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[Scene opens in Kyle’s hospital room. Kyle is sitting up in bed. Josh is standing by the left side of Kyle’s bed. Lori is sitting at the foot of Kyle’s bed on his right side. Kyle can see through the doorway into the hallway, where Nicole and Stephen are conversing with David and Julie Peterson, Kyle’s “real parents”.]
Nicole [overheard from doorway]: It’s going to be okay. We’ll work it out.

Voice Over: At a glance, anyone would believe that the Petersons and I were related. They’d say I had her mouth and his chin. But I wanted more than a passing resemblance. Instead of thinking they could be my parents, I needed to feel that they were.

Lori: They look like nice people.

Josh: What kind of a name is Noah?

Lori: I can’t believe you. Kyle’s about to get hold of by his parents. Can’t you think of anything decent to say?

Josh: It’s not that I wanted him to go. He doesn’t look like a Noah.

Kyle: Do you think they want to take me home with them soon?

Lori: Maybe. [pause] We don’t know.

[Out in the hallway, the Petersons have a good view of Kyle in his room.]

David: Well, we’ve lived in Hong Kong for 2 years when it happened. Five years ago, Noah left for school and never came home.

Julie: We thought it was a kidnapping, some sort of extortion scheme. [She looks at the Tragers.] David’s an executive for a bank.

David: But there’s never a ransom call. There’s no clue at all from the beginning.

Julie: But still, we never stop looking for him. We never stop hoping. Finally out of nowhere on the missing person website…

David: We couldn’t tell from the picture, but after talking to the detective and now seeing him…

Julie: I used to call him “my wandering wonder”: sharp, inquisitive, studying everything, taking it all in.

Nicole: Kyle is – I’m sorry. I’m so used to calling him that.

David: Understand.

Nicole: Kyle is special and different in many ways.

Julie: He was born with some defects – his organs were not all in the right places.

David: The corrected surgeries made him as good as new, but without a belly button.

Nicole: We have so many questions.

Julie: So do we.

David: We’ll have to wait. The hospital arranged some DNA tests to verify paternity. In the meantime…

Julie: We were told that Noah has no memories from the day before he was found. I put this photo album together. [She hands a thin photo album over to Nicole.]

David: I thought it might help jolt some memories.

[Kyle looks at the album in his tub. He looks at a photo of the Petersons with a little dark-haired boy, then another one of a little boy with Julie having an arm over a dog before a Christmas tree.]

Kyle: You said you have answers.

[In his apartment, Tom Foss stops what he is doing and walks over to the monitor displaying Kyle’s room. He sees Kyle getting out of the tub and walking toward the camera, pulling up a chair to climb on.]

Kyle: Foss, listen to me. [Kyle’s face is up against the camera.] I know you’re there. Who are these people? [Kyle does something to disconnect the camera so the visual is gone from the screen.]

[Kyle carries the Petersons album into the living room where the Petersons are standing with Nicole and Stephen.]

Kyle: I have questions.

Julie: Go ahead.

Kyle: Where am I from?

Julie: Let’s see, you were born in Manhattan and from there, we moved around a little bit – D. C., Connecticut, Hong Kong.

Kyle: Do I have any brothers or sisters?

David: We only wanted one child.

Kyle: Pets?

David: We’re both allergic.

Nicole: Kyle, slow down.

Julie: Maybe if we tell you some stories.

David: Do you remember the old claw-footed tub from the house in Connecticut?

Julie: When we were moving to Hong Kong, Noah kept on insisting he didn’t want to go because he didn’t know what the tub would be like. David, full of surprises, had the tub shipped.

David: You jumped into it as soon as we took it out of the crate. Slept into it that night.

Julie: And every night until…

Stephen: Kyle, is there anything else you wanted to ask?

Kyle: Yes, who’s Adam Baylin?

David: That doesn’t sound familiar.

Kyle: How about Professor William Kern?

Julie: Who?

Kyle: This logo – do you recognize it? [He hands a picture of logo to Julie.]

Nicole: Kyle.

Kyle: They act like they know me. They can’t tell me anything to help me remember. They don’t know why people are missing or dead or how these people are connected to me.

Nicole: It’s a lot to take in. It seems like for all of you five years are gone.

[opening credits]

[Josh dressed in a suit comes down the stairs into the kitchen where Kyle and Stephen are.]

Josh: Let’s go, people. God is waiting.

Kyle: You want to go to Amanda’s confirmation with me?

Josh: Sure, church is neat. And I’ll never get a chance to wear this suit.

Stephen: Where did you ever wear that suit? [He puts milk in the refrigerator.] When did you start reeking of my after shave? [pause] Ah. What’s her name?

Josh: Okay, maybe there’s this girl named Ashley that I’ve met at a party. Maybe she goes to Holy Family and sings in a choir and maybe she finds the scent of a man irresistible. [He looks at Kyle.] Hey, tuck in your shirt. The Lord hates a slob. [Kyle looks down at his buttoned-down shirt already tucked in.]

Stephen: Watch yourself, Josh. Church is not supposed to be fun.

Josh: Is that why you never go?

[Kyle and Josh are sitting in church. Amanda in a white robe stands in the front of other people similarly clad. Ashley wearing a red choir robe stands in the choir section. Charlie is sitting next to Mrs. Bloom’s left.]

Josh [looking at Ashley]: God, she’s hot. Oh, my God. Did I say ‘God’? [He looks upward.] Sorry.

Voice over: Every I look, church provides unsettling contrast. People whose beliefs in courtesy also portray betrayal. [Kyle sees Charlie and Hillary sitting from across the aisle sharing glances at each other.] There’s a lot about church I didn’t understand, but I did know that faith meant believing in something often without tangible proof. I wonder if I will be able to do the same with the Petersons to come to accept them wholeheartedly.

[Bishop makes a cross on Amanda’s forehead.]

Josh: What’s he putting on her head?

Kyle: Everyone else is being quiet, Josh. Do you think we should be quiet too?

[Nicole is sitting on the sofa, looking at the Petersons’ album. Stephen comes into the living room.]

Nicole: Church walls crumble at the sight of you?

Stephen: Very funny. [He sits next to Nicole and chuckles.] I’ve gotten used to Kyle having no memories. It looks kind of strange to have his whole life laid out before us.

Nicole [looks at a picture of Julie holding a smiling baby]: He looks happy in these photos.

Stephen: How are you doing?

Nicole: I’m fine.

Stephen: You can’t be fine. I’m not fine.

Nicole: You still want him to search for clues to who he is and where he comes from. And now he knows. We shouldn’t be upset. We’ll just be selfish.

Stephen: Or human.

Nicole: I’m fine. [She calmly hands the album to Stephen and walks off.]

[Outside the church: Mrs. Bloom, Amanda, and Charlie stand together as Kyle comes by.]

Mrs. Bloom: Look, it’s our neighbor.

Kyle: Hi.

Amanda: Hi.

Charlie: Hi, Kyle. It’s good to see you’re feeling better.

[Kyle hands Amanda a small wrapped gift.]

Amanda: Thanks.

Mrs. Bloom: Amanda, we have to thank the bishop now.

Amanda: We’ve already thanked him.

Mrs. Bloom: Amanda. [She nudges Amanda to go.]

Amanda: Okay. [They walk off.]

Charlie: Her mother’s a piece of work.

Kyle: I think Amanda has a bigger problem. I know about Hillary.

Charlie: You can’t tell her.

Kyle: I’m not the one who should.

[Lori and Declan are standing by Declan’s car across the street from the church. Lori sees Charlie and Kyle talking. Josh walks down the steps of the church toward Kyle as Charlie leaves.]

Lori: Men are such dogs.

Declan: Gee, thanks.

Lori: You’re proven yourself to be moderately undog-like, but Amanda is the nicest girl in the universe. How could he cheat on her?

Declan: Amanda is a nice girl who doesn’t believe in sex before marriage and he’s a guy.

Lori: That’s hideous logic.

Declan: But accurate.

[Josh and Kyle walk toward Lori and Declan.]

Josh: Church sucks.

Lori: You too, Josh.

Declan [to Kyle]: Did you get the DNA results?

Kyle: Not yet.

Declan: Did the police run their plates? Have they done anything to prove the Petersons are who they say they are?

Lori: They’re not criminals, Declan. They’re a nice married couple from Connecticut who’d lost their son.

Declan: I just want to make sure.

Josh: He has a point. I mean, aliens can’t just land their craft on the front yard and retrieve Kyle without drawing attention. They hatch the perfect plan. We invite them into our home and they make off with our alien. [Kyle looks annoyed at Josh. Lori rolls her eyes. Declan looks at Lori.] What?

[They get into the car.]

[The security room of the secret company: video of Kyle climbing the fence runs continuously on all the monitors.]

Reynolds: Do you want to see me, Ms. Thatcher?

Thatcher: Everyday that subject 781227 remains alive, we risk someone discovering his abilities.

Reynolds: He’s surrounded by people all the time. Makes it very complicated to try to take him out. But I’ll try to have a plan in motion.

Thatcher: Just find a moment when he’s alone and get rid of him. I do not want any evidence of our experiment to exist outside the walls of this Company.

[Kyle’s room: Declan and Kyle look at Kyle’s drawings placed together to display the logo on the desk.]

Declan: All right, let’s think this through. You remember being in the back of the car on the rainy night.

Kyle: And seeing Tom Foss and Professor Kern in the woods.

Declan: And then you wake up alone.

Kyle: With no memory of what just happened. No memories at all. [He picks up and looks at an article of Prof. Kern.] We know Prof. Kern is connected with Adam Baylin who looks like me 20 years ago before he disappeared.

Declan: I also rule out time travel, alien, and pink goo. It’s too ridiculous.

Kyle: And Adam Baylin drew out the picture of the key card logo.

Declan: Which you subconsciously drew.

Kyle: Which led me to the coordinate of the location I couldn’t identify.

Declan: And then your supposedly real parents show up.

Kyle: With no idea of where I’ve been for the past five years or why I can do the things I can do.

Declan: I got nothing. [Kyle looks at Dykeman’s drawing of him as a super hero. Declan looks at it too.] But you’re not a super hero either.

Kyle: I wish more things will come back to me. They’re trapped in my head.

Declan: I thought Tom Foss would pick those pieces together.

Kyle: We can’t go near Foss. It’s too dangerous.

[Lori’s bedroom: Lori is sitting on her bed. Hillary is standing by the dresser.]

Hillary: You should have seen Charlie all clean-cut and churchy, holding our hands like a freaky choir boy. [She walks to the bed and sits.] Do you imagine Amanda can make him sing like that?

Lori: I hate to be all doom and gloomy, but you know this can’t end well, right?

Hillary: I know he doesn’t want to hurt her right no cause she lost her dad and everything. But I can wait.

Lori: And what happens when he dumps her for you? You’re with a guy who cheats his girl friend. What if he’d do the same thing to you?

Hillary: Now you’re suddenly a relationship expert? You feel Declan is the ideal boy friend?

Lori: No, but weirdly enough, I trust him.

Hillary: Turnaround of the century?

Lori: Crazy, huh?

Hillary: But sweet. I’m happy for you.

[Kyle’s room: Kyle is looking at the pictures on his desk, his back to the door when Amanda comes in.]

Amanda: I didn’t get a chance to thank you for my present. [Kyle turns around. She is wearing the necklace Kyle had given her. She touches the pendant.] It’s really thoughtful. St. Calitucus(?)…

Kyle: The patron saint for people who lost their parents.

Amanda: Yeah. [pause] We didn’t have a chance to talk about everything that happened to you since yesterday. You wanna? [She rolls her eyes toward the tub. Kyle looks at it. He looks at her. Then they both go sit in each end of the tub, facing each other.]

Amanda: You should be happy. You don’t look happy.

Kyle: I’m not.

Amanda: You know, it’s a funny thing about my religion. There’s a saint for pretty much everything – cab drivers, stomachaches, skis. There’s even a patron saint for bald people. Sometimes I wonder if everything’s covered. Then why so many bad things happen to people? Then I realize everyone needs St. Felicity Vashov(?).

Kyle: So I need a saint?

Amanda: The patron saint of lost past and confusing future.

Kyle: Any idea where I can find one? [Amanda smiles at him.]

[Lori and Josh are helping Nicole set up dinner.]

Lori: Why do they have to come over again?

Nicole: Well, nothing triggers any recognition yet. So the more they get to know each other, the more hope we have of Kyle remembering them.

Josh: Unless there’s nothing to remember.

Lori: Josh’s alien theory of ethnic proportion.

Nicole: I understand this is difficult, but we have to start dealing with the idea that Kyle might be leaving us.

[Stephen comes in the kitchen with a grim face.]

Nicole: What’s the matter?

Stephen: I just got off the phone with the hospital. The DNAs are a match.

Nicole: Well, now we know.

[Stephen and Nicole look at each other and at their children. Unknown to them, Kyle comes in and hears.]

Kyle: I’m not going with them.

Josh: Damn straight.

Nicole: Kyle, of course we don’t want to lose you, but it’s not that easy.

Stephen: They’re your family.

Kyle: You’re my family. [He looks at each member of the family.] I don’t care what the test says. They’re strangers to me. How can I go live with them when you’re the only family I know?

[Kyle runs out the front door.]

Nicole: Kyle, wait.

Stephen [puts a hand on her arm to stop her]: Hon.

[Kyle sits in the church and sees the crucifix.]

Voice over: I read the story of the Father who sacrificed his Son for the good of all mankind. I wonder if having faith means making our sacrifices for others.

[A dark-haired man in a black trench coat comes into the church and sits next to Kyle. He is in shadow.]

Man: You can kneel if you want to,…sometimes to get you in the mood to pray.

Kyle: I never pray before.

Man: It’s simple. It’s like telling your troubles to a friendly ear.

Kyle: I’m in search of a saint.

Man: You pick a good place. What do you need a saint for?

Kyle: I don’t know where I belong. I don’t know where I come from. I’m supposed to go there – wherever it is – with people I don’t know.

Man: That’s a lot to handle.

Kyle: I don’t know what to do. I’m not sure how any of this here is supposed to help.

Man: Whether or not you consider yourself a believer, there’s someone out there who made you, who cares about you very much. In the midst of a confusing situation, you may not be able to see or appreciate him. But he’s there and he wants you to have the answers to all your questions.

Kyle: When?

Man: When the time is right.

[Kyle leaves the church and walks in a park unaware that Reynolds is stalking him, darting between the trees. When Kyle passes a tree, a wet cloth is suddenly pressed over his face as he is pushed against the tree. Kyle’s eyes go wide open, then close. His body goes limp as he passes out.]

[Still under the effect of the chloroform, Kyle wakes up dazed and disoriented in the back seat of a moving vehicle. It is dark and wet outside the car.]

Voice over: I didn’t know where I was or who had taken me. But it seemed the danger I was warned had finally come to pass. The memories that haunted me came flooding in again. Was I remembering my past or was history repeating itself? [He sees rain hitting against the windshield and then the blurry dashboard. He holds up his hand, remembering it was once covered with pink goo. He sees Tom wet from the rain standing outside, Kern wearing a hood in the rain.]

[The Trager living room:]

David: Julie and I pray for his safety. We’re thankful that he was taken in by people like you and Nicole.

Stephen: Are you a religious family?

David: I take it you’re not?

Stephen: No, I was raised to be, but it got away from me over the years.

David: Yeah, we’re never used to be either; but when you lose a child, somehow you need a kind of higher power for comfort.

[The Trager kitchen:]

Julie: I can’t blame him for being scared. We’re strangers to him. He’s like a stranger to us.

Nicole: Maybe he’s not the only who’s scared.

Julie: But if those 5 years had changed him somehow like they changed me?

Nicole: He’s still the same boy you knew no matter what happened. He has a sweet tooth like nobody’s business. I caught him putting Sour Patch Kids on his cereal once. [laughs]

Julie [chuckles]: Oh, fine.

Nicole: He’s funny, not just his humor, but the way he looks at the world. He can turn everything and show it to you in a whole new way. He got such a strong sense of what’s right and he’s so quick to learn and so eager to connect with other people.

Julie: Like he’s connected with you?

Nicole: With all of us.

[Kyle is lying on his back in the woods, his eyes closed.]

Voice over: Once again, I was in a familiar place where my story began. But suddenly like a flash, the whole story fell into place.

[Flashback to the rainy night when Kern aimed a gun at Foss.]

Foss: Don’t do this.

Kern: My order is to terminate him. I can’t let either of you walk away.

Foss: You were Baylin’s major traffic dude(?).

Kern: No, Baylin gave up any claim on the boy when he turned his back on the Company. They wanted the boy dead.

[Foss and Kern fought. In the struggle, Kern dropped his gun, which Foss picked up and killed Kern.]

Voice over: I finally got a piece of the truth. Now it’s time to get the rest.

[Alert now, Kyle stands up quickly to see Tom Foss there.]

Foss: Sorry. Sorry. Settle in. Listen, it’s okay.

[They circle around each other.]

Foss: I’m sorry about the chloroform. I tried to get the job done before, but it wasn’t pretty.

Kyle: I remembered what happened… with Kern. The two of you talked about Adam Baylin and something called Zzyx. Is that connected with the location I’ve discovered in Baylin’s papers – the logo?

Foss: This is why I wanted you to stop asking questions.

Kyle: You didn’t bring me out here to lecture me.

Foss: No.

Kyle: Then why?

Foss: Because I thought it would help you remember.

Kyle [listens]: Do you hear something?

Foss [listens]: What?

[Using the night telescope on his rifle, Reynolds sees Tom and Kyle in the woods. Kyle slowly turns around to face Reynolds. There’s a flash of light as a shot rings out.]

Foss: Get down. Get down. Go. Go.

[Kyle and Foss run. Another shot rings out. Foss is shot in the right shoulder and cries out. Kyle runs back to help Foss.]

Kyle: Are you all right? [They run to Foss’s truck.] Come on.

Foss: Get in. Get in.

[Kyle helps Foss into the passenger side. Then Kyle runs around and gets into the driver’s side.]

Foss: You don’t know how to drive.

Kyle: Hold on. [He turns on the truck.]

Foss: Go.

[Kyle steps on the gas pedal. The truck drives off as Reynolds shoots. He ends up alone in the woods.]

[Lori’s bedroom: Lori is lying on top of her bed when Declan enters her room.]

Declan: Hey.

Lori, Declan, what are you doing here?

Declan: I was driving through the neighborhood and felt the strains of down-realized (?) music emanating from your house. [He lies down next to her.] I thought you might need a boost.

Lori: Let me guess: you heard my pain through sex.

Declan: I was going for a max session, but if you insist…

Lori: It freaked me out that I spent so much time not caring if Kyle was here or not. Now he might leave.

Declan: He’s not going anywhere.

Lori: You sound like Josh.

Declan: He got a life here. It may be no memory and a mixed up life, but it’s still a life. He’s not going to throw that away to two people he has no memories he never knows.

Lori: How can you be so sure?

Declan: He’s not going for any of their stories. It’s not something to be upset.

[Foss’s car is parked in a safe place. Foss lays his head on the back of the seat.]

Kyle: Do you still don’t want me to take you to the hospital?

Foss: I’ll take care of myself. Go.

Kyle: I’m not going anywhere out of this car until you tell me everything.

Foss: You know most of it already. [pause] We were in the woods and we were surprised by Kern. I killed him because he was going to kill you. By the time I got rid of his body, you woke up and wandered into the city and got the Juvenile’s attention. Once Nicole Trager took you in, I, uh, I figure it was more of a keep an eye on you.

Kyle: Tell me more. Tell me why people want me dead. Tell me why they say David and Julie Peterson were my parents when I don’t remember anything about them. Why don’t I remember anything before that night that was with Kern.

Foss: Okay, I’ll tell you.

[Trager home: Nicole is gathering dishes after dinner.]

David: Now, should we worry that he’s not back yet?

Nicole: We think he got overwhelmed. We’ll talk to him.

David: We could try again tomorrow.

Nicole: That would be great.

Stephen: Thanks for your time.

[The Petersons are ready to leave when Kyle enters the front door.]

Nicole: Kyle.

Julie: Noah.

David: Where’re you been?

Stephen: Doing okay?

Voice over: My mind was racing with the information I just learned from Foss. Foss, my patron saint,

the saint of lost past and confusing future. Everyone was there in front of me: The family who took me in [looking at the Tragers], the family who wanted to take me home [looking at the Petersons]. Right then, I knew exactly what I had to do.

Kyle [out loud]: I remember. [He looks at Julie.] Mom. [He looks at David.] Dad. I remember you.

[Julie rushes to Kyle and gives him a long hug as Nicole looks on.]

[Later they all sit in the living room, Kyle sits alone. Lori, Declan, and Josh walk in to stand near the wall.]

Kyle: I remember the vacation we had when I was 9 to Hawaii. I’d never seen a palm tree before. You took me to the science museum where they had the Whispering Corridors and we went sailing near the waterfall on a boat with rainbow sail. And every night at the hotel, I ordered the same thing for dessert.

Julie: Banana Split Mocha Banana.

David: Could you tell us what happened to you? Where’re you been all this time?

Kyle: Still a blank.

Nicole: Well, once you get home, I’m sure you can find a new therapist who can help him recover even more of his memory.

Josh: Why can’t you still be his therapist?

Lori: Yea, you know him better than anyone. No offense.

Nicole: The Petersons live in Connecticut.

Stephen: So how soon before you leave?

Julie: Well, uh, we don’t want to rush anything.

Kyle: I’ll be ready to go by tomorrow.

[Josh is disgusted and leaves. Kyle watches him go.]

Kyle: Now that I know, I’m ready.

[Kyle’s goodbye party by the swimming pool: Kyle is getting food at the buffet table. Amanda and Lori are standing across the pool as Hillary comes by to join them with her drink.]

Amanda: I can’t believe he’s leaving before I got him a goodbye gift.

Hillary: You’re kidding!

Amanda: We should be happy for him.

Hillary: You tell yourself that, Sister Sunshine.

[Charlie comes by to join the girls, drinking from his cup.]

Charlie: I thought this was supposed to be a goodbye party.

Lori: Whoa ho!

[Declan joins Kyle at the buffet table.]

Declan: I just don’t get it. When did you suddenly become a banana split guy in just two hours?

Kyle: It just all comes rushing back.

Declan: Did I put myself out for you? I kept your secrets. I screwed up things for you. I did everything I could to help you get to the bottom of the mystery and you tell me it’s done?

Kyle: Yes.

Declan: There’s something else going on here, something you’re not telling me about.

Kyle: You’re proven you can keep my secrets. If there’s anything to tell, don’t you think I’ll find a way to bring you in on it?

Declan: It sucks.

[Declan walks away in disgust as Charlie arrives.]

Charlie: Whoa! Did you two break up or something? [Kyle looks at Charlie.]

Charlie [to Kyle]: Look, man, I know you think I’m a bad guy. It’s that, I know where Amanda stands on the sex thing. Look, I respect her for it. I do. I would give anything for the self control to keep away from her. This whole thing with Hillary is just physical. It has nothing to do with how much I love Amanda.

[Hillary is at the buffet table and overhears Charlie.]

Hillary: Ahem.

Charlie: Great.

Hillary: It’s ok, I understand. You have needs. I do too. Right now, I have the need to do this. [Dumps her drink on Charlie's head and leaves.]

Charlie: Don’t judge me. I’ve seen the way you look at Amanda. You’re probably dying to tell her.

Kyle: I’ll be leaving in a few hours. The only thing I want to know is that after I’m gone; she will be surrounded by people that are trustworthy, honest, and kind because that’s exactly the kind of person she is.

[Kyle walks off.]

[At the Trager house: Stephen and Nicole are packing things in the living room. Josh rushes down the stairs to the front door.]

Josh: Bye, guys.

Stephen: Where are you off to?

Josh: Out.

Nicole: I’m sure wherever it is it can wait. Kyle will be leaving soon.

Josh: Shouldn’t you call him Noah Peterson? That’s his real name.

Stephen: Hey, now that’s not cool. You get back here, Josh. [Josh leaves anyway.]

Nicole: Stephen, he’s protecting himself from some pretty strong emotions right now.

Stephen: He shouldn’t be running off like that.

Nicole: Just let him deal with it his own way.

[Stephen tapes box angrily with a tape dispenser. Nicole notices he’s upset.]

Nicole: Stephen.

Stephen: What, Nicole? Can’t I be just a little upset? Now, Kyle’s going off to his own home. That’s where he belongs. It doesn’t make it any easier.

[They hug.]

Stephen: This whole thing. You haven’t faltered. Not once.

Nicole: In my line of work, this is what you hope for. Most foster care stories don’t have happy endings. For Kyle to be placed with his real parents and his memories coming back I couldn’t be happier.

Stephen: Well, that’s why you’re my higher power.

[Goodbye party at the swimming pool: Hillary is crying.]

Lori [rushes to Hillary]: Are you okay?

Hillary: I’m totally not crying. [inaudible while crying]

Lori: What happened?

Hillary: You know the story. Home wrecker in training tragically rejected to the cheater’s throne. You didn’t say you told me so?

Lori: What about home wrecker’s friend like me?

[They hug. After they release:]

Lori: Put it behind you. One day, you will meet a kind, faithful guy…

Hillary: Doctor.

Lori: Who sweeps you off your feet…

Hillary: In his convertible.

Lori: And you live happily ever.

Hillary: Til the magnificent divorce settlement.

[Goodbye party at the swimming pool: Picking up used plates, Amanda sees Kyle.]

Amanda: Have you seen Charlie? He just disappears.

Kyle [looks at the pool house]: He’s inside…cleaning up.

Amanda: I can’t believe you’re leaving. I’ll see you again though. It’s not like it’s forever, right?

Kyle: I don’t want it to be.

Amanda: Okay. Then no goodbyes.

Kyle: No goodbyes.

Amanda: It’s like…see ya.

Kyle: See ya.

[She gives Kyle a long hug.]

Kyle: Come on. [Then they hold hands and walk off.]

[Kyle’s room: Kyle is packing some clothes in a box when Nicole comes in from the house.]

Nicole: You need any help?

Kyle: I’m not taking much. [He stops packing and looks around the room.] I bet Stephen will be glad to have his workshop back.

Nicole: He’s not. No, we might want to leave it this way in case you want to come visit.

Kyle: That would be nice.

Nicole: You’re not taking these? [She picks up Kyle’s drawings.] Something to remember us by?

Kyle: I’ll draw new ones.

Nicole: Kyle, if Josh doesn’t make it home to say goodbye, it’s not because…

Kyle: I understand.

[Outside the Trager home, Kyle’s few things are on the sidewalk next to the Petersons’ car. David starts loading the trunk of the car. Lori is standing outside near the Petersons’ car when Declan comes by.]]

Declan: Hey.

Lori: Hey, come for a real goodbye?

Declan: Yeah, you know, I don’t want to leave him real mad at me.

Lori: Totally undog-like.

Declan: Like a good thing comes out of it.

Lori: Like what?

Declan: Like the fact that you turned me into a good guy.

Lori: I have?

Declan: What, Trager? You think all this sensitive crap comes naturally? Get real.

Lori: We’re like having a moment.

Declan: That’s what happens in a relationship.

Lori: Yeah. It’s horrible, right?

Declan: It’s awful.

[Kyle, Nicole, Stephan, and Julie come out.]

Kyle [to Declan]: Hey.

Declan: Hey.

David [finishes loading Kyle’s things and closes the trunk]: We’re all set here.

[Josh arrives on his bicycle and parks it next to Lori. He takes off his helmet and gets off the bike.]

Josh: So finally out of here?

Kyle: Yep.

Josh: After all that, you’re a regular kid with normal parents.

Kyle: Apparently.

Josh: I like you better as an alien.

Kyle: Don’t worry. I still have a few alien tricks up my sleeve.

[Kyle places his right hand on Josh’s right shoulder. Then he hugs Lori. Declan is next.]

Declan: Later.

Kyle: Later. [They shake hands.]

[Kyle hugs Stephen.]

Kyle: Thanks for everything.

Stephen: Take care, kid.

[Kyle hugs Nicole.]

Nicole: We’ll call you everyday. [Kyle nods.]

[Kyle now stands next to the Petersons.]

Kyle: Ready?

Julie: Ready.

[The Petersons get into the front seat. Kyle, still outside, takes one last look.]

Kyle: Declan, I left a few things for you in my room.

Declan: Thanks, man.

[Kyle waves hand, then get in the back seat. The car drives off as the Tragers and Declan look on.]

[Alone in the house, Nicole looks at photo of Kyle with the Tragers and Amanda at Lori’s birthday party and cries.]

[Declan goes to Kyle’s room and opens the taped box. He finds an Earth Geographic magazine with a palm tree on its cover. Flashback to the night Kyle remembered the Petersons:]

Kyle: I remember the vacation we had when I was 9 to Hawaii. I’d never seen a palm tree before.

[The magazine is bookmarked to an article about the Whispering Corridor. Flashback to the night Kyle remembered the Petersons:]

Kyle: You took me to the science museum where they had the Whispering Corridors…

[He finds a sailboat model with a rainbow sail. Flashback to when Kyle remembered the Petersons:]

Kyle: …and we went sailing near the waterfall on the boat with a rainbow sail.

[Still holding the model boat, Declan remembers Kyle’s words.]
Kyle: You’re proven you can keep my secrets. If there’s anything to tell, don’t you think I’ll find a way to bring you in on it

[He is holding the model boat when Lori comes in.]

Lori: What you got there?

[Inside the Petersons’ car, Kyle is in the back seat while David is driving:]

Kyle: You two are very good liars.

Julie [David squeezes her hand and she smiles]: It’s our job.

Kyle: Banana Split Mocha Banana?

Julie: Had to seem authentic.

Kyle: And the DNA test?

David: We were provided with the appropriate genetic material.

Kyle: From whom?

David: Oh, you’ll meet him soon.

[Foss’ apartment: Cell phone rings. Foss, in white undershirt and a shirt covering his right shoulder, picks it up.]

Foss: It’s done.

Man on phone: Ms. Thatcher will come after you, you know.

Foss: Rebecca Thatcher will make it her mission.

Man on phone: What are you going to do?

Foss: I’ll be ready.

Man on phone: What did you tell him? [Man is in a garden.]

Foss: I told him to go with the Petersons. It’s the only way to keep the Tragers out of danger and I will send him to someone to tell him everything.

Man on phone: Good. I’ll be waiting.

[Foss lays his head on the back of the chair, exhausted.]

[In the Petersons’ car, Kyle remembers what happened in Tom’s car the night before. Flashback:]

Kyle: Tell me more. Tell me why people want me dead. Tell me why they say that David and Julie Petersons were my parents when I don’t remember anything about them. Why don’t I remember anything before that night that was with Kern.

Tom: Okay, I’ll tell you. [Pause] You don’t remember anything before that night because there’s nothing to remember.

Kyle: What do you mean?

Tom: Before that night, for all intents and purposes, you didn’t exist. [Kyle is shocked.]

[At the secret company’s security room:]

Thatcher: I assume the news isn’t good.

Reynolds: According to the records, the boy was returned to his birth parents.

Thatcher: Amusing, considering that he doesn’t have any.

Reynolds: I try to find out who they are. The paper trail leads to a series of dead ends. It’s like he disappears without a trace.

Thatcher: Not entirely. I have an idea who’s behind all this.

[The Petersons’ car parks in front of a gated mansion. Kyle and the Petersons get out of the car.]

Kyle: Where are we?

David: We are told to bring you here.

[Kyle walks alone through the wide metal gate and sees a man sitting in the garden, Foss’ caller. The man turns around. It is the man from the church, the man who looks like him.]

Man: Good to see you again, Kyle. I’m Adam Baylin.

Kyle: What do you want from me?

Adam: What would you like to know?

Kyle: Everything.

Adam [gets up]: Then you should come with me. [They walk off.]

[At the secret company’s lab:]

Reynolds: Do you think Baylin will tell him where he comes from?

Thatcher: That he was nothing more than a scientific experiment – a failed one at that?

Reynolds: Oh, Baylin might disagree with your assessment… about being a failure. After all, the boy did what neither of you intended for him to do when you’d started – he survived the outside world.

Thatcher: I’ll take care of 781227 and Adam Baylin. In the meantime, I run the diagnosis: 721228 is in excellent condition.

[The camera pans a giant tube with the label “721228”, containing a human body immersed in pink goo. The camera zooms in on “XX”.]




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