear the word 'vampire' they immediately conjure up an image of some undead monstrosity running around at night trying to drink human blood.

MICK: I hate that.

CHRISTIAN: A real vampire is simply a person born with the ability to absorb and manipulate pranic energy. 'Prana' is a Hindi word meaning-

MICK: Life force.

CHRISTIAN: Yes, very good. Real vampires have a critical energy in balance, so we must seek out, try to get a Gi and absorb it.

MICK: Couldn't you just have a double espresso or something?

CHRISTIAN: Fresh blood is a very high pranic energy content, hence the blood link to vampires. When done correctly, a pranic ceremony can have salutary effects on both participants.

MICK: So tell me something, professor. Do the salutary effects kick in before or after the sex with your students?

CHRISTIAN: I think we're through talking.

[Carl's is picking up]

BETH: You know if one of the killers you put away ever wanted to get even, all they would have to do is wait for the Cochinita pibil to go on special.

LT. CARL: Vampire slaying rocks L.A.?

BETH: Publicity ponds tips, Carl.

LT. CARL: And copycats.

BETH: Don't be mad, I gave you the vial of blood.

LT. CARL: And it's inadmissible.

BETH: Did you have it analyzed? Was it from a person of interest? The professor of Darkness? You have his DNA on file?

LT. CARL: Look, he volunteered for DNA swap during his first interview.

BETH: How cooperative.

LT. CARL: Yeah, they always want you to think.

BETH: What do you have on Chloe Jones?

LT. CARL: You talked to her?

BETH: She seems a little edgy.

LT. CARL: She should be. We found a stalking harassment complaint filed against her with the campus police.

BETH: Filed by?

LT. CARL: Kelly Foster.

BETH: Chloe said they were best friends.

LT. CARL: Were. We also found a blood pin in Chloe's apartment.

BETH: They were both sleeping with the professor.

LT. CARL: Come on, threesomes never end well.

BETH: Huh?

LT. CARL: Don't ask.

[Josef is there waiting for him]

JOSEF: It's about time you got back.

MICK: Make yourself at home.

JOSEF: I did. Poured myself a drink. You seriously drink this stuff? What is it, like non-fat soy vegan blood?

MICK: If you don't like it-

JOSEF: -I didn't say that.

MICK: Are you sure?

JOSEF: Get out of here. I assume you don't have any freshies around? Yeah, of course not.

MICK: Am I supposed to know why you're here, Josef?

[Josef turns on the TV]

MAN ON TV: It is possible that there is a cold truth behind the vampire myth. Perhaps there are people with certain genetic predisposition who actually could require and digest blood.

JOSEF: Vampire experts. Beautiful. Now we got the food mouthing off about the farmer. The whole city is talking, and you wanna know what they're talking about? Us.

MICK: So it's a slow news day.

JOSEF: This reporter from BuzzWire, she started this whole thing about vampires. Beth somebody.

MICK: Turner.

JOSEF: What, you know her?

MICK: Yeah, we did some breaking-and-entering together.

JOSEF: You, my friend, must get her to stop.

MICK: What do you mean? Like she's driving alone and suddenly her car explodes?

JOSEF: I was thinking you ask her nicely. But fielder's choice.

MICK: The killer's not a vampire, Josef.

JOSEF: There were bite marks.

MICK: Two stab wounds.

JOSEF: And the blood?

MICK: Well, you hit an artery you're bound to get some of that.

JOSEF: So you're telling me some poser wannabe drinking blood out of a Snoop Dog chEllis is behind this?

MICK: Yeah, something like that.

JOSEF: Why haven't you killed him?

MICK: There's more than one suspect.

JOSEF: So kill them all. That's what I would do. Look, I know you have morals and scruples, and that's fine, sort of, but you're not the man I on occasion pretend to respect if you don't get this under control. I know you have a soft spot for the mortal ones, a fascination with all the charming things they do while listening to the tic-tic-tic of their own looming demise. That's fine, that's good, everyone needs a hobby-

MICK: -Look! People aren't gonna suddenly believe in vampires because of a BuzzWire article.

JOSEF: Are you willing to take that risk? If everyone has vampires on their mind because of some reporter, suddenly things get noticed. We get noticed.

MICK: I said I'm on this.

JOSEF: Good. Because if that reporter actually finds out who we are she gets a Pullitzer and we join the list of extinct species.

MICK: We're on the same side.

JOSEF: Sorry, not questioning your loyalties.

MICK: Yeah? Good.

JOSEF: Vampire solidarity, rah-rah-rah and all that.

MICK: And don't forget it! I'm your only friend who doesn't like you just for your money.

JOSEF: True. Sad, but true.

[Chloe is closing up. A masked man enters]

Chloe: We're closed. Oh, it's you. That's not funny. Why are you wearing that stupid thing anyway? Take it off; you're really starting to freak me out! Did you hear me?

[The man has a knife and attacks her]

[He's looking at some pictures on the computer]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: Relationships are complicated. Vampire or mortal, it's one thing we have in common.

[The doorbell rings]

BETH: Okay, here's what I don't understand.

MICK: I'm fine, how are you?

BETH: How did you know the blood we found in the vial was the professor's?

MICK: You're saying it wasn't?

BETH: No, it was. He gave the police a DNA sample and it matched. So, you must have a source in the department, right?

MICK: No. But obviously you do. So, what did you find out about Chloe?

BETH: She's got a few anger management issues. Turns out our murder victim got a restraining order against her a couple months ago.

MICK: What's her deal? The professor tossed her aside?

BETH: Yeah. But murder? Check her out. Let me know what you think.

MICK: Okay.

BETH: What about the wife?

MICK: Well, she knows her husband's a snake. The professor...

BETH: What?

MICK: He thinks he's a vampire.

BETH: Yeah, I know, I attended his so-called 'class'.

MICK: You what?

BETH: I also managed to wrangle an invite to his study group.

MICK: I'm not sure that's a good idea.

BETH: What are they gonna do, kill a new comer to get extra-credit?

MICK: I just think you should be careful. Don't let the professor get you alone.

BETH: I'll be careful.

MICK: Good.

BETH: You look so familiar. Are you sure we haven't met before?

MICK: Yeah, twice now.

BETH: No, someplace else.

MICK: I guess I just got-

BETH: -one of those faces, I know, you said, but... I should go.

MICK'S VOICE OVER: Sometimes the past doesn't just catch up with you; it haunts you. You should think about your choices.

[Mick's entering a house and finds Beth]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: On that night, 22 years ago, I followed a trail...

MICK: It's alright. I'm here, it's alright.

MICK'S VOICE OVER: ... found the girl, and came face to face with the woman who made me a monster: Coraline.

CORALINE: I knew you would come. Here we are, Mick. Finally, one happy family.

MICK'S VOICE OVER: Forever is a long time with an ex-wife like mine.

[Steve is placing a microphone on Beth's shirt]

BETH: You're taking a long time putting that mic on.

STEVE: Just trying to get it exactly right.

BETH: Does that include filling me up?

STEVE: Hey, you're going into the vampire's layer, okay, I just wanna make sure this mic works.

BETH: I'll be fine.

STEVE: Well, I don't know about that.

MAUREEN: So, exclusive infiltration of a college sex-and-blood cult. Man, this story just keeps getting better.

BETH: A girl's dead, this is an important story.

MAUREEN: Yeah, doesn't mean we can't milk it.

STEVE: There goes a real humanitarian.

[Mick parks his car and enters]

MICK: Chloe? Chloe? Chloe-

[He finds her dead body]

MICK: Beth.

[Beth and Daniel are walking and they go into a basement]

BETH: Where are we going exactly?

DANIEL: Don't worry; it's all part of the ritual.

BETH: Ritual? I thought it was a study group.

DANIEL: Yeah, you'll see.

BETH: Seriously? You do this in the boiler room?

[Mick is driving his car and he's on the phone]

BETH: Hi, you've reached Beth Turner, I'm unable to answer your call right now so please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

[Christian is talking to his students]

CHRISTIAN: The spiritual, sexual vampire lurks between the lines of Sanskrit tablets. Numerous cultures of antiquity believed that blood was the vital element in the love-making and life-giving process. All these ancient texts can be categorized in a number of ways, but most important to us is the spirit of these texts, not the letter. Hi, Kate. So the ancient tantric practice of using sexual intercourse to transform on sexual energy into blissful consciousness, speaks to that issue perfectly. Well, I think that's enough for tonight. I will see you all next week.

EVERYONE: Born into light, we seek the dark.

CHRISTAN: Kate. I'm so glad you could make it.

BETH: Seems like I missed it, I thought I was supposed to be here at 11.

CHRISTIAN: Well, this is your first session, and I like to get a little one-on-one time with my students.

BETH: Okay.

CHRISTIAN: So let's go back and talk. Don't be shy. [they walk over to a couch and sit down] Hold out your hands above mine. Right above mine. Just like that. We are only now rediscovering what the ancients knew. We are simply energy. We both radiate and absorb it. Concentrate on your hands. Did you feel that?

BETH: Ehm, maybe.

CHRISTIAN: It takes a little practice. Close your eyes and concentrate. Feel your yanic energy balancing mine. If you do this long enough, our hearts will synchronize. [He puts his hand on her chest]

BETH: Are you kidding me? This actually works for you?

CHRISTIAN: What do you have under there?

BETH: Huh?

CHRISTIAN: What do you have under there?

BETH: Get your hands off me! Get off!

CHRISTIAN: Are you recording this? Who are you? Answer me!


CHRISTIAN: Where's the recorder? Give it to me.

[Beth kicks Christian and runs away]

DANIEL: Kate! Hey, Kate! You alright? What happened?

BETH: I need to call the police!

DANIEL: Why, what did he do to you?

BETH: Do you have a cell phone?

DANIEL: Yeah, in my car.

[Daniel stings Beth with a syringe and puts her in his car]

[Mick jumps in and finds Christian]

MICK: Where is she?


MICK: Your new student. Where is she?

CHRISTIAN: No idea. What do you think-

MICK: I don't have a lot of time. I know she was here, man. I can smell her on you, and you're gonna tell me where she is.

CHRISTIAN: She just left! But... you can't be real.

MICK: That's right, professor, because there's no such thing as vampires.

[Daniel and Beth are in his car]

BETH: Why are you doing this?

DANIEL: You wouldn't understand.

BETH: I might.

DANIEL: Christian's a prophet. His teachings revels the powerful truth about our vital pranic energy. You must absorb this energy, pursue it. Not waste it on women. Without these distractions Christian can fulfil his true destiny.

[Mick is running after the car]

BETH: What destiny?

DANIEL: Hey, hey!

[Mick breaks the window and attacks Daniel. The car crashes into a light pole]

MICK: I'm not gonna let you hurt her!

[Daniel stabs Mick, who gets up and stabs him right back]

MICK: Shouldn't have done that.

[Mick throws Daniel against the light pole and picks up Beth]

[Mick, Beth and Coraline are in the house]

MICK: Beth, it's gonna be alright. You're not gonna do this.

CORALINE: It'll work, Mick. You, me, and baby.

MICK: No! I'm not gonna let you hurt that girl. I can't let you.

[Coraline attacks Mick. They fight until he stabs her and paralyzes her]

MICK: Come on. I'm gonna take you home.

[Mick picks up Beth and sets the house on fire with Coraline in it]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: The last time I held her in my arms she was only a child. Over the years I've tried to stay close.

[Beth is waking up on his couch]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: Just out of sight, in case she needed me and tonight she did.

MICK: It's alright, you're with me.

BETH: You saved me.

MICK: From a graduate student of mythological studies. Didn't exactly take Superman.

BETH: No, that's not what I meant. I mean when I was little. When I was taken.

MICK: You got a really nasty bump on your head tonight. You probably just need to-

BETH: -He stabbed you!

MICK: He sure tried.

BETH: I saw the knife come out.

MICK: You need to get some rest. I'm gonna take you home, okay?

MICK'S VOICE OVER: Sixty years is a long time to deny yourself the touch of another. But you do it because you just can't bear the thought of seeing yourself as a monster in someone else's eyes.




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