Kyle XY 1X2

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[Nighttime. Kyle is in bed in Josh’s room. He looks over at the blinds moving with the wind coming through the window. The clock on the bedside table reads 1:22am. Josh is fast asleep, obviously enjoying his dream. Kyle is wide awake, and finally gets up from bed.]
Voice-Over: They called it sleep: a strange state after dark in which they did nothing.

[Kyle walks into Lori’s room where Lori is sleeping. The clock reads 1:30am]

Voice-Over: Thought nothing.

[Kyle is in Stephen and Nicole’s bedroom. Stephen is snoring, and Nicole mumbles in her sleep. The time is 1:34am]

Voice-Over: But made odd noises, and sometimes spoke. How could they just lie there all night? There was so much to learn and explore.

[Kyle goes into the kitchen and opens the fridge.]

Voice-Over: I didn’t know where to begin.

[Kyle reaches for a jar of jam, opens it and starts eating. He squirts chocolate syrup into his mouth and down onto his shirt. He eats cold spaghetti. He takes a can of whipped cream and inhales the cream into his mouth.]

Voice-Over: Every taste and texture made my senses explode.

[He reaches into a jar of pickles and takes a bite, chuckling. He takes an egg and bites into it. Some foods he likes and others he made faces at. He takes a carrot and starts eating the leaves. He starts shaking a can of soda, then he opened it, but it explodes from all the shaking. He takes a banana and bites into it without peeling it, and then made a face. Kyle walks into the living room with his stomach full, burping. He sees a bag of Sour-Patch Kids sticking out from a bag, and goes to take it. He takes one, and likes it. He takes another, while sitting down on the couch. He sits onto the remote control, which turns on the TV to a channel with Chinese Kung Fu. He watches it, munching on Sour Patches. The house is filled with sound. Stephen and Nicole walk out of the bedroom. So does Josh and Lori as they wake up. They all go into the living room where Kyle is imitating Kung Fu kicks. He turns around, seeing the Trager family there, and starts speaking Chinese, which translates to, “The time has come to conquer the dragon.”, then smiles.]

[Opening Credits]

[The family and Kyle are in the kitchen]

Stephen: Kyle, it’s four o’clock in the morning.

Voice-Over: It seemed to matter what this number was.

Stephen: What were you thinking?

Nicole: Stephen…He didn’t know any better.

Lori: Was he raised by wolves?

Josh: No, apparently by Chinese people.

Nicole: Ok, enough. It’s late. Let’s finish this up in the morning. Kyle, you must be exhausted. When did you wake up?

Kyle: I didn’t wake up.

Nicole: Have you been having trouble sleeping?

Kyle: I don’t sleep.

Josh: You mean not tonight.

Kyle: I mean not ever.

Stephen: You’ve been with us for over a week, and you’re telling us you haven’t slept? Not even once?

Kyle: Never.

[Next morning: Nicole is cleaning up. Stephen comes in dressed. Kyle, Josh are eating breakfast.]

Stephen: Hi, hon.

Nicole: Hey.

Stephen: Huh, we only have about an hour.

Voice-Over: Those numbers again. They planned everything around them.

Stephen: How about you? You have to go in?

Nicole: No, I took time off to be with Kyle.

Voice-Over: Those numbers represented time, which they never seem to have enough of.

[Josh peels a banana]

Josh: So, I’ll tell you why Kyle hasn’t slept for ten days. He’s an alien.

Nicole: He’s not an alien.

[Josh takes a bite of the banana and Kyle watches as he remembers his bad experience with the unpeeled banana in the fridge.]

Josh: I’ve never seen him sleep, and his bed is right next to mine.

Stephen: That’s because you fall asleep before he does.

[Kyle takes a banana, peels it like Josh did, and takes a bite.]

Nicole: Save your imagination for summer school. Which reminds me, no more Xbox before you finished those assignments.

[Lori comes in dressed, with her bag]

Lori: I’m gone.

Nicole: No breakfast?

Lori: No time.

[Kyle still enjoying his banana as he looks at Lori walk away]

Voice-Over: How could she not have any? It seemed to be all they talked about.

Josh: Mom… there’s a detective here to see you.

[The family is in the living room. Detective Breen is sitting on the coffee table. Stephen, Nicole and Kyle sit on the couch.]

Detective Breen: Kyle… you said the last thing you remember was being in the woods. Now…uh… how did you get there?

Kyle: I don’t know.

Detective Breen: Do you remember why you weren’t wearing clothes?

[Kyle looks over at Nicole and Stephen, who looks back at him.]

Kyle: I don’t remember ever having any.

Detective Breen: Ok, uh. How old are you?

[Kyle is unsure how to answer and looks at Nicole.]

Nicole: We don’t know. We’re guessing around 16.

Detective Breen: Where did you live before here?

Kyle: Nowhere.

[Detective Breen looks around at Stephen and Nicole, who are silent.]

Kyle: I’m sorry. I just don’t remember.

Nicole: It’s ok, Kyle. You will.

[Later, in the kitchen]

Detective Breen: I wish I could report more progress. But, uh… no one’s even filed a missing person report that fits Kyle’s description.

Nicole: No one noticed he’s gone? How could that be? He has to have come from somewhere. Someone has to be missing him.

Detective Breen: Well, maybe he left a bad situation at home.

Stephen: So, you think Kyle’s a run-away?

Nicole: Or something terrible could have happened to him. I’ve seen it in my practice: Patients with amnesia, caused by some traumatic experience.

Detective Breen: I’ve seen people with amnesia, too. But…uh never to this degree… I’ve never seen anyone like Kyle before.

[They all look at Kyle in the next room pre-occupied with something in his hands]

[Lori, walking down the street with Hillary into Mugz, a fast food place.]

Lori: It was madness at my house last night. Captain Clueless ate half our kitchen.

Hillary: Kyle? I wouldn’t mind feasting on him. That boy’s a hottie.

[Lori and Hillary enter Mugz. They see Declan at a table.]

Lori: There’s Declan.

Hillary: I can’t believe he hasn’t even called you since the party.

Lori: Well, he can do what he wants… so can I.

[They walk towards Declan]

Declan: Yo, Hills.

Hillary: Hey, there.

Declan: Trager, haven’t seen you around…

Lori: I’ve been busy.

Declan: No time for me anymore?

Lori: Might be able to fit you into my schedule.

Hillary: As long as you ditched the skank. We saw you mauling that nymph at your party.

Declan: She was mauling me. I couldn’t shake her. Besides, you took off with that guy.

Lori: What guy? [Declan gets up]

Declan: The… Kung-Fu Master? The dude who broke through my window to mess with the cop?

Lori: You mean…

Hillary: Kyle! O, the way he scooped her up and carried her off… Isn’t he incredible? [She drags Lori away from Declan.]

Hillary: Let him chew on that for a little while.

[Nicole, at a clinic]

Nicole: Hi, I’m Nicole Trager. We’re here to see Dr. Stone.

[In the doctor’s office: Kyle is playing with some can. The Dr. walks in]

Dr. Stone: Hello. All you’ve written down here is Kyle.

Nicole: His name is the only thing we know about him and even that we made up.

Dr. Stone: No memory, no medical history.

Nicole: No, he’s like a 16-yr old new born.

Dr. Stone: Well, at least with a new-born we know who the parents are, we have a genetic history.

[Kyle is taking apart the model of a human body.]

Nicole: So, where do we start?

Dr. Stone: Well, let me see the films.

[Nicole gives him the films from the MRI taken in the previous episode. The doctor takes them out and puts up to see.]

Nicole: They said the MRI machine was broken.

Dr. Stone: Had to be. Nobody can produce that much brain activity.

Nicole: He does have an extraordinary aptitude for math.

Dr. Stone: It’s not possible. Even a genius IQ would not show half of those results.

[Nicole and the Doctor look over at Kyle, who takes is still taking apart the model of the human body. He takes apart the brain. Then puts them all onto the table.]

[The Doctors starts a physical examination of Kyle while he sits on the medical exam table. He looks into his ears. ]

Voice-Over: I had no idea what he was looking for.

Dr. Stone: Good. [Takes some other medical instrument]

Dr. Stone: Kyle? Open? Aaah. [Kyle opens his mouth for the Doc.]

Voice-Over: Or why he’d thought he’d find it in my mouth. [The Doctor is looking into Kyle’s mouth, while he moves around.] Maybe it was in his. [Kyle tries to open the Doctor’s mouth. He laughs. Nicole looks on.]

Dr. Stone: Now, I’m not a dentist. But now these ones here, his teeth don’t look worn at all. They look brand new.

Nicole: He didn’t know what a toothbrush was until I showed him.

Dr. Stone: Lay back, Kyle. [Kyle does. He lifts up his shirt and sees his lack of a belly button. The Doctor looks at Nicole]

Nicole: You tell me.

Dr. Stone: I’ve never…seen anything like it. Not really a genetic abnormality...

[Kyle lying on the medical table looks at the Doctor’s puzzled face]

Voice-Over: I knew something was missing.

Dr. Stone: Skin graft?

Voice-Over: But I didn’t know why it mattered.

Dr. Stone: Surgery that corrected uh…an unbiblical hernia.

Nicole: Dr. Stone, I don’t think they’d wipe out the whole naval.

[Kyle is outside in the waiting room. He dumps a pile of puzzle pieces onto the table. He spreads them out, takes two pieces and puts them together.]

[Dr. Stone and Nicole still in the exam room]

Dr. Stone: Some of his characteristics are, unusual. But he’s in excellent shape physically. Obviously his mental health is a cause for concern.

Nicole: Well, I’ll be working with him to recover his memory. But right now, I’m more worried that he’s not sleeping.

Dr. Stone: Well, I didn’t know who I was, I’d have trouble sleeping, too.

[Nicole and Dr. Stone walk out of the room, still talking.]

Dr. Stone: But he must be sleeping. He looks fine, not tired at all.

Nicole: He said he hasn’t slept in 10 days. Not once, and I’ve never seen him sleep.

[Kyle is still in the waiting room. He starts finishing the puzzle with an astonishing pace.]

Dr. Stone: Give him…one, of these. [He gives Nicole a prescription] Guaranteed to give him a good night’s sleep. And don’t worry, Nicole. Normal people can’t go long without sleeping.

Nicole: And you think Kyle is normal.

Dr. Stone: No belly button aside…heart rate’s good. Blood pressure’s fine. Just like any other kid his age.

Someone in the waiting room: O, my!

[Dr. Stone and Nicole walk the rest of the way back to the waiting room. Kyle is seen putting in the last pieces of the puzzle. The people gathered around him starts to clap. Kyle looks around, and beams a big smile at everybody. The Doctor and Nicole sees and looks at each other

[Trager Residence: Josh is walking to the living room where his mom is setting up the desk with paper and pastels.]

Josh: I think I got it. What if time, is different, on Kyle’s home planet?

Nicole: Josh? This is, Kyle’s home planet.

Josh: One earth day can be like, an hour for him. So ten days…

Nicole: … is like ten hours! Yea, I get it. You’re being ridiculous.

Josh: Think about it. He’s this super brain with amnesia. He can’t understand the simplest thing, but does calculus, like it’s 2 plus 2. He barely knows what you’re saying sometimes, but somehow speaks Chinese? He never sleeps, and I haven’t even gone through the whole belly button thing yet. Mom, I’m telling you. Kyle is not human!

[Josh sees Kyle come in.]

Nicole: Oh, Kyle. Of course, you’re human.

Josh: See, even he’s not sure.

Nicole: Stop wasting time. Go do your homework.

Josh: That’s a waste of time. [He walks out of the room]

Voice-over: I didn’t know time could be wasted.

[Kyle looks at Josh walk away. Nicole pulls out the chair and sits him down where she put the papers and pastels.]

Nicole: Kyle. I want you to try something. Sometimes people have trouble sleeping because they’re concerned about something that’s happened to them.

Kyle: Am I?

Nicole: I’m not sure, but this might help you recall some experiences. I want you to draw… anything, anything at all. Anything you can remember about where you came from, about your home.

[Kyle takes a pastel and starts to make dots on the paper. He stops to look up at Nicole who is watching him draw.]

Nicole: Great.

[Later, in the kitchen: the counter is full of pictures Kyle has drawn of the forest where he first woke up. Nicole and Stephen are talking sipping wine while looking at the pictures. ]

Nicole: Kyle’s still at it. He’s been drawing for hours.

Stephen: Good, wear him out.

Nicole: The way he draws. It’s almost like he snaps a picture in his head and then reproduces it.

Stephen: It’s the same sort of thing over and over.

Nicole: This must be the place near Victor where he was first seen, his earliest memory.

Stephen: What do you think it means?

Nicole: Well, I think something significant may have happened there, but… can’t explain it yet.

[Nighttime: Kyle is sitting in the kitchen, watching in amusement as the whistling kettle boils on the stove. Nicole makes tea.]

Nicole: Chamomile always does the trick for me. It’s very soothing. It can help you sleep.

[Josh comes in]

Josh: Tastes like horse pee.

Nicole: Josh…

Josh: It does. [He goes to a cabinet and takes out some bread.]

Kyle: What does horse pee taste like?

Josh: How would I know?

Kyle: You just said…

Nicole: It’s an expression. A rude one… [Nicole finishes making the tea and puts a teacup in front of him] Kyle, try the tea. It’s hot though… be careful.

[Kyle takes the teabag on the saucer and puts it into hismouth.]

Nicole: No, not the teabag. The water… you drink the tea.

[Kyle puts down the teabag while Josh takes out a notepad and starts scribbling.]

Josh: Alien…

Nicole: What are you doing?

Josh: “Eats teabag” I’m making a list. What makes Kyle an alien.

[Nicole takes her cup and starts drinking her tea. Kyle follows suit.]

Nicole: It’s good?

Kyle: It’s good.

[In the bathroom: Kyle taking a bubble bath, playing with the bubbles while Stephen sits on the toilet cover keeping watch.]

Kyle: Now, I’m the teabag.

[Stephen laughs. Kyle submerges himself under the water and blows bubbles.]

Voice-Over: Somehow I felt safe here. Secure, at peace.

[Josh walks in and sees him underwater blowing bubbles and chuckles]

Josh: He loves it under there. Cuz he’s weightless, like in space.

Stephen: Out!

Josh: I’m right! See? He’s still under.

[Stephen panics, as he’s really been underwater for a long time. He goes to pull him out.]

Stephen: Kyle!

[Kyle pops up and looks at him, Stephen sighs as his arm is wet and covered with soap. Nicole walks in.]

Nicole: Relaxed?

Stephen: One of us is.

[Kyle peeks out from behind and smiles. He slips and goes back into the water. Nicole laughs. Stephen shakes his head, and Josh scribbles on his notepad]

[Kyle is dressed and goes into Lori’s room. Lori is on the phone. Kyle listens]

Declan: So, what’s up for tonight?Hit the town with Mr. Kung-Fu?

Lori: Nope, just hanging.

Declan: Maybe I’ll swing by later.

Lori: Maybe I’ll be around. [Lori sees Kyle standing there.]Hold on… Kyle, do you mind?

[Lori motions Kyle out her door. Kyle walks out]

Lori: Sorry.

[Kyle is in Josh’s room. He switches the stations on the clock-radio. There’s a bag of Sour-Patch]

Radio: …the future today. Mada Corp. Visit us on the web at MADA CORP dot com.

[Kyle switches through more stations until he hears white noise. Josh comes in, and stops at the door as sees what he’s doing, and scribbles on his notepad again.]

Josh: Likes white-noise. Check.

[Josh walks over to the bed.]

Josh: Dude, you’ll never sleep with that on. [He snaps it off, then sees the Sour-Patches]

Josh: Yo! Hands off the stash! My Sour-Patche Kids, they’re sacred. [He takes them and puts it into his drawer.]

Josh: [getting into bed] I can’t wait to fall asleep. Last night, the entire sports illustrated swimsuit issue came to life: Just me and seven super models. I am so prime for the sequel.

[Stephen and Nicole walk in. Nicole is carrying a glass of water and a pill]

Stephen: Ok, Kyle. Well, you’ve had a bath, some warm tea? Feeling tired?

Kyle: No.

Nicole: I’m sure part of the problem is you’re anxious. Remember, Detective Breen and the police are still searching. We’re looking for answers. In the meantime, you’ve got to get some sleep, and this will help? [Nicole shows him the pill and water] Will you take it?

[Kyle takes the pill and water from Nicole but doesn’t put it into his mouth. He looks up at Josh on the other bed looking at him, then at Stephen who nods, then at Nicole, who also nods.]

Kyle: I took it.

[Josh lets out a small laugh]

Stephen: No, you have to [points at his open mouth] swallow it.

Kyle: And then I’ll sleep?

[Stephen and Nicole both smile and nod; Kyle puts the pill into his mouth and drinks the water. Nicole takes the empty glass and gets up to leave.]

Nicole: Perfect.

Stephen: Good…. Goodnight boys. [They walk out, Stephen switches off the light.] Sleep well.

Nicole: Sweet dreams.

Josh: Oh, they will be.

[Kyle lies in bed, still wide awake. He looks at the clock: 9:18. It turns to 11:47 and Kyle is still awake. He looks around at Josh, who turns in his bed, fast asleep. He gets up to watch him.]

Voice-over: He looked so pleased, stretched out, doing nothing… But I still felt like the whole world was calling out to me, waiting to be explored.

[Kyle comes down the stair. He picks up a bottle that sat on a shelf in the hallway. Then puts it back down quickly and guiltily looks around.]

Voice-Over: I learned it was wrong to touch things in the house while they were sleeping. So, I went outside.

[Kyle walks out the front door and looks up at the stars for a while. He walks down the front steps and out onto the street. As he walks, he notices a red van following him. It is the same man that followed him around in the previous episode. Kyle keeps walking and looking back at the van. A dog starts barking ferociously, and the van drives away. Kyle was startled at first, then stares at the dog, which then becomes quiet. Kyle goes down to pet it, smiling. Amanda from the window watches him pet the dog.]

Amanda: Wow

[Kyle sees her and gets up and walks toward the window. He looks up at her]

Amanda: How’d you do that? You’re like the dog whisperer….what are you doing out there?

Kyle: Can’t sleep.

Amanda: Me neither. By the time I get done with all my stuff, I just can’t pass out for eight hours. I need a little down time, you know?

Kyle: Downtime.

Amanda: Yea. Just sit here, do nothing… just… look at the stars. [Kyle looks at the vast sky filled with stars] They make you feel so small, I just lose myself when I look up there…

[Kyle doesn’t respons.]

Amanda: I heard that you don’t remember anything. [Kyle’s smile slips off his face] That must be really hard…scary…. I should get some sleep. You should, too Kyle. [Kyle smiles; Amanda takes a look at the stars.] I bet your family’s searching for you right now. I mean, they have to be. You didn’t just fall from the sky.

[Amanda smiles, waves and pulls her head back into her room. Kyle turns around and start staring at the stars. A little while later, he goes back into the Trager house. He closes the door and as he walks, Lori bumps into him.]

Lori: Ahh! [She covers her mouth, then whispers] What are you doing?

Kyle: [not whispering] Walking? [Lori covers his mouth, too]

Lori: [still whispering] Why are you out of bed?

Kyle: [whispers also] I wasn’t sleeping.

Lori: [whisper] Stop skulking around, you can give a person a heart attack.

[Nicole, from up stairs]

Nicole: Lori?

Lori: Great. [She throws her handbag aside and stands beside Kyle. Nicole and Stephen comes down the stairs.]

Stephen: What’s going on?

Lori: Nothing, I heard him down here, I wanted to make sure he was ok.

Nicole: With full makeup on?

Lori: What? Oh…I haven’t washed my face yet.

Stephen: Upstairs. Now.

Lori: Dad… I was just…

Stephen: Move

[Lori sighs and runs up the stairs]

Nicole: Kyle? Did you get any sleep?

Kyle: No.

Stephen: Alright. Come on, upstairs. Let’s go back to bed.

[They lead Kyle up the stairs. Stephen follows Kyle back into Josh’s room. Josh wakes up as Kyle gets in.]

Josh: What happened?

Stephen: Oh, it’s ok. Go back to sleep.

Josh: Where did you go?

Kyle: Outside?

Stephen: You went outside, Kyle?

Kyle: Yes?

Josh: What did you do?

Kyle: I looked at the stars? [Josh goes to scribble more things onto his notepad]

Stephen: Ok. Now is not the time for star-gazing. Now is the time to get some sleep. I’ll see you guys in the morning.

[Stephen gets up and leaves]

Josh: You had to be out there, didn’t you? Under the stars? So they could find you. [Kyle gets back up to look at Josh] Are they gonna… beam you up?

Kyle: Beam me?

Josh: Your peeps, dude. Your real family, in the stars.

[Kyle looks surprised at the idea. Josh laughs and turns back around to go to sleep. Kyle lays his head onto the pillow and stars up at the ceiling]

[Next morning: Stephen walks into the kitchen fixing his sleeves and kisses Nicole’s neck]

Nicole: Coffee?

Stephen: Black. In fact, just toss me the can I’ll chew on the grinds.

Nicole: Oh, you never fell back to sleep either?

Stephen: No…At least Kyle got some sleep.

Nicole: You checked on him?

Stephen: No, his door was closed. I was afraid to make a sound. [Josh walks in]

Josh: Mornin’…I need a Cup o’ Joe. [He goes to the stove to pick up the coffee]

Nicole: You need a pick me up? Make chocolate milk. [Handing him the chocolate syrup]

Stephen: Kyle still asleep?

Josh: Not in his bed.

Nicole: He isn’t? Kyle??

Josh: Check the bathtub. He loves it in there.

Stephen: Wonder if he wandered out again.

Nicole: What, did he wander out before?

Josh: Found him.

[Stephen and Nicole walk over to the window where Josh is. Kyle is sitting on the lawn, staring at the sky.]

Nicole: Kyle? [Nicole, Stephen and Josh are all out on the lawn.] What are you doing?

Kyle: Waiting?

Nicole: For what?

Kyle: To go home. [The sprinklers turn on, spraying Kyle with water.]

Josh: Tell me he’s not an alien.

[Kyle doesn’t move away from the sprinklers, in fact, he seemed to enjoy the spray.]

[Back in the house]

Nicole: Well, I talked to Dr. Stone and he can’t understand why the pill didn’t work.

Stephen: Didn’t do anything. He’s still rare and to go.

Nicole: He said if this continues, he want to admit Kyle and sedate him.

Stephen: Well, he should.

Nicole: No…

Stephen: He has to sleep.

Nicole: No, I don’t want Kyle knocked out in some hospital.

Stephen: Well, I don’t either but what we’re doing isn’t working.

Nicole: Well, he needs to be where it’s familiar, where he feels comfortable.

Stephen: How comfortable can he be, if he can’t sleep here? Nicole doesn’t know what to say.]

[Lori is working at Mugz. She cleans up a table, and walks over to a counter]

Declan: So what happened last night? You never came out.

Lori: Sorry, I got nabbed.

Declan: Feels like you’re jerking me around, eh Trager?

Lori: Declan, my parents caught me and…

Declan: You and who? That guy Kyle? Was he in there with you?

Lori: Look, Kyle’s one of my mother’s head cases. He’s just staying with us for a while. Hillary was just messing with you.

Declan: That right?

Lori: Yea, so come by tonight.

Declan: You’re going to leave me hanging again?

Lori: No way. I’m so there.

Declan: Ok, then. Later, Trager.

Lori: Later.

[Declan walks out, and Lori goes back to work.]

[Kyle and Stephen are running in the park]

Kyle: Where are we running?

Stephen: No place, we’re just running.

Kyle: Why are we running?

Stephen: Uh… well the plan is to exhaust you. We, started at ten after, right? Gotta go at least half an hour.

Kyle: Why?

Stephen: Well, it’s good exercise, gets rid of stress.

Kyle: Stress?

Stephen: Yea, pressure, tension. Running takes away what’s worrying me. It’s my time to escape.

Kyle: But you watch time when you run. And time is just numbers that people made up.

Stephen: Well, we need those numbers to keep order in the world.

Kyle: So you can never really escape time. You can never just be.

Stephen: Well, I think you can escape… in your own head. Let’s pick up the pace. [Kyle looks at him] Go faster.

[Kyle runs off, leaving Stephen behind, tired panting.]

[In the living room of the Trager house, Nicole is looking through the pictures Kyle drew earlier. Stephen comes in]

Nicole: Hey, how did it go?

Stephen: I’m beat. [He sits down next to Nicole.] He’s ready for a marathon. It’s incredible, that kid is a lightning bolt.

Nicole: Look at this.

[She picks up a picture that’s filled with greens like the other pictures. This one has a small hill, or stump of a tree covered with moss. She points to some black lines on the left bottom corner.]

Nicole: This line he drew. It has nothing to do with the picture.

Stephen: That’s strange.

Nicole: Stephen, I’m gonna stay up and watch him tonight. Make sure he didn’t wander out again.

Stephen: What are you gonna do, camp out by his door?

Nicole: Well, I think he’d feel more secure with me nearby.

Stephen: Alright, we’ll go in shifts. Me first.

Nicole: I knew I loved you.

[Josh, in the kitchen hears their plan and sighs. He goes to grab a cookie. Kyle and Lori are drinking iced-tea from a glass. As Josh tells her the news, Kyle is oblivious to the fact that his being there has caused them this inconvenience, and is clueless…]

Josh: No midnight Xbox for me tonight, and no nasty-nasty for you and Declan either.

Lori: What are you talking about?

Josh: They’re posting guards to keep track of Kyle, right out my door.

Lori: Oh, no.

Josh: Yea, welcome to Alcatraz.

[Later, Lori and Declan are talking on the phone. Lori sticks her head out her window to look at Declan, Declan is staking out their house in his car.]

Declan: Trager, you’re killing me. Can’t you slip by him?

Lori: No, come back later.

Declan: Why, so you can bail on me again?

Lori: Don’t go high maintenance on me. Maybe they’ll fall asleep and I can sneak out.

Declan: I’m not staying up for a maybe.

Lori: Then we’ll have to make it another time.

[Lori flips off her phone angrily, and goes back into her room while Declan starts his car and drives away. Kyle is standing there in Lori’s room. Kyle looks at her in puzzlement. Lori goes to put her clothes away.]

Kyle: You’re not happy.

Lori: No, Kyle. I’m thrilled.

Kyle: You don’t sound thrilled.

Lori: It’s called sarcasm. Get used to it.

Kyle: You wanted to leave with him.

Lori: No, I wanted to stay here trapped my room all night.

Kyle: (smiling) Sarcasm.

Lori: You’re catching on.

Kyle: Why did you want to go?

Lori: Because… we have a good time.

Kyle: Well, can’t you have a good time another time?

Lori: I don’t know, maybe? It doesn’t work that way with us. We don’t make plans.

Kyle: Why?

Lori: Kyle, you ask too many questions. Get out, go to bed.

[Lori waves Kyle out her door from her bed. Kyle leaves]

[Night: Kyle is in bed, by the closed door, Stephen is in a blue armchair, blanket covering him partially and sleeping. Nicole comes in.]

Nicole [whispering]: Stephen…

Stephen: Huh? Is he asleep? [Nicole looks over at Kyle who looks back at them from his bed]

Nicole: Go, you have a huge meeting tomorrow. I’ll take over. [Stephen grunts as he gets up. He gives Nicole a kiss before he leaves the room] Thank You. [She walks over to Kyle’s bed]

Nicole: Are you feeling tired at all?

Kyle: My body feels slower. My muscles ache a bit.

Nicole: Good. That’s good.

Kyle: But my head can’t stop thinking.

Nicole: You have to, clear you head, Kyle. Do what I do, count backwards from a hundred.

[Kyle looks up for a sec, then looks back at Nicole]

Nicole: You counted already. [Kyle smiles and nods.]

Nicole: Ok. Count backwards from a thousand. No, a hundred thousand…and if that doesn’t work, try a hundred million. [Nicole goes to sit in the armchair. Kyle stares at the ceiling, mouth moving as he counts silently.]

[Next morning, Nicole is asleep in the armchair. She wakes up and sees Josh turning in his bed. Kyle is still counting. ]

Kyle: Twelve-thousand six hundred and eighty, Twelve-thousand six hundred and seventy nine…

Nicole: You’re still counting?

[Nicole glances at the clock, 9:38. She gasps and gets up in a hurry. She opens the door, and goes to wake Stephen up.]

Nicole: Sweetie.

Stephen: Huh? What?

Nicole: We overslept. [Stephen glances at the clock: 9:39]

Stephen: O, my meeting! [He gets up and sits on the edge of the bed]

Nicole: Is it too late?

Stephen: Damn it, Nicole. I can’t afford to make mistakes like this!

Nicole: We’ll get over this hump. Kyle will acclimate. [Stephen gets up and walks out]

Stephen: This was supposed to be temporary. You said he’d be here, till somebody claimed him, or till you find him another place.

Nicole: I’m trying to.

Stephen: No, you spend all day taking care of him. [Kyle in the next room hears, and gets up from his bed] He wakes us up every night. It’s like have a new baby in the house.

Nicole: New babies keep you up.

Stephen: Yea, but this one is huge! And he’s not our kid. [Kyle hears this, and he looks upset] He doesn’t belong here, Nicole.

Nicole: We can’t just abandon him, because it’s not easy to have him around. We’re the only thing he has right now. And I can’t give up on him.

[Nicole touches his shoulder, and Stephen looks are her with a resigned look. They go into Josh’s room. Kyle’s bed is empty.]

Nicole: Kyle?

[Later: Nicole is on the phone. She finishes talking, and walks into the kitchen where Josh and Lori are.]

Nicole: [phone] Thank you… [To Lori and Josh] Detective Breen has squad cars in the area; they’re still looking for him.

Lori: He’s been gone all day. Is that all they can do?

Josh: Do they know Kyle’s sort of different?

Nicole: Oh, they know all about him. Kyle’s listed as a missing person. [Nicole walks into the living room. Josh and Lori follow.]

Josh: So… our missing person’s missing.

Lori: It’s not funny. It’s going to get dark soon. Kyle could get hurt.

Josh: Since when do you care?

Lori: Well, I don’t want anything bad to happen to him. It’s my fault. I was horrible to him. I know that’s why he ran away.

Nicole: No, sweetheart. Actually, I think he overheard me and your dad. We may have upset him.

Josh: Well, I was nice to him… [Nicole looks at him] I was! Sort of…

[The door opens, Stephen has come home.]

Stephen: Well, I’ve been all over the neighborhood several times. There is… no sign of him.

[Nicole goes back to the desk where Kyle’s pictures are. She looks through her address book again, trying to get more help.]

Lori: Let’s check downtown where the cops first found him.

Nicole: No, no. I think the city frightened him. I just… I don’t think he would go there.

Josh: Kyle doesn’t know anywhere else to go. [Nicole picks up one of Kyle’s drawings]

Nicole: Yes, he does.

[Night: The moon is in the sky over the treetops. The Trager family is in the forest that Kyle drew with flashlights looking for him.]

Stephen: Nicole, this is a long shot.

Nicole: Well, it’s worth a try.

Lori: Why would he come out here?

Nicole: Besides our house, this is the only home he knows.

Josh: He’s here to go home! E. T…phone home…This stump looks like a landing pad for a shuttle or something, sent… by his mother ship.

Stephen: Oh, for Pete’s sake.

Lori: Should have left him home.

Stephen: How did he even make it out here, on his own? [Josh aims his flashlight at the sky.]

Josh: Dad, you’re talking about someone with no belly button. Who knows what he can do?

Lori: Dork, he’s not up there!

Josh: I’m looking for the craft.

Stephen: Come, on. Knock it off. [Nicole finds Kyle]

Nicole: Kyle!! [She goes to him, climbing over shrubs and other forest greens. The others follow in a hurry. Kyle is standing on top of a large tree-stump.] Kyle! [Kyle is staring at the stars.] Kyle…

[Kyle turns around and looks down at the Tragers, who all look glad that they had found him.]

Nicole: It’s ok. [Kyle moves toward them, but starts falling off the stump. Stephen and Nicole go to catch him.] Gotcha. [They help him get down.] You’re ok. We were so worried.

Lori: What are you doing here?

Josh: Why’d you come?

Kyle: I came so my family could find me.

Stephen: I think we just did. Come on. [They walk out of the forest.]

[Trager place: Kyle is in the bathroom. He dunks his face in the sink full of water, and sloshes it around. He looks up at the mirror and grabs a towel next to him to wipe his face. His hair is wet, and his eyes are squinting. He rubs his eyes.]

Voice-over: I understood then. We need patterns: Time to be away, time to rest.

[Stephen sticks his head in the door]

Stephen: Congratulations, you look exhausted. You feel it?

Kyle: Yes? But what if I don’t sleep?

Stephen: Oh, tonight is your night, Kyle. You just have to find a right spot for yourself. And just relax, get comfortable. Be right back.

[Stephen leaves. Kyle goes to look in the mirror again. He sees the red radio, and goes to turn it on. He takes it, sits on the toilet and starts tuning it again till he hears white noise. He smiles. Out in the hallway, Nicole walks toward the bathroom, where Stephen is coming out.]

Nicole: How is he doing?

Stephen: Well, he looks beat. Heh. But… who knows. We may be in for another long night.

Nicole: Well, let’s get him to bed.

[Nicole goes to the bathroom. Stephen follows behind. They hear white noise. The red radio where the white noise is coming from is sitting on the toilet. Kyle is nowhere to be seen.]

Stephen: Kyle?

[Nicole goes over to pull back the shower curtain. Kyle is sleeping in the bathtub. Nicole and Stephen smile at each other.]

[Out in the yard, the sky is clear. Nicole with a cup of tea and Stephen are sitting on a bench, looking at the stars. Josh and Lori come out.]

Josh: Dad!!

Stephen: Oh, I know. I know, but that’s where he’s most comfortable.

Josh: In the bathtub?!

Stephen: Who cares? At least he’s asleep.

Lori: If people find out, I will die.

Josh: I’m telling ya, this guy’s an alien! I’m calling Steven Spielberg.

[Josh and Lori walk back into the house. Stephen chuckles.]

Nicole: Ok…. Now that he’s finally asleep, I have a ton of stuff to catch up on. [Nicole gets ready to get up]

Stephen: Hold on, hold on. Why don’t you just stay here and…be… with me.

[Nicole smiles and sits back; leaning against Stephen as they look at the stars.]

Nicole: I’m so glad Kyle can rest. Now he can start to remember.

[In the bathroom, Kyle is still sleeping, looking content in the bathtub.]

Voice-Over: To finally sleep. A few hours of blissful escape before facing those questions once again… [Camera fades on the radio still playing white noise.] …of who I am, and where I’d come from.

[In the forest, the tree-stump that Kyle drew, and where Kyle was when the Tragers found him. The camera zooms in onto the top, then over. Hidden under the leaves, is a skeleton.]





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