Moonlight 1X8

2009-04-09 アップロード · 1,483 視聴

1.08 - 12:04 AM

Written by: Jill Blotevogel
Directed by: Dennis Smith
Transcribed by: Lovecat

[Mick is cleaning a wound, there's a bullet in him]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: I get shot. Occupational hazard. And even though I don't have to worry about lead poisoning, there is maintenance to be done. Aside from silver buckshot, vampires can actually just leave a bullet in. Bullets, shrapnel, it doesn't matter. But try getting through a metal detector with that in you. Our skin reforms - perfect. Clean slate. But those old wounds, they still ache sometimes.

[He hears Beth speaking from the computer. She's doing a story]

BETH: In an internet news exclusive BuzzWire is one of only five...

MICK'S VOICE OVER: You humans have your own coping mechanisms when something goes wrong. Some of you obsess, some become vengeful.

BETH: Charismatic cult leader and mass murderer Donovan Shepherd's long stay on death row comes to an end in just 20 minutes...

MICK'S VOICE OVER: And of course, some of you block the whole thing out.

[Beth is there doing the story. There's a crowd of people behind her protesting]

BETH: Officials had hoped that staging the execution at midnight would reduce the number of
clashing death penalty protestors. More importantly, the number of what Shepherd calls his "family".

[Beth approaches a man]

BETH: D.A. Quinlan, do you feel that justice is being served tonight?

D.A. QUINLAN: Absolutely. This man ruined a lot of lives. Hopefully, his death will provide some closure.

BETH: Why are none of the people Shepherd calls his "family" being admitted into the chamber?

D.A. QUINLAN: The law doesn't recognize a bunch of fanatics as family members, only relatives of the victims of Shepherd's rampage, including the lone survivor, a brave young woman named Audrey Pell.

BETH: Thank you.

[The D.A. leaves, Beth turns back to the camera]

BETH: It was Ms. Pell's testimony that sealed Shepherd's fate. She was only 10 years old when she hid in a closet and watched him murder six people, including her parents.

[Beth is signing in and sees Audrey Pell]

BETH: Ms. Pell? I'm Beth Turner.

AUDREY: I'm not giving any interviews.

BETH: Oh, I just-I just wanted to see if you were okay.

AUDREY: I don't even know if I can watch.

BETH: Does it feel like justice?

AUDREY: Yes. I want Shepherd gone from this earth for good.

[The warden comes in]

WARDEN: Thank you all for being here. I know this is difficult, but I just wanna lay out what's going to happen now. Mr. Shepherd should be done with his last meal by now, and he'll be given a chance to pray.

[Cut to Shepherd lying down in his cell. His food is untouched. A priest is let in by the guards]

PRIEST: It's time, my son.

[Cut to Shepherd walking to the chamber with the guards. They put him in his position with the curtains still shut. Beth sees that Audrey is troubled and goes to sit next to her]

BETH: Excuse me.

[They open the curtains. Audrey looks into Shepherd's eyes and remembers what happened]

[Audrey's hiding in a closet and Shepherd finds her]

SHEPHERD: Hello, sweetheart. I see you.

[Beth puts her hand on Audrey's]

BETH: He can't hurt you anymore.

WARDEN: Mr. Shepherd will now be allowed his final words.

SHEPHERD: Power can lead a man down a dangerous path. It can blind him to things like reason, kindness, mercy. I've had many years to think about my actions, my choices, things I've done. I don't regret a bit of it. I seek no forgiveness, just the blood of those who crossed me. And you know who you are. I will live on, and you... will die screaming my name.

[They push the button and Shepherd is injected]

[Shepherd's followers are watching Beth's report]

BETH: Donovan Shepherd died by lethal injection at 12:04 A.M. His final words were no benediction. "I seek no forgiveness, just the blood of those who crossed me. I will live on, and you will die screaming my name."

[Beth and Audrey leave the prison and are being photographed by Shepherd's followers]

[Beth and Audrey are coming in]

AUDREY: Oh, this is lovely. Are you sure this is okay? You barely know me, and I could just call someone that I know.

BETH: At five in the morning? Don't be silly. You don't wanna be on your own tonight.


BETH: So just make yourself at home, okay?

AUDREY: Thank you so much.

[Audrey's cell phone rings]

AUDREY: Hello?

MALE VOICE: Hello, sweetheart. I see you.

[Audrey hangs up. She looks outside the window and sees the silhouette of a man. A truck passes in front of him and then he's gone]

BETH: Audrey, are you okay?

AUDREY: Shepherd. Beth, I saw him! He was out there!

BETH: Honey, there's no one there.

[It's morning and Beth and Audrey are talking]

AUDREY: Donovan Shepherd was out there. You believe me, right?

BETH: Audrey, we saw him die. Look, you got an untraceable phone call from some idiot who freaked you out.

AUDREY: No. He said the exact words he used 14 years ago. "Hello, sweetheart. I see you." I never told anyone he said that to me, not even at the trial. That means it had to be him, right?

BETH: Maybe not. You've heard of post-traumatic stress, right?

AUDREY: Oh, it's not my imagination.

BETH: No, I'm not saying it is, but maybe seeing Shepherd at the execution brought back memories and made you hear those things.

AUDREY: You sound like you know something about it.

BETH: Well, we have more in common than you think. I was kidnapped when I was 4. I don't remember much, not faces. But I-I do have dreams...and, uh, flashes. Sometimes they can seem very real.

AUDREY: So you keep reliving your past?

BETH: More like I block it out. It's the only way I can keep sane.

AUDREY: I just... I wanna feel safe.

[Mick is coming in with Beth and Audrey]

MICK: Come on in. Well, it sounds like you guys had a pretty rough night, huh? What makes you think I can help?

BETH: Well, I realized she might have actually seen someone out there. Shepherd has a lot of followers. If you'd have seen the guys outside the prison-

MICK: I watched your report. It certainly was a rainbow coalition of psychos.

[Mick goes to the computer and accesses the BuzzWire website]

BETH [on the website]: It's chaos here as police escort witnesses inside...

BETH: See the guys with the infinity scars?

MICK: Yeah.

BETH: They call themselves Shepherd's "family".

MICK: So have any of these guys bothered you in the past?

AUDREY: There were always crank calls and letters, online stuff, usually when Shepherd was up for parole, but no one has ever followed me home before.

MICK: Hey, it's okay. I'm going to look into this, okay?

AUDREY: Thank you.

MICK: Okay.

[Audrey's cell phone rings]

AUDREY: It's my grandmother. Everyone's worried like I'm made of glass. Excuse me.

BETH: Its alright.

MICK: Go ahead.

BETH: She's gonna stay with me tonight until we know what's going on.

MICK: She's really gotten under your skin, hasn't she?

BETH: Yeah. There's something in her eyes. It's like she hasn't had a decent night's sleep for 14 years. I could have been her, you know, after the kidnapping.

MICK: You're a survivor, Beth.

BETH: Yeah, but it's ironic. Audrey's demon was in prison, and she never felt safe. The police never found the woman who took me, but somehow I always felt safe.

MICK: So about tonight, uh, I can park outside your house, keep an eye out. I am a night person, after all.

BETH: No, I'll be okay.

MICK: Okay. I'm gonna start online, check out Shepherd's "family".

[Beth's cooking and talking to Audrey in the kitchen]

AUDREY: So how do you know Mick?

BETH: Uh, we worked on a case together a couple of months ago, and, uh, we kinda stayed in touch.

AUDREY: And there's nothing going on there? I only ask because I noticed the extra toothbrush in the bathroom.

BETH: Oh, that's Josh's.

AUDREY: And he's your boyfriend?

BETH: Yeah. Things are a little...iffy right now. He's out of town. I've kind of been, uh, distracted.

[Beth's cell phone rings. Audrey hands it to her]

AUDREY: Oh, it's BuzzWire again.

BETH: I'll call them later.

AUDREY: Beth, I don't wanna get you in trouble with your work. If you need to go in, please go, I'll be fine. I'll veg out, watch "Pride & Prejudice" again.

BETH: Okay, well, I just have to post the execution follow-up, pick up a couple of photos, and
I'll be back about 10.

AUDREY: Get out of here.

BETH: See ya.


[He's doing research on his computer]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: Donovan Shepherd was big for a while. He had the grunge charm of Kurt Cobain and the media savvy of Donald Trump. A lot of people thought he was the voice of a generation. It's too bad he went Manson in the end. Irony is, even after being executed for murdering six people, he's more popular than ever.

[Audrey is getting in the shower]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: A lot of lost souls took Shepherd's call for blood seriously-family values at its worst. 1050 Ventana was the address of the '93 massacre. It was also the username of someone who posted unlisted information on the D.A, the judge, every jury member...and Beth's address. Where Audrey's staying.

[Audrey gets out of the shower and sees the words "SCREAM MY NAME" written in the bathroom mirror. She tries the phone but it's not working. She gets a knife. A man appears from behind]

MAN: I'm back.

AUDREY: No! You're dead!

[Mick shows up and pins him to the floor]

MICK: Who the hell are you?

[Cut to Audrey and Beth sitting on the couch]

AUDREY: That's not the same guy I saw outside.

BETH: It's gotta be. I'd pick him out of a line-up for Shepherd. He's even got the scar. Shouldn't we call the police?

[They hear the man screaming from the other room]

BETH: Uh, I think Mick wanted to talk to him alone.

[Cut to the bathroom]

MAN: You can't do this. I have rights.

MICK: Yeah? You broke into a private home. I have the right to shoot you. I'm still considering that option.

MAN: You're not a cop.

MICK: That's right, so I don't have to fill out paperwork in triplicate when I kick your ass again. Did you follow them home after the execution and call Audrey?

MAN: No.

MICK: Do you know Whose web site is that?

MAN: A prophet doing Shepherd's work. Go ahead. Put me in jail. Others will come, continue the work, and she'll die.

[Mick grabs his nose and starts crunching it]

MICK: You call your troops off.

MAN: I wouldn't know how! You'll never know the love that Shepherd teaches - the loyalty!

MICK: So enlighten me.

MAN: Soon you can see for yourself. One of the biggest producers in town is a friend of Shepherd's. He's gonna make a movie!

MICK'S VOICE OVER: Sometimes I hate living in Hollywood.

[Mick drives up to the house]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: I thought about being an actor back in the '70s, but I think I really just wanted to be Steve McQueen. There is a difference. Producer's name was Jerry Drake. I guess he's a big deal, but I don't really read the trades.

[A woman opens the door]

MICK: Hi. Is Mr. Drake here, please?

WOMAN: Maybe. Do you have an appointment?

MICK: You can tell him I came all the way from 1050 Ventana to see him.

WOMAN: Follow me.

MICK: Boy, too bad he couldn't afford the place with a view, huh?

WOMAN: Do you want something to drink?

MICK: No, thank you.

JERRY: Horrible what happened on Ventana drive. It's funny how one tragedy can ruin a word forever. "Ventana" just means "window" in Spanish.

MICK: And a "columbine" used to just be a flower.

JERRY: So, Mr. St.John, my time is money. I know a lot of people say that, but I actually had my accountant run the numbers. You're ten grand in the hole.

MICK: Wow, and me without my check book. I'm interested in your Donovan Shepherd biopic. "Variety" said that you guys were friends, but I don't see those pictures on the wall.

JERRY: Oh, we used to hang out in the eighties. Donny was fun. Then, uh, I got a movie
set up, and he got crazy.

MICK: So were you friends to the end?

JERRY: Enough to get him on the phone when I heard he was recording his memoirs from prison.

MICK: I thought killers couldn't profit from selling their stories.

[Mick picks up a sword]

JERRY: You don't wanna touch that.

MICK: This feels real. Is this from that, uh, sword and sandals thing that you did?

JERRY: "Sparta."

MICK: "Sparta." That's it.

JERRY: Yeah. Still the highest opening weekend for a March non-sequel release. Look...Donny didn't profit from anything. That $800,000 went into a survivors' fund, and buying his story was just good business.

MICK: So is inciting people to murder a part of that good business?

[Mick shows him a screen shot from the 1050 Ventana website]

MICK: You didn't hide your I.P. address as well as you thought.

JERRY: Guess I should've hired the web guy from M.I.T.

MICK: No, you encouraged those fanatics, and last night one of them attacked Audrey Pell.

JERRY: Is she all right?

MICK: What do you care? Her murder would make a better ending to your biopic, right?

JERRY: I did nothing illegal. Maybe we could find a part for you in the movie.

MICK: How about this? Anything happens to Audrey, and your story is gonna have a whole different ending. And I don't think you'll like it.

[Mick walks out]

WOMAN: You must be something special. He never has me hold calls.

MICK: Is that drink still on offer?

WOMAN: It's always on until it's off. Wait right here.

MICK: Okay.

[Mick looks through the mail, finds an envelope and runs off]

WOMAN: Damn.

[Beth and Audrey are walking down a hallway]

BETH: Are you positive you're up for this?

AUDREY: Yeah. Shepherd's gone, but I still feel like I'm losing it. If one of these mug shots is the guy I saw, then maybe I can finally get some closure.

WOMAN: Hey, Beth. How are you?

BETH: Good.

WOMAN: I think I've got everything we need.

BETH: Is the D.A. ready for us?

WOMAN: I just got back. Let me check.

[She opens the door and the room is trashed. The words "NO FORGIVENESS" are written on the wall in blood. The woman screams]

BETH: Oh, my God.

AUDREY: He's back.

BETH: Audrey, he's not.

AUDREY: No! Shepherd loves to set the scene. This is how he would do it.

BETH: If he were alive, but he's not. We just watched him die, remember?


[He's listening to tapes that were in the envelope]

SHEPHERD'S VOICE: If I have done my work wisely and well, my story will have no final chapter. Father Garza has told me time and again that it's never too late to change. I say it's never too late to find a way to finish the work I started.

[The police are there]

LT. CARL: Nobody saw or heard anything.

BETH: But all this blood...

LT. CARL: Yeah, and there's no sign of a body. You know, I really think he's dead.

BETH: What do you think is going on?

LT. CARL: I think that Shepherd's family is more loyal than we ever thought, and they have a sick sense of irony. The D.A. got special permission to keep some trial mementos in his trophy case. One of them was the knife Shepherd used in the Ventana murders.


LT. CARL: Yeah.

[Beth's cell phone rings]

BETH: Hey.

MICK: We got a real problem.

BETH: I know. The D.A.'s gone missing. He's probably dead.

MICK: Well, he won't be the last. Where are you?

BETH: I'm headed for BuzzWire.

MICK: I'll see you there.

[Mick and Beth are walking in]

BETH: Shepherd's fingerprints were on the bloody knife, but the cops assumed they were old, reserved from the original crime.

MICK: Yeah, I'm not so sure. Listen to this. Shepherd's memoirs were mostly messianic ramblings, but a couple of days before the execution, everything changed.

[Mick plays Beth the tape]

SHEPHERD'S VOICE: Like Saul on the road to Damascus, I've seen the light and been given a choice. Death is just a horizon, and I will rise like the sun. Blood is the key to death's locked door.

BETH: Blood is the key? Is that about-

MICK: Yeah, becoming a vampire. I didn't even consider it. I mean, a vamp couldn't survive long in prison. There's constant supervision, there's no access to blood.

BETH: So it's not possible?

MICK: It is possible if it happened right before the execution.

BETH: So how do you start a manhunt for a dead man?

MICK: You verify the "dead" part.

[Mick is breaking in and walks into the morgue]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: An executed man's body is held in the prison morgue for ten days. If Shepherd's turned vamp, I'll find an empty drawer. Okay. We've got a body. And I found the D.A.. Shepherd's risen, all right, and he's pissed.

[Mick is walking in with Beth and Audrey]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: When most guys have house guests, the checklist is obvious. Anything moldy in the fridge? Any private magazines left out? For me, it's a little more complicated.

MICK: The windows and doors are all reinforced. The locks are 10-inch steel strike dead bolts. There's electronic surveillance on the front door, so you'll be safe. You'll have to excuse the mess, I wasn't expecting company.

BETH: This is really nice of you.

MICK: Ah, mi casa es su casa. That's Spanish, by the way...for "keep her out of my stuff."

BETH: Do you think she'd be okay with police protection?

MICK: I wouldn't be okay with it. Shepherd's a vampire; he knows what he's doing.

BETH: Finding the D.A.'s dead body at the morgue has made Carl convinced that Shepherd's family is on the rampage.

MICK: Good. Let him think that.

BETH: Why?

MICK: So long as the cops are going after family members, I can hunt Shepherd in peace.

BETH: In peace. Yeah.

MICK: I have to go, but I'll be back. Beth is gonna stay here with you. Now, uh, if you guys get hungry-

BETH: We'll order in.

MICK: I would recommend not going into the office.

BETH: Okay.

MICK: Okay. Or upstairs...or through the gray door.

BETH: Wow, this all sounds so "Alice in Wonderland."

MICK: Beware the bottles that say "drink me," okay?

[Mick is investigating Shepherd's cell]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: His last couple days, Shepherd was on display like a lion at the zoo. It's not the easiest place to turn a guy into a vamp. Had to be someone hiding in plain sight.

MICK: Officer. Mick St. John.


MICK: Yeah. The L.A.P.D.'s stretched pretty thin at the moment, bringing in a couple independents to help with the grunt work.

OFFICER: We already have guys looking at the crowd footage.

MICK: All I know is I'm supposed to watch Shepherd's surveillance, look for any unusual activities. It's probably gonna take a couple of hours, so if you could, uh...thank you very much.

MICK'S VOICE OVER: Vampire visual comprehension is off the charts, so it won't exactly take hours. The priest converted him, all right. Drained him at confession, and turned him at final prayers.

MICK: [on the phone] So the priest turned him. All those hours spent praying were prepping him for vamp life, explaining the bloodlust, how to get through the execution, escape the morgue.

BETH: That explains why he didn't eat his last meal.

MICK: Yeah, well, it wasn't what he was hungry for.

[Audrey is watching TV]

BETH: Anything good on?

AUDREY: Every news channel's got Mr. Quinlan's murder.

BETH: I'm sorry. I know you guys were friends.

AUDREY: We weren't friends, exactly. He was just kind to me after Shepherd killed my parents.

BETH: You were so brave to testify.

AUDREY: Yeah, I testified. Still didn't get Shepherd out of my head. Even now, it's like... it's like I have some horrible connection with him.

BETH: You need to break that tie, or he'll never go away.

AUDREY: Is that what you did when you said you learned how to block out what happened to you?

BETH: Uh, sort of, but I've...I also had something to grab onto. Someone. The man who rescued me, he was fearless.

[Flashes of the night Mick saved Beth]

BETH: It was terrifying, but as long as I was in his arms, I knew I was safe.

AUDREY: Who was it?

BETH: Well...when I was little, I would call him my guardian angel. When I was a teenager, I used to picture whoever I had a crush on. You know, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr.

AUDREY: And all I got was a 60-year-old balding therapist named Bob. Doesn't quite seem fair.

BETH: Well, now you have Mick on your side.

AUDREY: I feel safe with him.

[Mick enters the confession booth]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: Given the complex history of religion and vampires, a church is not where you'd expect a vamp to find sanctuary.

PRIEST: Bless you, my child.

MICK: Forgive me, father, for I have sinned. It's been about 36 years since my last confession.

PRIEST: Well, I'm glad you understand it's never too late.

MICK: Let's hope not. Well, let's see. I cursed and lied to somebody I care about. I'm pretty sure I broke a guy's forearm, too... the radius, the ulna, one of those two.

PRIEST: Physical violence is a sin to be wary of. It's a dangerous stepping-stone to darker deeds.

MICK: And in the past week, I've drunk about 6 pints of human blood.

PRIEST: Who are you?

MICK: I'm the one who wants a confession.

[Mick breaks through the wood with his hand and grabs the priest by the neck]

PRIEST: If this is about Donovan Shepherd, I didn't know what he was going to do.

MICK: When you turn a serial killer, it's not too hard to guess. Where is he now? Where is he now? I can make you talk.

PRIEST: I'll answer your questions if you let me go.

MICK: Why did you do it?

PRIEST: Money. For all their faults, humans got one thing right.

MICK: The $800,000 Drake paid for the memoirs. So the survivors' fund is actually a Swiss bank account in your name.

PRIEST: Cayman Islands, but yes.

MICK: So Shepherd and Drake are still friends?

PRIEST: Actually, Shepherd hates Drake. Really hates him. He was always complaining about how Drake abused their relationship, screwed him over in the press.

[Jerry gets out of the pool and enters the house. Shepherd's waiting for him inside]

SHEPHERD: Oh, Jerry. Was that for me?

JERRY: How... how are you here?

SHEPHERD: You wrote a check, and here I am.

JERRY: Look, Donny, I...

SHEPHERD: Isn't that what you do? Write checks and make people jump? This time, your money brought back the dead.

JERRY: You-you look good.

SHEPHERD: It's been 14 years. Not like you visited or called. Wait, you-you did call, as soon as you wanted something - my life story. I thought I'd come in person, give you a visual aid.

[Shepherd shows his fangs]

JERRY: What are you?

SHEPHERD: Don't be so naive. You make horror movies.

JERRY: Oh, your movie's gonna rock!

[Shepherd slits Drake's throat with a pocket knife and drinks his blood]

[Beth is in his office. She finds one of Mick's shirts and smells it. She then goes to a file cabinet. She finds a file with her name on it. There are pictures of her entire life]

[Mick is breaking in]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: To humans blood just smells coppery, like a jar of pennies. But to a vamp, it's full of smells. The fear felt when it was shed, and the joy of the one who shed it.

[Mick finds Drake's body]

[Beth is putting the pictures back into her file. Her cell phone rings]


MICK: Beth, what's wrong?

BETH: Nothing.

MICK: Is Audrey all right?

BETH: Yeah, she's sleeping. Where are you?

MICK: Jerry Drake's house. He's dead. I think Shepherd's coming after Audrey.

BETH: Do we need to leave?

MICK: No, it's safer there; I'll be back in ten minutes.

MICK'S VOICE OVER: Unfortunately, all that fresh blood in the air sometimes makes it hard to distinguish who's still here.

[Shepherd attacks Mick. They fight and Shepherd throws him off the balcony. He sees Mick's cell phone on the floor and finds Mick's address]

SHEPHERD: Hello, sweetheart. I see you.

[Beth is in his office and Audrey walks in]

AUDREY: Sorry. What are you doing?

BETH: Oh, uh, nothing. I was just, uh...looking for something.

AUDREY: So you and Mick. I know you say you've only known him a few months, but it seems like you've known each other forever.

BETH: Why do you say that?

AUDREY: I don't know, the way he looks at you. Can't explain it.

BETH: Someone needs to.


BETH: Nothing.

AUDREY: Where is he? Have you talked to him?

[Mick is getting up after having fallen down the hill]

MICK: Oh, man!

[He notices his phone is gone]

MICK: Beth!

[Beth and Audrey are in the kitchen]

BETH: I'm trying him again.

[They hear his phone ring]

AUDREY: Sounds like he's back.

[Beth looks at the camera and sees Mick's phone on the hallway floor]

AUDREY: Is it him?

BETH: Stay there.


[Beth and Audrey run into the office]

AUDREY: It's him, isn't it?

[Shepherd shows up at the office window]

SHEPHERD: Audrey! Audrey! Audrey!

[Beth gets Audrey and they go upstairs]

AUDREY: Did he go up or down?

BETH: I don't know.

[Beth dials her cell phone]

BETH: There's someone trying to break in-

[Shepherd flies in from the glass rooftop]


[He grabs Beth]

SHEPHERD: Where's Audrey?

[He throws her on the floor on the glass pieces]

SHEPHERD: Hmm... blood. You don't seem surprised to see me alive.

BETH: I know what you are.

[She tries to attack him with a wooden stake but he holds her by the arm]

SHEPHERD: If you know what I am, why are you fighting when you should be begging? Where is she?

[Beth spits him in the face and Mick shows up and throws Shepherd in the air]

MICK: Get out.

[Beth runs]

SHEPHERD: I thought you were dead.

MICK: Looks like neither one of us is dying easy.

SHEPHERD: Come on. Two vampires and two lovely ladies... in my day we called that a party.

MICK: Yeah, well, I outgrew that phase.

[They fight while Beth and Audrey call the elevator to run. Mick is down and Shepherd goes after them. He stops the elevator door from closing]

SHEPHERD: Hello, sweetheart. I see you.

MICK: Hey!

[Mick shows up from behind and cuts off Shepherd's head]

[Mick is standing there and Beth walks over to him]

MICK: How is she?

BETH: Sleeping.

MICK: What did you tell her?

BETH: As long as Shepherd's gone for good she doesn't need an explanation. But I do. I know who saved me when I was a little girl.

MICK: I think you've known for a while.

BETH: Maybe I have.

MCK: What else do you know?

BETH: That he had to kill a woman he cared about.

MICK: Maybe he would have done that anyway.

BETH: Maybe. But that night he did it to save me.

MICK: How was I supposed to tell you?

BETH: Why did you hide it? Made me think it was my imagination?

[Beth shows him the file that she found]

MICK: You have every right to be angry.

BETH: I'm not angry. I found my guardian angel. I just wished...I just wish he'd talk to me.

MICK: First I murder my wife, and then I stalk you. It just gets better and better, huh?

BETH: No. I could've lived my life in fear, but somehow I always felt safe. And now I know why.

MICK: Now you know why it can never work.

BETH: All I know is ever since I met you I've stopped using the word "never."

[The sun rises and Mick tries to block it out with one hand. Beth helps him by putting her hand on his and kisses him on the cheek. Mick moves back and walks away]



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Moonlight SeasonⅠ

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Moonlight 1X16完
8年前 · 1,461 視聴


Moonlight 1X13
8年前 · 2,074 視聴


Moonlight 1X12
8年前 · 914 視聴


Moonlight 1X11
8年前 · 735 視聴


Moonlight 1X9
8年前 · 910 視聴
Moonlight 1X8
8年前 · 1,483 視聴


Moonlight 1X7
8年前 · 654 視聴


Moonlight 1X6
8年前 · 960 視聴


Moonlight 1X5
8年前 · 1,011 視聴


Moonlight 1X4
8年前 · 1,629 視聴


Moonlight 1X1
8年前 · 3,938 視聴