Moonlight 1X4

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1.04 - Fever

Written by: Jill Blotevogel
Directed by: Fred Toye
Transcribed by: pinkpaisley

[Mick is in a bathtub. He is clearly ill]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: What do you do when the one thing you need to save your life is the one thing that would make life unbearable? You're probably wondering how someone like me ends up near death in no star motel hell. Hard to believe it started just yesterday.

[He is pouring himself some blood]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: Blood is life for vamps and humans alike. It warms us and thrills us. Helps us heal. But vamps will always be jealous of the living. Like renters versus owners. You can make your own blood. We've got to beg, borrow or work it into the budget.

BETH ON TV: Day 16 of the murder trial of arms dealer Amir Fayed brought few surprises and no real progress for prosecutor Joshua Lindsey. Fayed is accused of murdering Jack Toland, an associate who is later revealed to be a police informant. Since the federal racketeering case fell apart last fall, Deputy D.A. Lindsey says that this murder trial maybe the last chance to bring this monster to justice. But the defence has painted a solid picture of Fayed as a diplomat, philanthropist and most importantly, an innocent man...

[Beth and Josh are lying on the bed.]

BETH ON TV: ...With reasonable doubt running high, Lindsey will have his hands full this Monday, as the trial nears its end. This is Beth Turner for BuzzWire.

JOSH: You're confidence in me is overwhelming.

BETH: I think I was overcompensating with the dry and factual. I was afraid I would start babbling about how hot you are.

JOSH: Uhuh.

BETH: So, what do you have cooked up for Monday?

JOSH: What are you talking about?

BETH: Please. All the late night calls, the cat that ate the canary smile?

JOSH: Maybe I'm cheating on you.

BETH: Who would cheat... on this?

JOSH: Good point.

BETH: Come on, I know how you work. You wouldn't be this cool unless you had an ace in the hole.

JOSH. I don't know.

BETH: A secret witness?

JOSH: Yeah, right. Let's tell the reporter all about the secret witness stashed away in a safe house.

[Two officers are playing cards and there is a girl on the couch]

LENI: This place might be safe, but it's never quiet. What's up with all the helicopters?

COLDEN: Crime never sleeps.

LENI: So, we can't either? There's a good DJ spinning down the street. Who wants to go clubbing?

COLDEN: Let me just put my bling on.

LENI: Fine. I'll just read my trashy tabloid, if someone remembered.

COLDEN: You have little faith.

LENI: [walks over to him, takes the magazine from him and kisses him on the cheek, as she also takes his cell phone] Thank you, Officer Colden. Night!

COLDEN: Sleep well.

[Leni goes into the other room and dials a number]

LENI: Hey, it's Leni. Can you talk?


COLDEN: Everybody's got an opinion, you know. Gas, propane. Who cares? I hate barbecuing. Anna's parents, they like that mesquite crap.

NAGAWA: You gotta go with the gasoline.

[There's a knock on the door]

NAGAWA: Who is it?

MAN AT THE DOOR: Oh yeah, hey, my name is Eli. I live down the hall. I'm sorry to bug you guys, but I shelled out for the pay-per-view with Salls and Whitaker and now my cable's gone all wonky. Can you check yours?

NAGAWA: Sorry. [Man at the door shoots through the peeping hole and kills the agent]

COLDEN: Leni, take cover!! Go, go, go!

[Leni flees as Officer Colden is battling the attacker and gets killed]

COLDEN: Go Leni! Go!

[Mick is getting ready to go to sleep]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: Some couples just aren't meant to be together. Take me and Beth. She has a very real boyfriend and well, after Coraline, I have understandable trust issues. Still, when I see it's Beth calling, I always pick up.

MICK: Hello?

BETH: Mick. Hey, it's Beth.

MICK'S VOICE OVER: I hadn't heard from her in a week. Ever since I trusted her with the charming story of how my wife turned me into a vampire on our wedding night.

[Mick has poured two cups of coffee and gives them both to Beth]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: Now Beth wanted to come over.

BETH: Josh...

JOSH: Oh, thanks. I'm sorry about crashing your Sunday morning, but I wouldn't do it if it wasn't an emergency.

MICK: Well, you're here now, so...

JOSH: I know we didn't exactly get off on the right foot. But I've heard good things from Beth.

MICK: I'm glad the buzz is good. What's your point?

JOSH: I wanna hire you to find someone. A witness who's gone missing.

MICK: Don't the cops work for you?

JOSH: They do. And they're running their own investigation, but there's a leak somewhere. And I need someone outside the system to find her. I actually had to drag Beth here. She didn't want me to bother you.

MICK: Okay. Tell me about your witness.

JOSH: Does this mean you'll do it?

MICK: It means I'll listen. Hey, you came to me.

JOSH: Her name is Leni Hayes. She was the nanny for Amir Fayed's daughter.

MICK: The arms dealer?

JOSH: Yeah. She's only 22, but smart. Leni was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She saw Fayed murder one of his guys. Jack Toland. She's been in a safe house in Hollywood for the last month. Last night, they were hit. I need you to find my witness and bring her back to testify.

MICK: Okay.

[Several people are investigating the crime scene]

JOSH: Two cops protecting her were D.O.A.

OFFICER NOVAK: They were good guys. An hour later, and I would have taken over graveyard shift for Nagawa.

MICK: Probably wouldn't use that term today, if I was you.

JOSH: I thought I told you to take the day off today?

NOVAK: I wanna help catch the bastards who did this. And help get Leni back.

JOSH: Then go back to my office and give Kevin your statement.

NOVAK: Who's he?

JOSH: He's none of your business. We think there must have been a couple of shooters.

[Novak leaves]

MICK: There was only one. Smoke makes a good silent partner.

JOSH: We don't think any of this is Leni's blood.

MICK: It's not. There's no oestrogen.

JOSH: Beth said you had an interesting way of working.

MICK: Yeah?

JOSH: She also said it's never boring around you. If the attack came from the front, Leni was instructed to go out through the kitchen service entrance and then down the back stairs.

MICK: But she didn't.

JOSH: What makes you think that?

MICK: There were bullets flying that way.

JOSH: You think she went out the window?

MICK: Yeah. She cut herself on the latch on the way out.

AGENT: Hey sir...

JOSH: Yeah, one second.

[Mick climbs out the window and jumps down]

MICK: She went this way!

[Josh and Beth are talking]

JOSH: This guy's good. Somehow I thought you were exaggerating.

BETH: What did you find inside?

JOSH: Beth... Remember our deal.

BETH: Come on, I waited outside while you walked Mick through the scene.

MICK: Leni's trail ends at a spot just past that dumpster. The freshest tire tracks show something big. A truck, SUV...

JOSH: Officer Colden drove a truck.

MICK: Well, can you put an APB out on it?

JOSH: Better yet, I'll get a low-jack. I'll get a warrant for the records.

MICK: We're running out of time here.

JOSH: It's the best I can do. Look, I gotta get back to my office. Keep me informed.

[Josh kisses Beth on the cheek and leaves]

MICK: Yeah.

BETH: A warrant's gonna take too long.

MICK: Tell me something I don't know.

BETH: [On the phone] Steve, it's Beth. I need you to tap into the low-jack system. Find me the current location of a truck registered to Richard Colden.

[Mick and Beth are walking down the street as a car is being towed]

MICK: Okay, she steals the cop's truck to get away, but why would Leni come here? There's no record of friends or family to hide out with.

BETH: Dalton Avenue sounds so familiar. I think I've covered a story here once.

MICK: So, what's your deal with Josh?

BETH: Oh, we've been together for a while. He's smart, funny...

MICK: No. No, no, I meant your deal from the alley.

BETH: Oh, right. Quid pro quo. He's really worried about this leak. Thinks his calls are being tapped. I'm a clean line of communication with you.

MICK: So, what's in it for you?

BETH: The story of Leni's safe recovery.

MICK: Sounds like a conflict of interest to me.

BETH: Post-verdict, it's all legal. Hey, I've been covering my boyfriend's cases long before I met you.

BETH: So, how long can you stay outside? Like, how much sun is too much?

MICK: Any is too much.

BETH: You're a delicate flower, Mick St. John.

MICK: Don't you have a job or something?

BETH. Yes. Today it's following you.

MICK: After last time, what with the incinerator and the stakes in the heart, I wasn't sure if I was gonna see you again.

BETH: It was a lot to process, but I'm glad you told me about your wife turning you and...

MICK: Yeah. I think this is it.

BETH: Whose house is this?

MICK: I don't know. I think Leni knew where the spare key was. Hold that.

BETH: Why would Leni come here?

MICK: To clean herself up. And to get some protection.

BETH: Okay. So, the mystery owner has a gun, bandages, sub-par housecleaning skills... Mick! This is Jack Toland's house.

MICK: The guy Fayed's accused of killing? I didn't know Leni knew him.

BETH: Nobody did. Not even Josh. Leni was his witness. Why would she hide something like this?

[Mick is looking through some photos and finds some of Leni and Jack]

MICK: Look's like they're in love.

BETH: If that were true, maybe she kept it a secret so her testimony wouldn't seem biased.

MICK: Let me see that. 164 Las Cruces Lane. It's in Victorville. Fingers crossed. [He redials the last number on the telephone]

WOMAN: Rapid Trek Busline.

MICK: Yeah, can I have the times for all the LA-Victorville busses today, please?

WOMAN: One moment, please.

MICK: Yeah. Thank you. [He hangs up] Well, this is where we go our separate ways.

BETH: Oh. Why can't I go with you?

MICK: Because this girl is scared and she has a gun. Besides, you're my contact to Josh, remember?

BETH: I know. It's just that being on the hunt with you is kinda fun.

MICK: Yeah. It's a giant thrill ride that never ends. You know, sometimes, it does end. In terrible screams and bloodshed.

BETH: Still. We make a good team.

[A bus pulls up and Leni gets off the bus and goes to a soda machine, passing by Mick, who is leaning against a car. She is fumbling with the bill]

MICK: Try this one. I'll swap you.

LENI: Thanks. You got a problem?

MICK: No, but you do. Leni.

[Leni draws a gun and points it at Mick]

LENI: Who are you?

MICK: I'm Mick St. John. I'm a private detective. Josh Lindsey hired me to get you back to L.A. safely.

LENI: Well, I'm not going back.

MICK: I'm here to protect you.

LENI: Yeah, that's what the cops said.

MICK: Listen, you gotta trust me.

[A bus pulls up and scares Leni. She accidentally pulls the trigger and shoots Mick]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: When I get shot, it still hurts like hell. But I know it won't last for long.

MICK: I'm okay. You missed me.

LENI: I've never even fired a gun before! My boyfriend always said I should learn, but...

MICK: Your boyfriend?

LENI: Just in case.

MICK: Jack Toland? I've been to his house. I know you two were involved.

LENI: So, I'm supposed to trust you?

MICK: If I wanted to kill you, you'd be dead. I just wanna talk. You hungry? Okay. Come on. Come on in.

[Josh and Beth are talking]

BETH: Mick seems pretty confident he can get the jump on her.

JOSH: Seems like he can get the jump on just about anyone.

[Officer Kevin walks in]

KEVIN: Josh, I just got this... Beth! Hey! When are you gonna dump this stiff and run away with me?

BETH: Oh, I think one D.A. is enough for me.

KEVIN: Ah, but you'll always wonder if it's the right one.

JOSH: You get anything from the call log?

KEVIN: 10.30 last night, Officer Richard Colden called a cell phone paid for by none other than Amir Fayed.

JOSH: Are you serious? Colden called the hit on his own safe house?

KEVIN: Yeah. I reckon dirty cop on the take. I doubt he expected to be part of the body count. Looks like our leak was plugged.

JOSH: If Colden was our leak.

KEVIN: You think there's more on the force?

JOSH: I don't know. But either way, I wanna follow up on the cell phone call. [On the phone] Yeah, hi. This is Deputy D.A. Lindsey for Judge Howard. I need a warrant. Yes. I know he's on the course.

KEVIN: I'll get back up. I'll meet you out front in five.

JOSH: Make sure he gets back to me. I need this today.

[Mick is outside getting a soda]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: When I get thirsty, I start to see blood everywhere. Even that damned tomato juice made me think that maybe I had found a vamp-friendly vending machine.

LENI: Thank you.

MICK: So, why were you working for Fayed anyway?

LENI: I was his daughter's nanny. It's not Mara's fault her dad is a sociopath.

MICK: What happened?

LENI: I went downstairs to get Mara a glass of water and I heard shouting. It was the night Mr. Fayed found out that Jack was talking to the cops. Fayed just lost it. Right there in the living room. He just shot Jack. I couldn't even scream. It was like I was frozen.

MICK: Probably saved your life.

LENI: Oh, I see what you're doing. Trying to be all friendly. All 'you can talk to me'. I already told you, I'm not testifying.

MICK: You went to the D.A. You wanted to testify. You cared so much about this guy. Don't you wanna see some justice for him?

LENI: Jack. This guy, his name is Jack! And I got him killed. [She walks off and Mick follows her]

MICK: Hey, I'm sorry.

LENI: He's not just some thug. He was a good guy, trying to go straight.

MICK: For you.

LENI: Yeah. For me.

MICK'S VOICE OVER: A human heartbeat is always there in the background. But I finally understood the strange echo I'd been hearing. A smaller, faster heartbeat.

MICK: You're protecting the baby.

LENI: How did you know I'm pregnant?

MICK: It makes sense. You ran, instead of calling Josh, because you knew that it wasn't just your life that you were risking anymore. Right?

[Police cars pull up]

BODYGUARD: The guard at the gate should have told you, Mr Fayed isn't home.

JOSH: Well, if he isn't, he is violating the terms of his parole. We've got a warrant.

[Beth is using her phone and there is a little girl playing with crayons]

BETH: Hi! [Her phone rings] Hello?

MICK: Beth, it's Mick. I'm with Leni.

BETH: Oh, thank God. She was in Victorville.

MICK: Yeah, she's scared, but I think she's gonna let me bring her back.

BETH: Why wouldn't she wanna come back?

MICK: She's pregnant.

BETH: Oh. You gotta handle her carefully, Mick. Reassure her.

MICK: Yeah, it's not really my forte, but I'll try.

BETH: Okay, I'll get Josh. Josh...

JOSH: He got her?

BETH: Yes.

JOSH: Mick. Okay. Sit tight. I'm wanna have a local cop escort you guys in. What do you think?

KEVIN: Yeah, yeah, worked on a case with them last year, they're good men.

JOSH: Okay. Victorville PD will be there within the hour.

MICK: An hour? You know what, I don't need an escort, okay? I'm better on my own.

JOSH: That wasn't a request. Mick?

[Leni walks into the bathroom and Mick follows her]

MICK: You okay?

LENI: Yeah, ah, I'm almost three months in. I heard it gets better.

MICK: It's all gonna get better.

LENI: You got kids?

MICK: No. No, I don't.

LENI: Well, if it's a boy, maybe I'll call him Mick.

MICK: You should call him 'Jack'. Jack's a good name.

LENI: I want justice for Jack, but...

MICK: Look at me. You come with me, and I'll protect you both. I promise. Okay?

LENI: Okay.

MICK: Let's go.

[Josh instructs his men to search the premises]

FAYED: My lawyer's on his way.

JOSH: MBA from Stanford. I figured you could read a simple warrant.

FAYED: It's not bad enough you torment me in court, now you invade my home on a Sunday?

JOSH: Oh. It's more like visiting day in San Quentin.

FAYED: Cell phone records. What is this?

JOSH: We're investigating a suspicious call made to your cell phone.

FAYED: A cell phone I pay for. There are dozens. My family, my staff, my associates.

JOSH: How about we get your associate's cell phones out here on the table right now?

FAYED: And what will that prove?

JOSH: Maybe nothing. Maybe a lot. Ringers on, fellas.

[Cut to outside]

BETH: Hey. You're Mara, right?

BETH: I'm Beth, a friend of Leni's.

MARA: I miss Leni. She used to take me to the beach.

BETH: Well, she's safe.

MARA: I know.

BETH: How do you know she's safe?

MARA: I'm not supposed to say. If my dad found out... He's really mad at her.

BETH: Oh, that's okay. I won't tell your dad, I promise.

[Cut to inside. Josh is dialling a number, but none of the phones go off. Outside, Mara's phone is ringing]

BETH: Did Leni call you last night?

MARA: It was my birthday.

BETH: Can I see your cell phone?

MARA: Yeah.

BETH: Thank you. Josh, it's me. Don't say anything, just come outside. Officer Colden didn't call this number. Leni did.

[A police car pulls up]

VOICE: [on the police radio] All units, squad car 18 reported stolen.

[The attacker from the motel walks in, dressed in a police outfit and looks around]

OFFICER: Mick St. John? I'm Officer Clark, Victorville PD. I'm supposed to give you an escort back to L.A.

MICK: I told the D.A. I didn't need an escort.

OFFICER: I just know what I was told.

MICK: Must be hot in that jacket.

OFFICER: I never get hot.

MICK: Cold as ice, huh?

OFFICER: Something like that. Your girl ready to go?

MICK: Yeah, she's resting up in the ladies' room. I'll get her. You know what, she's a little overwhelmed at the moment. Why don't you wait here?


[Josh and Beth are walking to the car]

JOSH: You telling me Leni used the cop's phone to call the little girl?

BETH: Yeah. A phone her dad pays for.

JOSH: So, that call had nothing to do with the safe house getting hit.

BETH: Which means there's still a leak.

JOSH: Call Mick. Tell him to get Leni out of there!

BETH: I tried. The call won't go through.

[The officer is pacing around nervously and goes to check in the ladies room to find it empty.]

OFFICER: Excuse me?

[The police car is speeding off. The officer grabs his phone and starts dialling]

[Mick and Leni are speeding down a road]

LENI: What's going on? Why did we steal a cop car?

MICK: To put miles between us. Dammit. Still no signal.

LENI: Miles between who?

MICK: Us and the guys sent to kill you.

LENI: What? How did he find us?

MICK: Doesn't matter. Now it's about losing him.

[A helicopter is chasing them]

LENI: What?

MICK: You had to piss of an arms dealer, didn't you?

[The helicopter launches a rocket at the car]

LENI: Look out!!

MICK: Hold on! Get out! Get out! Shut the door.

[They both jump out as the car speeds off. They watch as another rocket hits the car, causing it to explode. The helicopter leaves]

MICK: Great! Are you okay?

LENI: Yeah, just a little freaked out. Are you okay?

MICK: Yeah, will be as soon as we get out of here.

LENI: The police. Do you think we can still trust them?

MICK: We're probably gonna regret this, but we're not gonna stick around to find out. Come on. [The walk into the desert]

[Josh is on the phone]

JOSH: Thanks.

BETH: Well?

JOSH: That was Victorville PD. On the way to the bus station, they found a fresh accident scene. Apparently, Mick and Leni stole a police cruiser. They were attacked. Looks like they're dead.

BETH: Dead? There must be some mistake.

JOSH: The car was in flames. It was too hot to get even close. Sorry. Are you okay?

BETH: You got a big problem. Mick didn't talk to anyone but you and I.

JOSH: Are you suggesting that I'm the leak?

BETH: I'm saying that someone on your team is responsible and you should find out who!

[Mick and Leni are walking in the heat]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: When I was still human, I survived the Battle of the Bulge. Six weeks in a trench in the Ardennes. Coldest winter I'd have ever felt. My buddy lost a foot to frostbite. I thought that was hell. I was wrong.

LENI: You look dehydrated. Do you wanna stop for a while?

MICK: We can't.

[She walks in and moves to the couch and starts crying]

[Mick and Leni are still walking]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: A vampire's survival instincts are simple: if you're dying, you need blood. Doesn't matter that I had sworn to protect Leni and her baby. If I can't get blood any other way, I'll have to feed on her. I won't be able to stop myself.

LENI: Mick! Look!

[Mick and Leni enter a room]

LENI: Uhm, maybe you should lie down? Mick?

[Mick is taking of his jacket, breathing heavily]

MICK: Find the ice machine. Please go, go. Go!

[Mick enters the bathroom and turns on the water in the bathtub as Leni goes to get ice]

[Leni has found the ice machine and uses a bigger bucket to put ice in]

[Mick half stumbles into the tub, breathing heavily. The water is freezing and he is shaking. Leni enters with the ice and Mick motions for her to pour it in the bathtub]

LENI: Ice. I raided the mini-bar. For you.


LENI: We have to get you to a hospital. This is not just regular dehydration. Something is seriously wrong.

MICK: No hospitals. Just keep trying to get a signal. Call the number I gave you. Ask for Beth. Just talk to her. Only Beth.

LENI: Who is she?

MICK: I trust her.

LENI: Hey, is she your girlfriend?

MICK: No. It's complicated.

LENI: Is there anything else I can do? Mick?

MICK: Please. You must leave.

LENI: No. I wanna stay here with you.

MICK: Call Beth. Go. Go!

[Beth is sitting on the couch, still crying as her phone rings]

BETH: Beth Turner.

LENI: Hi. It's Leni Hayes.

BETH: Are you okay?

LENI: Yeah.

BETH: Is Mick alright? Can you put him on the line?

LENI: Uhm, Mick's not doing too good. We had to walk a couple miles to get to this old motel and... it was hot. Really hot.

BETH: But he's alive?

LENI: Yes. He's alive?

BETH: Tell me where you are.

[Leni enters]

LENI: Mick? I spoke to Beth. She's coming. Mick? Mick? [Mick bites her as Leni cries out]


LENI: Mick? Did you hear me? Beth's coming!

MICK: Get out! Get out, Leni! Get out, now!

[Shot of Beth being in the bathroom with Mick. He bites her neck]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: What do you get when you put a vampire in the desert? Maybe no more vampire.

[Josh is having Chinese food]

KEVIN: You wanna see us?

JOSH: Yeah, come in!

NOVAK: We just heard from Lieutenant Weatherly that the cruiser was nuked? But there no signs of bodies inside.

JOSH: I know. Beth just talked to them. Our witness is safe.

NOVAK: That's great!

JOSH: Victorville PD will baby-sit tonight, bring her in first thing tomorrow. St. John is giving them a debrief of what happened.

NOVAK: What the hell did happen?

[Beth enters]

BETH: Leni, I'm Beth.

LENI: You have to help him.

BETH: Where is he?

LENI: In here. I think he's dying.

BETH: Stay here. Mick! Mick! Mick! Stay with me! Stay with me! Mick? You're burning up.

MICK: I bit her. I'll die before I feed on her.

BETH: Mick, Leni's in the other room. She's fine.

MICK: I guess, I guess I am a delicate flower.

BETH: I guess you are.

MICK: Take Leni back. Get her out of here. He's coming.

BETH: I'm not leaving.

MICK: You have to protect her now.

BETH: You're dying! I don't know how to do this. But I know you need it, so-

MICK: No. Get out. Get out!

BETH: You need blood.

MICK: No. Not yours.

BETH: Look...

MICK: Not like this.

BETH: I want to do this.

MICK'S VOICE OVER: What do you do, when the one thing you need to save your life, is the one thing that will make life unbearable?

BETH: I know you won't kill me and I know you won't try to turn me, either. I've got this vampire friend who's been explaining this stuff.

MICK: At some point, you're going to have to stop me. [Mick bites down on Beth's arm and drinks her blood]

[It's dark and a car pulls up. The officer from before is driving and spots Beth's car parked outside the motel]

[Both officers walk out of his office. Josh nods to another officer who follows Novak. Officer Kevin is at his desk and takes out his phone to make a call]

KEVIN: Victorville PD, till 0600 tomorrow.

JOSH: You want the address?

KEVIN: Josh, man! I, I can explain.

JOSH: Really? 'Cause it looks like you just dialled one of the numbers Fayed pays for.

KEVIN: Look man, I got in a little bit over my head. You know, March madness... This guy came to me and he told me he could get me a clear slate

[Josh punches him out]

KEVIN: We're friends, man.

JOSH: That just makes it worse.

[Beth enters the main room, closing the bathroom door behind her. She has a towel wrapped around her wrist]

BETH: Leni?

[The officer from before steps from the shadows and grabs Beth from behind. He points a gun at her and has a hand over her mouth]

OFFICER: Scream and you're dead. Scream and you're dead. Where's the girl?

[Mick breaks the door and twists the guy's neck through it, killing him. Beth falls to the floor as Mick steps into the room]

MICK: Are you okay?

[Leni enters the room]

LENI: Mick, are you okay?

MICK: I feel better.

BETH ON TV: In the Jack Toland murder case, Deputy D.A. Josh Lindsey confirmed that it was the testimony of Fayed's nanny, Leni Hayes, that clenched the trial.

[Beth is sitting on the bed as Josh enters]

JOSH ON TV: Charges are also being brought against Fayed for the brutal safe house murders of two L.A.P.D. officers...

JOSH: Good guys win, the day is saved. You know the rest. How's the arm?

BETH: O-okay. It's all my fault. I'm such a klutz.

JOSH: Lucky thing you're so good looking. Listen I'm... I'm sorry about before. When you thought Mick was dead, I... I wasn't very understanding.

BETH: I didn't mean to accuse you. I was just upset.

JOSH: All worked out okay. We make a pretty good team, don't ya think?

[Mick is sitting with his back to the door. He hears something and walks to the door. Beth knocks on the door as Mick watches her on the screen, but doesn't open. They both lean to the door]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: Maybe it was her blood in my veins that let me feel her. The beating of her very living heart. Or maybe, we've always been connected. Either way, being near me, puts her in danger. So, it has to stop.



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Moonlight 1X12
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Moonlight 1X11
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Moonlight 1X1
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