Kyle XY 1X8

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[Scene opens up with Kyle, Dr. Cassidy, and Nicole talking to each other while sitting in the living room.]
Dr. Cassidy: Kyle, Hypnosis relaxes you. It allows you to focus very deeply.

Nicole: Dr. Cassidy has helped some of my patients make sense of some of their dreams.

Dr. Cassidy: And by tapping into your subconscious, hypnosis can unlock memories you have lost or suppressed.

Kyle: What are we waiting for?

[Nicole nods her head. Kyle is laying down with his eyes closed on the couch with Dr. Cassidy above him.]

Dr. Cassidy: Kyle, you’re walking down the steps of a long stair case, with each step you find yourself relaxing more and more. Letting every muscle relax. The staircase winds around until you come upon a door. Now gently turn the knob. And ease the door open.

[Kyle sees a flash of memory. He’s in a car at night while it’s raining.]

Dr. Cassidy: Kyle, where are you now?

[Another flash of memory]

Kyle: In a car. It’s raining.

Dr. Cassidy: Whose car?

[Kyle is fidgeting on the couch still keeping his eyes shut.]

Kyle: I don’t know.

Dr. Cassidy: Are you alone?

[Another flash of memory. It’s Professor Kern in the rain with a hood on.]

Kyle: A man. Professor Kern. He’s looking in.

[Flashes again and Kyle now sees that Tom Foss is their with Professor Kern. Kern is choking Foss while in the rain.]

Kyle: He’s hurting!

Dr. Cassidy: Who Kyle? Who hurt Professor Kern?

[Kyle is moving back and forth on the couch struggling. He goes back to the memory where Tom Foss shoots Kern with his gun. Kern falls into the forest grounds.]

Kyle: Foss!

[Dr. Cassidy looks at Nicole.]

Nicole: Jacob!

[Looks nervously at Kyle as he squirms.]

Dr. Cassidy: I want you to leave that place now. Tell me what happened before.

Kyle: Before?

Dr. Cassidy: Before you were in the car in the rain. Tell me what you remember.

[Kyle begins to slow down his squirming and panting.]

Dr. Cassidy: Go deeper now, Kyle. You’re at another door. Open it and look inside. In your past there are images and sounds. Describe them to me. Kyle, what do you remember?

[Kyle starts to talk really fast so that it is unable for Nicole nor Dr. Cassidy to understand. Nicole looks at the doctor.]

Nicole: What is that?

Dr. Cassidy: I don’t know.

Nicole: Jacob, take him out of this.

Dr. Cassidy: Kyle, go back to the door and go down the stairs. When I snap my fingers, you’ll be safe in this room.

Nicole: Wait not now.

Dr. Cassidy: One, two, three. [snap]

[Kyle stops talking and opens his eyes. Everyone looks at each other.]

[Dr. Cassidy and Nicole are talking.]

Dr. Cassidy: I never come across anyone like him. Beyond the images Kyle described from that one night, he couldn’t retrieve even one memory.

Nicole: Well, he’s blocked. I told you, his amnesia is severe.

Dr. Cassidy: Nicole, I think you need to consider another diagnosis. Kyle shows clear signs of delusion of paranoia.

Nicole: No, he’s not schizophrenia. I’ve been treating Kyle for months. He’s sensitive to others, he communicates, participates. No.

Dr. Cassidy: What about his fixation on Professor Kern? Police determined there was no connection.

Nicole: But I still believe there is one. We just haven’t found it yet.

Dr. Cassidy: And the fears about your security guard, Tom Foss. That’s not paranoia.

Nicole: I think Tom Foss, as a authority figure, represents someone disturbing from Kyle’s past.

Dr. Cassidy: Enough gibberish. You never heard that before.

Nicole: No. No, but it could be a product of post dramatic stress disorder. I mean Kyle let out a string of nonsense syllables like a . . . Catharsis Release.

Dr. Cassidy [sighs]: Well that’s as good a guess as any.

[Kyle is drawing in his room.]

Voice over: In the trance, I approached a door to my past. But the door was locked. I longed for the key, for a moment of clear understanding. But with every detour and dead end, it grew harder to stay optimistic.

[Declan is talking to Lori while sitting in Lori’s room.]

Declan: Two years until I graduate and my dad is already on me about applying to college. He’s got his check book out ready to buy me to the school of my choice.

Lori: I think my parents started saving the second I left the womb.

[Kyle walks in.]

Declan: Kyle, what’s up?

Lori: So how’d it go today?

Kyle: I guess I shouldn’t expect so much.

[Josh comes in.]

Josh: I told you, those hypnotist are bogus.

Lori: Josh, the door is there for a reason.

Josh: It’s open. So, did they make you cluck like a chicken?

Lori: Get out!

[Lori pushes Josh out of her room as Josh starts to imitate a chicken clucking.]

Lori: One thing I will not miss when I go to college.

Kyle: You’re going to college?

Lori: Eventually. Declan, here, is already getting recuited.

Declan: Couple of scouts saw me play for Woodband in UW.

Kyle: UW?

Declan: University of Washington? So the coach keeps calling so I thought I would drive out and check it out tommorow.

Kyle: Take me with you.

Declan: Dude, I thought you were done playing basketball.

Kyle: University of Washington. That’s where Professor Kern taught at.

Lori [sees Declan’s confused face.]: The guy’s who’s skeleton they found in the woods.

Declan: If you want to come, I’m fine with it.

Lori: Kyle, you can’t drive to UW with Declan, my parents won’t let you. You haven’t exactly established yourself as the most trustworthy person.

Declan: That really hurts.

Kyle: But I have to go! If I knew Professor Kern and that’s where he taught, someone there might know who I am. `

Lori: Kyle, if my mom heres you want to go to UW

Kyle: She wants me to figure things out.

Lori: That doesn’t include snooping around about some dead professor.

[Nicole is talking to Stephen in the kitchen.]

Nicole: I mean you should have seen Kyle’s reaction. The anxiety when he started talking about Tom Foss as if he was really reliving the experience.

Stephen: And what? Even under hypnosis there’s still no clue why Kyle had those flashes about?

Nicole: No and they’re so vivid. I mean I know that Foss is a replacement of someone but still. I mean it makes Kyle anxious to have him around.

Stephen: Well, we’re not gunna have to worry about that anymore. I called the Cal State Security today.

Nicole: You got him fired?

Stephen: Well not quite, they agreed to take him off for detail.

Nicole: Well I guess a transfer to Alaska was out of the question, but still it’s a relief. Thank you.

[Nicole and Stephen kiss. Josh walks in. Kyle and Lori follow him in.]

Josh: Oh please, not near my food!

Nicole: Hey.

Stephen [looks at Kyle]: Hey, Kyle. Sorry it didn’t work out this morning.

Kyle: It was worth a try.

Nicole: Well, I’m glad you’re not discouraged.

Lori: I think Kyle needs a break from all this stuff. Declan’s checking Woodband and I thought I’ll go. Kyle’s welcome to come.

Kyle: I thought Declan was gunna

Lori: invite you himself. He meant two so I’m asking you for him.

Josh: Why are you being so nice to him?

Nicole: Yes, why are you?

Lori: God, you make me it sound like I’m a horrible person. Forget it, I don’t have to take him.

Kyle: But I want to go. I would like to see the school.

Josh: Give him one day there, and he’ll come back with a diploma.

Nicole: Well? What do you think?

Stephen: Bring me back a Woodband t-shirt.

[Declan pulls up in front of the Trager’s house with his car. Lori and Kyle walk to the car.]

Lori: You wanted to go to UW didn’t you?

Kyle: I just don’t like making up stories for them.

Lori: That’s why I did it. You can thank me later.

Declan: Hey. You ready to roll?

[Kyle stops walking to the car. Lori notices.]

Lori: Kyle, once and for all, you can find out if those dreams you’re having are real.

Kyle [thinks]: Let’s go.

[They get in the car and drive off.]

[They pull up to UW and park. They get out of Declan’s car.]

Declan: Welcome to UW.

Lori: Does anything look familiar?

Kyle [looks around]: No.

Lori: Not yet.

[Nicole is on the couch listening to her recording of Kyle’s meeting with Dr. Cassidy. She rewinds the string of non syllable words. She listens to it again. The door bell rings. She pauses the recording and gets off the couch. She opens the door. Tom Foss is on their doorstep.]

Foss: Mrs. Trager, hi.

Nicole: Hello.

Foss: I’m sorry to bother you but I.. I just came by to make sure that every things, okay.

Nicole: Every things fine.

Foss: Well, I guess I mean... Well I know you folks requested to have my detail switched and I just want to make sure that I haven’t done anything to upset you.

Nicole: We just felt it wasn’t a good match here.

Foss: I’m sorry to hear that. Because I have to say that, I admire you Mrs. Trager. I do. The way that you balance your career with your family, and a foster child on top of that. I mean that’s a lot to handle. I really respect that. So even though I’m not on your watch anymore you can call on me if you need anything.

Nicole: Thank you.

Foss: You’re welcome.

[Nicole shuts the door.]

[Kyle, Lori, and declan are walking on the campus.]

Declan: Check it out, we’re in college, Trager.

Lori: Why do I feel that I have highschool written all over me? Kyle where are you going?

Kyle: To the science building.

Declan: Hang on, where’s the gym?

Kyle: Take that path, then left on the commontins. Straight on for an 8th for mile.

Declan: You already memorized the campus? You’re like a walking navi-system.

[Kyle shrugs]

Lori: So let’s hook up in a couple of hours by the student union?

Declan [takes the map from Kyle]: Think you can find it?

[Declan walks off and Lori and Kyle walk to the science building. Lori and Kyle walk into Professor Kern’s office.]

Lori: This is it.

[Kyle and Lori look around and a woman walks in.]

Woman: Can I help you?

Lori: Hi, I’m Lori Trager, and this is Kyle.

Woman: Hello.

Lori: We were told this was Professor Kern’s office?

Woman: It was.

Lori: Well we think that Kyle might’ve known the professor.

Woman: May have?

Kyle: I’m not sure if I did.

Lori: Kyle has amnesia. Seriously. And one of the few people he seems to remember is Professor Kern.

Woman: Uh-huh.

Lori: I know this sounds kinda out there but we hoped that being here might help Kyle remember.

Kyle: Do you know me?

Woman: I’m sorry, no. I’m atta-infranium . I was Professor Kern’s research partner.

Lori: Can I ask? What exactly was he researching?

Woman: Essentially he was interested in maximizing brain power.

Kyle: Professor Kern developed theories and exercises covering areas of creative thinking, problem solving, memory, logical thought, and mental agility. I’ve done some reading.

Lori: The thing is, Kyle is smart. Like Einstein smart. He had a MRI and is showed a really high level of brain activity. So we were thinking that maybe Kyle worked with the professor which would explain

Woman: I did all of William- Professor Kern’s testing. I would’ve known if Kyle was involved in his research

Kyle: I had to be. There has to be a connection. There’s no other thing that makes sense.

Woman: I’m sorry.

Kyle: Test me now. I’ll take all of the test and you’ll see.

[Stephen is walking in the hallway talking on the phone.]

Stephen: Alright, thanks. I appreciate it.

[Stephen hangs up and Nicole walks in.]

Nicole: Uh-oh. This can’t be good.

Stephen: Well, that was good news. That was Detective Breen. I asked him to run a background test on Foss. And he came up clean.

Nicole: I should’ve never have told you.

Stephen: Listen, Nicole. I had him taken off our watch and then he shows up at our door to question you about it!

Nicole: Then he wasn’t hostile. I mean it was more like concern.

Stephen: We can keep him concern. I don’t want him coming around.

Nicole: I admit, he makes me uncomfortable. But remember he’s never actually done anything wrong.

Stephen: Well Kyle’s having nightmares about him. And he’s got good instincts. So if Foss spooks him that’s reasonable enough for me.

[Stephen and Nicole are silent.]

[Lori is walking on the campus]

Wes: Heads up!

Lori [Sees a frisbee flying to her]: Oh! [Catches the frisbee and giggles]

Wes: Sweet catch!

Lori: Thanks

[Lori tries to throw the frisbee to Wes but misses.]

Wes: Your throw can use some work.

Lori: I skipped Intro for Frisbee.

Wes: That’s too bad. I happen to teach that class. I’m Wes by the way.

Lori: Lori.

[They shake hands.]

Wes: Do you go here?

Lori: Just visiting.

Wes: What do you think so far?

[Declan comes into the scene.]

Declan: Hey.

Lori: Hey, Declan. This is Wes.

Declan: Sup.

Wes: How’s it goin? Well, I should get back to the game.

[Wes leaves.]

Declan: So, how’d it go with Kyle?

Lori: Let’s go find out.

[Lori and Declan take off to go check on Kyle.]

[Kyle is taking a test as the woman watches him. Kyle finishes it and hands his answers to the woman. Kyle starts taking a new test where he has to memorize the order the lights blink. Kyle takes another class where he memorizes the order of each different image. He writes all the answers down and hands in the paper.]

[Lori and Declan are waiting in Professor Kern’s office.]

Lori: This is taking forever.

[Kyle and the woman walks in.]

Woman: He’s extraordinary! Kyle’s result are so far beyond the normal range. I showed him a hundred images in sixty seconds, and he’s able to remember all one hundred of them.

Declan: Not bad for a guy with no memory.

[Kyle walks around and looks at the awards.]

Lori: Declan... You see how smart he is, don’t you think it’s possible he worked with Professor Kern?

Woman: I suppose, but William would have shared these results. His best test case was even repeated practice can only identify 37 images.

Declan: What’s he looking at?

Woman: There’s pictures and words of students in the faculty.

Lori: Kyle? What is it?

[Walks over to the case of awards. And see a picture that looks like Kyle.]

Lori: It’s you!

Declan: Not possible. Check the date.

Lori: 1985!

[Josh is talking to Lori on the phone.]

Josh: How was Kyle’s appointment? Did they kick you out yet?

Lori: Josh! Just put mom and dad on.

Josh [sighs]: You don’t really think you can get in there do you?

Lori: Josh!

Josh: Your grades are lame! You have no after school activities and there’s really nothing special about you.

Lori: Josh!

[Stephen takes the phone from Josh.]

Stephen [talks to Josh]: What’s the matter with you? [turns back to the phone] Hello?

Lori: Hey dad! We’re having such a cool time! Can we crash here and come tomorrow?

Stephen: You want to spend the night? I don’t think so.

Lori: They have all these great activities for perspective freshmen.

Stephen: Activites involving beer cases and bongs?

Lori: No, God Dad! I thought you would be happy! I can’t even apply for year round and I’m already psyched for college.

Stephen: Well, alright where are you gunna sleep?

Lori: They have accommodations for us. Common, Kyle’s here. It’s guaranteed G rated. We’re all really into it.

Stephen: Alright, just be careful and keep your cellphone on.

Lori: I will. And thank you.

Stephen: All right.

[Lori and Stephen hang up.]

[Lori is walking with Declan and Kyle.]

Lori: It had to be done. If we tell them the truth they would’ve flip out and make us come home.

Declan: Kyle, there’s no way we can leave here now. We just saw a picture of you in 1985.

Kyle: That wasn’t me.

Declan: Then it’s your long lost twin.

Kyle: I’m not in my forties.

Lori: Look Wes snagged us a room, my parents are cool. Do you want to find out who that man is or not?

Voiceover: Seeing that picture I felt I was getting close to the truth. And it scared me.

Kyle: Absolutely.

[Nicole is listening to Kyle’s recording. Josh walks in]

Josh: What is that?

Nicole: Sorry, it’s one of my patients.

Josh: Was it Kyle?

[Nicole blinks.]

Josh: Woah! That must be his alien voice. Sort of a mix between human and dolphin.

Nicole: Out!

Josh: Come on! It’s like he’s talking in the wrong speed!

Nicole: Josh.

[Josh leaves in a huff.]

[Nicole thinks about what Josh said and she slows down the speed of the recording. From that, you can hear Kyle talking normally saying numbers.]

[Lori is sitting at the table with Kyle]

Lori: How weird was that seeing that picture. I mean think about you and that guy can be related.

Kyle: I haven’t stopped thinking about it.

Lori: Josh for hearing out some time traveling theory with you jumping into port holes in space. Which you didn’t did you?

[Kyle gives an annoyed look.]

Lori: Sorry. [looks around.] It’s like there’s this whole new world around here. There really is life after highschool.

[Declan is talking to a girl.]

Declan: Yeah, I’ve coaches all around the country begging me to play for them.

Girl: Yeah but they don’t have what UW has.

Declan: What’s that?

Girl: Me.

Lori: Take it back, it is highschool all over again.

[Wes come up to Lori and bend down to be leveled with her.]

Wes: Hey Lori.

Lori: Hey.

Wes: I guess you don’t recognize me without my frisbee .

Lori: No, I do, Wes right?

Wes: So how long is this trip gunna last?

Lori: Just ‘till tommorow.

Wes: Well then we should make the most of it.

Lori: Well, I, Kyle do you want to look around?

Kyle: You go. I’ll see you later.

Lori: You sure?

[Kyle nods.]

[Declan is still talking to the girl.]

Girl: So do you still want to see my room?

Declan: Actually, I’m here with someone.

Girl: Then why am I talking to you?

[The girl walks off and Declan sees Wes and Lori walking off together. He also sees Kyle alone.]

[Lori and Stephen are listening to the recording.]

Recording: 781227.

Nicole: Ok, that’s the number that Kyle pointed out on the weegie board. But the rest...

Recording: 4727 and 12218W

Nicole: Same pattern over and over again.

Stephen: Some sort of code.

Nicole: Well I can’t make any sense of it.

Stephen: Partially for Kyle. Play it back again. I want to take it down.

[The recording plays again.]

[Kyle is listening to someone playing a guitar. The woman that tested Kyle comes into the scene looking for Kyle.]

Woman: Kyle, I’ve been looking for you. Are you ok?

Kyle: Just a lot to take in.

Woman: Aw, new places are hard for me too.

Kyle: Problem is that I don’t know if it is a new place. Somewhere I’ve been before.

Woman: I can imagine. I’m sure when the time is right everything will become clear to you. William would’ve been so excited to meet you.

Kyle: You miss him?

Woman: We were... good friends.

Kyle: I’m sorry what happened.

Woman: There’s such patellidae in this world. Still you’re an inspiration. You somehow achieved William’s dream. To possess a mind as fast as a computer. How does that make you feel?

Kyle: Different.

Woman: Just think of all you can accomplish?

Kyle: By doing math problems, solving equations and puzzles. That’s not important.

Woman: What is?

Kyle: Knowing who I am.

[Lori and Wes are walking together with a drink in their hand.]

Wes: So what are do you want to studying.

Lori: Haven’t really thought about it.

Wes: Well what interest you?

Lori: I don’t know art?

Wes: I can see that.

Lori: Yeah?

Wes: Absolutely.

Lori: I hate museums. I don’t get art at all. I just said it to have something to say.

Wes: Well, I bet you that have a lot to say, Lori, you just haven’t found the right person that’ll listen. I know that sounded like a line.

Lori: Totally.

Wes: Wll I meant it. It’s true.

[Kyle is looking out the window of his accommodation. Declan walks in.]

Declan: Hey, you’re still up.

Kyle: Hard to sleep.

Declan: Music too. [looks around] She’s still out?

Kyle: I thought she was with you?

Declan: Nope, she was talking to that guy.

Kyle: If you like Lori, why don’t you tell her?

Declan: She knows that I like her. Take your advice. I haven’t seen you pour your heart to Amanda. Picked up on it, no worries. I don’t think her and Charlie have. It must kill you to see them together.

Kyle: I want her to be happy.

Declan: I would be in there so fast.

Kyle: Charlie’s your friend.

Declan: Look, if you want someone you gotta give it a shot. If people are meant to be together, they stay together.

[Kyle looks out the window.]

[Declan is sleeping while Kyle is still looking outside. Someone knocks on the door. Kyle opens the door and sees the woman that tested him. Declan wakes up.]

Woman: Kyle, I know it’s early but I couldn’t wait.

Kyle: What happened?

Woman: I found out his name. The guy in the photo. It’s Adam Baylin.

Kyle: Adam Baylin.

Woman: Does it ring a bell?

Kyle: No.

[Lori walks in.]

Lori: Excuse me, sorry.

[She slips into the room.]

Lori: I’ll be right back, I need a towel.

[Lori leaves.]

Woman: Don’t be discouraged. There’s someone I want you to meet that might help. She’s a secretary in my department.

[Kyle, Lori, Declan, and the woman is talking to the secretary.]

Secretary: Oh those eyes! Who can ever forget those eyes?

Declan: Does he look like him?

Secretary: Very much so.

Lori: What was he like?

Secretary: Adam Baylin was brilliant. One of the finest graduate students we ever had. And believe me, I’ve been here forever so I know.

Woman: Lily, tell them who you worked with.

Secretary: Professor Kern. William Kern was like a mentor to me. They were involved in several projects together. But it’s not just Adam’s academic achievements that I remember. It’s the way he took the time to ask me about my life. He was that way with everyone. His curiosity, sensitivity, that’s what I miss. So to see you here.

Kyle: Do you have an address or a phone number? There’s so many things I would like to ask him.

Secretary: Oh sweet heart? Didn’t you know? You can’t ask him anything. Adam Baylin has been missing for twenty years.

[Kyle, Lori, and Declan are looking through Adam Baylin’s stuff.]

Lori: I can’t believe they kept all of his research.

Woman: Must have been really exceptional. Still, I don’t think anyone has been through these boxes for over 20 years.

Declan: Sounds about right.

Kyle: He was so involved in his work, and he doesn’t show up to school one day.

Woman: Apparently he disappeared without a trace.

Kyle: Anything I can find out about Adam Baylin are here in these boxes.

Woman: Take your time.

[Nicole walks into the kitchen carrying groceries. Stephen looks up and sees Nicole.]

Stephen: Hey! I’ve been waiting for you!

Nicole: Wait until I grab the rest from the car.

Stephen: Listen, those letters and numbers? I’ve figured them out. They’re coordinates like longitude and latitude.

Nicole: What do you mean? Like a location?

Stephen: Near Seattle! 47 degrees, 27 minutes north. 122 degrees, 18 minutes west. I looked up the spot at view and earth. But here’s the thing! That location is blocked.

Nicole: Blocked why?

[Josh walks in and goes to the fridge.]

Josh: Because it’s a top secret government facility

Nicole: Josh!

Josh: Like Area 51. Where they hide all the aliens. He even talked about it under hypnosis. How much more proof do you need?

Nicole: Josh, you shouldn’t be listening.

Josh: If Kyle’s the patient why are you talking to dad about him?

Stephen: Because I’m his foster father.

Josh: And I’m his foster brother! If there’s something going on with him, especially something this cool and bizarre, I think I have the right to know about it.

[Nicole and Stephen get up to leave.]

[Kyle is still reading Adam’s stuff.]

Voiceover: Reading Adam Baylin’s thoughts, I felt a connection beyond physical resemblance. I understood his research. It seemed like him mind worked like my own. We had to be related. We had to be.

[Lori and Declan are alone looking at Adam’s research.]

Lori: Ok, what’s with the attitude? It’s like working with a hostile mute.

Declan: I’m just concentrating.

Lori: Sure Declan. I’m sure you’re fascinated by all these equations and formulas. Do you want to tell me what’s going on?

Declan: Look [puts down papers.] I know you’re psyched about pretending you’re in college and all but come on! You sleep with frisbee boy after one night!

Lori: Ok, first off, it’s none of your business who I sleep with. And second, it’s still not your business, I didn’t have sex with Wes.

Declan: Right.

Lori: God, Declan, we stayed up late talking. Then I fell asleep in his room. This is such a double standard! If I give you a hard time about another girl you would tell me to piss off.

Declan: I wouldn’t say piss off.

Lori: You know what I mean. We’re friends, and friends don’t guilt eachother about who they hang out with.

Declan: You’re right. It’s all good. So what did you two talk about?

Lori: It was less that he talked and more that he listened. [Lori walks out of the room.]

[Lori walks into the room that Kyle’s in.]

Lori: Kyle, I’m sorry, but I don’t think there’s anything here.

Kyle: Yes there is. Adam Baylin drew it twenty years ago.

[Kyle hands he a piece of paper. Declan walks in and looks at it too. It had the symbol that was left in the forest.]

[Lori is talking on the phone with Stephen.]

Stephen: Hillary just called. She’s surprised that she heard you were going to Woodban. Apparently Declan had plans to go to the University of Washington.

Lori: Dad!

Stephen: What’s going on?

Lori: Ok, look we came up here to help Kyle.

Stephen: I don’t care what you’re doing, you don’t lie to us where you are.

Lori: I’m sorry but we found out some thing. Like this grad student that looks exactly like Kyle except he’s been missing since the eighties.

Stephen: What are you talking about?

Lori: And the guy drew the symbol that Kyle kept drawing, with this code next to it! And Kyle figured out the latitude and longitude like an address.

Stephen: What are the coordinates?

Lori: 47, 27 north, 122, 18 west. It’s the spot in the woods right by here.

Stephen: How’d you know that?

Lori: You know Kyle, he’s got a map of the universe in his head. We’re gunna go check it out.

Stephen: No you’re not gunna go check it out. You’re gunna get back in that car and drive home immediately.

Lori: We can’t leave now!

Stephen: You will leave now, Lori! Do you hear me! I mean it.

Lori: Ok! Calm down, we’re going!

Stephen: Ok, goodbye.

[They hang up.]

Lori: Great.

[Foss is watching Stephen and Nicole through the cameras. He finds out the Kyle is going to the forest he gets up and leaves.]

Lori: Hillary has such a huge mouth!

Declan: Aw man! I forget that I mentioned it to her!

Lori: Sorry, Kyle. We have to go home.

Kyle: We can’t!

Lori: Well my dad was pissed. We’ll come back another time.

Kyle: Fine.

Lori: Bathroom break, then we’re leaving.

[Lori leaves to the bathroom. Kyle starts walking away.]

Declan: Hey, where you going?

Kyle: I have to get there!

Declan: Dude, you don’t have a car.

Kyle: I’ll find someone to drive me.

Declan: You can’t do that!

Kyle: I can’t turn back now! I’m too close!

Declan: Ok, we’ll convince Lori to go.

Kyle: No, I don’t want her to come. It might be dangerous out there.

Declan: Because that man, Adam Baylins, been missing?

Kyle: Yeah.

Declan: We’ll call her and tell her what were doing and come back and pick her up.

[Declan and Kyle pull up at the forest.]

Kyle: It’s right here.

Declan: Here?

[The cell phone rings.]

Declan: It’s Lori again. [picks up phone.] Ok, ok. Stop yelling.

Lori: I cannot believe you did this to me! Do you know how much trouble this gets me in!

Declan: We’re at the spot, we’ll call you later.

Lori: Don’t hang up on me!

[Declan hangs up. Lori groans.]

Declan: Sure this is it?

Kyle: Yes.

Declan: All we need is a tin man and a cowardly lion.

[Kyle looks confused]

Declan: Never mind.

Kyle: Stay here.

Declan: No way!

Kyle: I’m going alone.

Declan: Like hell.

Kyle: Declan! Thanks for driving me but I have to do this on my own. I’ll be fine.

[Kyle goes in alone leaving Declan behind.]

[Kyle is walking through a forest and sees a fence. He starts climbing it. A man with a mask pulls him down. They wrestle on the floor. Kyle runs off. Them man follows.]

Man: Stop!

[The man looks around and doesn’t see Kyle. Kyle goes behind him and pulls his mask off. It’s Foss.]

Kyle: What do you want? Why are you following me?

Foss: Shut up and listen to me. I’m not gunna hurt you. If I wanted you dead, you would be dead already.

Kyle: Like you killed Professor Kern!

Foss: He’s not the man you thought he was. Trust me.

Kyle: Trust you!

Foss: Everything I did was to protect you.

Kyle: No.

Foss: To keep you safe.

Kyle: Safe from what?

Foss: You gotta trust me. You gotta stop asking questions. Forget about the past. Get on with your life. Because if you don’t, if you don’t, you’ll put yourself and Nicole, Stephen, Lori, Josh and that whole family in danger.

Kyle: What are you talking about?

Foss: They’ll kill all of you.

Voiceover of Declan: Kyle!

Foss: Get out of here!

Voiceover of Declan: Kyle!

Foss: Remember what I told you. Go! And don’t ever come back! Go!

[Kyle runs off.]

[Declan is waiting for Kyle.]

Declan: Man, what is he doing? Kyle!

[There’s some rustling in the bush and Kyle comes out of the forest.]

Kyle: Let’s go!

[He grabs Declan’s arms.]

Declan: What happened? What did you see?

Kyle: Nothing,

Declan: Kyle, you saw something!

Kyle: There was nothing there!

[Kyle opens the door and hops in. Declan goes in the other side.]

[Lori, Declan, and Kyle are talking to Stephen and Nicole.]

Lori: I’m sorry about lied to you. I thought it was important for Kyle.

Stephen: I told you to come straight home.

Declan: That was my fault Mr. Trager.

Kyle: Please don’t be mad at Lori and Declan. They did it for me.

Nicole: Kyle, the student that resembles you. Lori said that he’s been missing for twenty years and that he drew the logo.

Kyle: There’s no point presuming it now. I mean what difference does it make to my life here and now.

Josh: If that’s the case why is that spot blocked on view and earth?

Kyle: No reason it should be just a bunch of trees.

[Everyone looks unsure.]

[Kyle is walking Declan to his car.]

Declan: Something happened out there in the woods.

Kyle: No.

Declan: I know you’re in trouble, Kyle. I’m gunna tell Lori’s parents.

Kyle: No, you can’t do that!

Declan: Than talk to me.

Kyle: That man, Tom Foss, the security guard, he was out there in the woods. He wanted me to stop asking questions about my past.

Declan: Why?

Kyle: He said something bad could happen to the Tragers. So we can’t tell anyone or do anything. Just move on and forget all about it. Understand? Can I trust you?

Declan: Yes.

[Lori walk outside.]

Lori: What? No goodbye?

Declan: You’re not mad anymore?

Lori: I’m over it.

[Kyle walk up to Lori.]

Kyle: Thanks for taking me.

Lori: Told you, you would thank me.

Declan: Later bro.

Kyle: Later.

[Kyle goes back into the house.]

Lori: If you dare say later Trager.

Declan: I wasn’t gunna say anything.

[Declan and Lori kiss.]

[Kyle is looking out his room window.]

Voiceover: All this time, I’ve been trying to restore my memory. But I didn’t realize that sometimes, memories a better left forgotten. I wanted to know who I was. But maybe some mysteries, are better left unsolved.

[The scene opens up with the fence that Kyle tried to climb and zooms to where a camera is. People are looking through it.]

Man: From 3 hours ago.

Other Man: 781227, he’s alive!






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