Moonlight 1X11

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1.11 - Love Lasts Forever

Written by: Josh Pate
Directed by: Paul Holahan
Transcribed by: pinkpaisley

[He is working out]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: The rest of the city goes to sleep and I've just woken up. One of the many attributes that attach a vampire to a life of solitude. There are questions I ask myself that I just don't know how to answer. All these questions surround one uncertainty: how does an immortal handle mortal feelings?

[Lt. Carl and Josh are questioning Chemma Tejada]

LT. CARL: So, right now we got you pinned as a member of the HEM Brotherhood, and got enough on tape to convict you of both trafficking and money-laundering.

JOSH: You wear a wire, I could ask for immunity. You refuse to cooperate, I file formal charges tomorrow.

TEJADA: You do what you gotta do.

JOSH: You're looking at getting out sometime after your daughter's 35th birthday, Mr. Tejada.

TEJADA: And you're looking at a miserable future, if you come after me.

JOSH: This isn't El Salvador.

ATTORNEY: My client has given his answer, gentlemen.

[Josh and Carl leave the interrogation room]

JOSH: Well, that went exactly as expected. And if I'm reading between the lines about my 'miserable future', I'm gonna need some protection. You heard about what happened in La Palma?

CARL: Yeah.

JOSH: He went after a prosecutor.

CARL: No, not the prosecutor. The prosecutor's wife.

JOSH: A judge down there ended up declaring a mistrial.

CARL: I think you're doing the world a favor by moving forward with this. Listen, be careful. They paid rough in El Salvador.

[Josh is walking to a garage and is recording some memo's for later]

JOSH: Your Honor, assent flight risk, I ask that you consider that Mr. Tejada is well known, ranking member of the Hermanos En Muerte gang, commonly referred to as HEM. Which, as you're well aware of, Your Honor...

[Two men on motorcycles follow Josh into the parking garage]

JOSH: thought to be one of the most dangerous in the world. Known for ruthless violence in protecting an extremely well organized trafficking and money-laundering network, that extends to countries, if not continents. Mr. Tejada has refused to cooperate, which indicates he still has ties to this complex network...

[Josh spots the men coming his way and he tries to get in his car, but one of the men hits him several times and Josh falls to the ground. The man holds a gun and throws a picture of Beth on the floor]

MAN: It's not good to accuse innocent men. Remember that.

[The men drive off]

[Mick and Beth are talking]

BETH: So, why did you take Coraline's blood?

MICK: Answers. I think it might be the key to the cure.

BETH: You really hate being a vampire, don't you?

MICK: Hate's a strong word. So yeah, that works.

BETH: It can't be all that bad to live forever. You'll see things when I'm gone, when everyone's gone, that we can't even imagine now.

MICK: Like what?

BETH: Cars that can fly. A diet soda that doesn't suck.

MICK: Yeah, but it's not so fun to experience things alone.

BETH: So, take a vampire-wife then.

MICK: Tried that one. Didn't work out so well. So, you're gonna help me with this or not?

BETH: Why don't you take that to Guillermo and get a toxicology report?

MICK: Not with this one.

BETH: I have a friend, Dr. Lin, at Bionalysis.

MICK: Okay, good. I just think it's better we go outside the vampire nation with this.

BETH: Why?

MICK: Well, vampires like me might see this as a cure, but others might see it as a threat.

BETH: Okay. [Josh walks in] Oh, my God. What happened? Are you okay?

JOSH: You mind if I talk to Beth for a moment? Alone?

MICK: Yeah, sure. No problem. I'm on my way out. I'll see you tomorrow at 10, Bionalysis, okay?

[Mick leaves and Josh sits down]

BETH: What happened?

JOSH: I recuse myself from the Tejada case.

BETH: But you're filing charges against him tomorrow.

JOSH: I was.

BETH: What is going on? [He shows her the photograph] You've been marked.

JOSH: What?

BETH: They'll come after you.

[Cut to bathroom, Josh is cleaning himself up]

BETH: You can't recuse yourself from the trial. It gives out the messages that the D.A.'s intimidated.

JOSH: I know. If I recuse it emboldens the bad guys, noble idea. This is reality. Tejada mutilated a prosecutor's wife in El Salvador.

BETH: That kind of thing does not happen in the US.

JOSH: Tell that to the families of the three DEA agents he supposedly killed in El Centro. Believe me, if it were me that were marked and not you, I'd never step down. Never. But it's not.

BETH: You've spent two years of your life on this case.

JOSH: I know that. But I can't put you at risk.

BETH: It means a lot that you would sacrifice this much for me. Look, if you recuse yourself and the case fails and then Tejada goes on to kill someone else's brother or wife or daughter... You have to stay on this case. It's the right thing to do.

JOSH: I forgot how cute you are when you are crusading.

[They kiss]

[It's morning and Beth and Josh are in bed]

JOSH: I missed you so much.

[Mick is outside, waiting in his car]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: I can't help myself from entertaining the idea of telling Beth how I feel.

[Beth and Josh are in bed, talking]

BETH: I know I haven't been here for you.

JOSH: You're here now. That's all that matters.

[Mick is outside, waiting in his car]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: I hope everything is okay.

[Beth and Josh are in bed, talking]

BETH: I've got caught up in my work.

JOSH: I love that about you. I wouldn't want you to be any different.

[Josh's cell phone rings]

JOSH: Bobby! Yeah, thanks for getting back to me so fast. Listen, I wanna set up a security detail ASAP. Why don't you coordinate this with Lieutenant Carl Davis?

BETH: Hey, wait, if you're gonna do that, I don't want any academy cadets or chain-smoking detectives following me around, okay?

JOSH: Yeah. Yeah.

[There's a knock on the door and Beth goes to answer wearing just a t-shirt]

BETH: What time is it?

MICK: It's an hour after you were supposed to meet me at Bionalysis.

BETH: I am so sorry, I completely lost track of time.

MICK: It's okay. I dropped the sample off with Dr. Lin. She said it's gonna be ready in twenty four hours.

JOSH: No. No excuses, Bobby. I'm serving an arrest warrant today and I need the task squad to have a protection team in place by noon.

MICK: Task squad? Somebody needs police protection?

BETH: Yes. Me. Come in.

[Cut to Mick and Josh talking]

JOSH: To be honest, I'm not sure I'm doing the right thing, but she keeps insisting.

MICK: Yeah, Beth tends to do that.

JOSH: She does.

MICK: But she's right. You shouldn't step down.

JOSH: I'd appreciate it if you keep an eye on her until the task squad gets in place.

MICK: I won't let anything happen to her.

JOSH: I know you won't. Just keep your eyes open. Tejada is ruthless.

MICK: Okay.

JOSH: Thanks, man.

[Tejada's daughter is celebrating her sweet sixteen]

DJ: Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please. It's time for father/daughter dance at our sweet sixteen party. Please give a warm welcome to Mr. Chemma Tejada and his daughter Nicole.

[Tejada and Nicola dance]

NICOLE: Thank you so much for my party, daddy.

TEJADA: Nothing is too good for you, mi hija. I'm so proud of you, huh.

DJ: Big hand for Nicole! Happy sweet sixteen!

TEJADA: Have fun, baby. It's your day.

[The police raid the party and Tejada is arrested]

LT. CARL: Mr. Tejada? I have a warrant for your arrest on felony drug trafficking charges.

NICOLE: Daddy, what's going on?

TEJADA: It's nothing. Don't worry about it.

NICOLE: Don't touch him!

[Nicole is held back as Tejada is taken away]

JOSH: You shouldn't have made this personal. Don't you ever threaten her again.

TEJADA: I won't forget this, amigo.

[Dr. Lin is checking the results. Mick and Beth are there with her]

MICK: What do you-what do you mean nothing? Pharmaceutical drugs, traced botanicals, additional hormones?

DR. LIN: There's nothing in there that's not supposed to be.

MICK: What about unknown substances? Something y-you couldn't identify?

DR. LIN: Nothing. Not even caffeine. The sample was essentially untainted. I assume it came from a child?

MICK: No, why?

DR. LIN: That's surprising. As we get older we tend to accumulate toxins. That blood is pure, almost like new and based on the levels of free radicals I was positive that was a child's blood sample.


BETH: Well, thanks Allison.

MICK: Yeah, thank you.

DR. LIN: Eh, one more thing. I said there was nothing unusual in the toxicology. The blood type however is rare.

MICK: How rare?

DR. LIN: Extremely rare. Less than one person per million has it. Type-

BETH: A-O Negative.

DR. LIN: How did you know?

BETH: That's my blood type.

[Josh is pleading his case]

JOSH: ...furthermore, Mr. Tejada has refused to cooperate, which indicates he still has ties to Hermanos En Muerte.

ATTORNEY: These allegations are specious, Your Honor. The state has introduced no definitive evidence that my client is in any way associated with Hermanos En Muerte. He has never been charged with a felony or violent crime of any nature.

JOSH: Your Honor, Tejada has willfully flouted the rule of law in this country by intimidating the prosecution-

ATTORNEY: -The state has provided no conclusive evidence that such intimidation occurred. And furthermore, if there was such intimidation, there is no evidence that links it to my client.

JOSH: Depose me right now, Your Honor. I am happy to. But I didn't want to delay the proceedings. There is ample reason to deny bail.

ATTORNEY: Based on the conjecture of the state? What is not conjecture, Your Honor, is that Mr. Tejada owns and operates a local dry-cleaning business. He has significant family in the area and is a highly respected individual in his community. He is willing to surrender his passport and post a surety bond.

JOSH: Your Honor, he's a flight risk, a proven threat to the pub-

JUDGE: Okay. I get it. Gentlemen, I'm gonna set bail at the amount of five million dollars.

ATTORNEY: Thank you, Your Honor.

TEJADA: Thank you.

JOSH: He'll be home for dinner.

[Mick and Beth are leaving the building]

BETH: Of all the girls Coraline could have kidnapped twenty two years ago, maybe there is a reason why she singled me out. Perhaps we have the same blood type. Maybe A-O Negative is connected to the cure.

MICK: Well, I'm not sure about that. For a vampire, the best possible blood to consume is fresh human blood from a child that matches the vampire's blood type.

[They walk outside]

BETH: So, hang on a second-

MICK: Wait.

BETH: What?

MICK: I hear something.

[A hit man is loading a shotgun and aiming it at Beth. Mick pushes her out of the way on time]

MICK: Stay down.

[Mick goes to where the shots were fired from]

HIT MAN: Come on! Let's go! Go! [They drive off]

MICK: You okay?

BETH: You're-you're bleeding. You got hit.

[Mick checks only to find out the vial with Coraline's blood is broken]

MICK: It's not my blood. It's Coraline's.

[Beth is cleaning a scrape on her arm, with Mick standing behind her. Josh walks in]

JOSH: I came as soon as I heard. [He kisses her] Are you okay? Why didn't you call?

BETH: I-I wasn't badly hurt and I knew you were still in a hearing so...

JOSH: [He turns to Mick] Are you okay?

MICK: I'm fine. Yeah, we both are.

[Lt. Carl and more officers walk in the apartment]

JOSH: Well, hopefully you'll be safe now. I brought the protection team with me. Beth, Carl brought Commander Murphy and officers Robinson and Clayton to protect you, okay?


JOSH: Thanks for looking out for her. Sounds like it was a close call.

MICK: Yeah it was. Real close.

BETH: This close, actually.

JOSH: I am so sorry, Beth. That must have been terrifying.

BETH: Yeah, it was. [She walks into the bedroom with Josh following her]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: Supersonic vampire hearing can definitely help you.

JOSH: Thank God you're alright. I don't know what I'd do without you. I love you.

MICK'S VOICE OVER: But it can also hurt you.

BETH: I love you too.

[He is talking to the hitmen Bustos and Huerta]

TEJADA: The D.A. pitches me at my daughter's birthday party. He shows me no respect.

BUSTOS: In San Salvador, the policia shows up like that, man...

HUERTA: They'll be muerto.

TEJADA:Mi hermana says it's only a party, but you only turn 16 once. I want you to bring that D.A. to me, and bring him alive, huh.

BUSTOS: Ta bien.

[She is looking out the window to Josh, who is outside with a lot of cops. Mick walks up to her and puts his hand on her shoulder]

BETH: Oh God! You scared me.

MICK: I'm sorry. You-There's nothing to worry about. The task squad has got you covered.

BETH: I'm so sorry about the blood sample.

MICK: We may still have a chance. Most important thing is that you're safe.

[She looks out the window again and waves at Josh. He is getting in his car when a masked man runs up to him and throws him in the back of a car and kidnaps him]

BETH: Josh!! JOSH!

LT. CARL: Beth? What is it? Come on!

[The hitmen tape Josh's mouth shut]

CLAYTON: Freeze!!

[Huerta shoots him and they drive off. Mick runs after them and Beth gets in Josh's car and follows them. She catches up with Mick and he gets in the car]

LT. CARL: Beth. Beth! Get back in the house! Officer down! Call an ambulance!

BETH: Get in!

MICK: Go, go!

[Cut to hitmen]

BUSTOS: That wasn't the plan.

HUERTA: I had no choice.

BUSTOS: You need to call Tejada.

[Cut to Mick and Beth]

MICK: You have to keep them in sight. There. Look out.

BETH: Dammit. Oh my God.

MICK: It's okay.

[Cut to hitmen]

HUERTA: Turn right, man. Come on! Let's get off the main road.

[Cut to Mick and Beth]

BETH: Where did they go?

MICK: Pull over.

BETH: No! We need to find them.

MICK: They could have gone three different ways. We don't wanna drive in the wrong direction. We have to pinpoint their location and hope that Josh has got his cell phone with him and that it's turned on. Beth! Pull over.

BETH: Okay. Okay. Okay, I'm calling him. Okay, it's ringing, but it's not going straight to voicemail, so it is turned on.

MICK: That's good.

[Mick is dialing a number]

LOGAN: Logan Griffin speaking.

MICK: Logan, Mick St. John. I have an emergency.

LOGAN: Yeah well, I've got two fried hard drives. Life sucks.

MICK: Logan, listen to me. Somebody has been kidnapped, okay? He has his cell phone on him and it's got GPS. I need you to triangulate the location.

LOGAN: Okay, jeez. Okay. What's the number?

BETH: 310

MICK: 310

BETH: 555

MICK: 555

BETH: 0119

MICK: 0119

LOGAN: In about 45 seconds and I should have it.

BETH: Come on, Josh, pick up.

[Josh is struggling in the trunk of the car, trying to reach his cell phone]

HUERTA: Did you hear that?

BUSTOS: Hear what?

[Cut to Mick and Beth]

LOGAN: 30 seconds.

MICK: Come on.

[Cut to hitmen]

HUERTA: Slow down, man. Slow down.

[Josh reaches his cell phone]

BETH: Please Josh, pick up. Josh! Josh, it's Beth. We're coming to get you, just hold on, okay? We're coming to get you, okay. Hold on.

LOGAN: Phone is... it's not on a street. It's at Griffith Park, close to the observatory.

MICK: Go, go, go and make a right up here. They're in Griffith Park.

BETH: Josh, we're coming. We're coming to get you, okay. Hold on. [She hangs up and gives the phone to Mick] Just get Carl on the phone and tell him where we're going, okay?

MICK: Carl, we found Josh. He's in Griffith Park. I-I don't know. Somewhere by the observatory.

[The hitmen come to a stop in Griffith Park. Huerta gets out, but Bustos stops him]


[They see a ranger drive up and have to wait]

HUERTA: What's he doing?

BUSTOS: I don't know.

HUERTA: Should we get out of here?

BUSTOS: Give it a minute.

[Cut to Mick and Beth]

MICK: Okay, listen to me. Beth. When we find them, we have to get up next to them, okay? And then we have to cut them off, okay? We have to pin them in.

BETH: Okay.

MICK: And as soon as we do, you have to get down and stay down. Tell me you understand.

BETH: I understand.

MICK: Okay, let's go.

[Cut to the hitmen. The ranger drives off]

BUSTOS: Adios.

HUERTA: Let's go.

[They get out of the car]

HUERTA: Andale.

[Mick and Beth catch up with the hitmen]

MICK: There, there Beth! There they are.

[The hitmen fire shots at the car. Mick gets out and gets shot, but he fights Huerta, knocking him unconscious and throwing him in the car. Mick then fights Bustos, who got back in the car and throws him out of the car. Mick opens the trunk and Beth runs up to him]

BETH: Oh, my God. Josh! You okay?

JOSH: Beth.

BETH: You're okay.

MICK: Here, buddy.

BETH: Mick, help me untie him.

MICK: Let's get you out.

BETH: You're okay.

MICK: Let me help you.

BETH: You're gonna be fine, Josh. It's okay, it's okay.

[Huerta gets a gun from the glove compartment and shoots through the car at the trunk, hitting Josh. Beth screams as Mick gets to Huerta and kicks him]

[Cut to Mick and Beth carrying Josh out of the trunk]

BETH: Oh, my God.

MICK: Call 911. Beth, call 911 now!

911: 911 Operator.

BETH: We need an ambulance. Somebody's been shot. We're in Griffith Park by the pond.

911: Give me a moment to find that location.

BETH: Yeah, by the pond.

911: We're on our way.

BETH: Okay.

[Mick is working on Josh]

MICK: Come here. Take your jacket off.

BETH: Huh?

MICK: Take it off. Take your jacket off. Now, we have to apply pressure here. Put your hand here. Keep the pressure on, okay? We have to stop the bleeding in his abdomen while I stabilize the other wounds. Keep that pressure on, now.

BETH: Come on, come on. Josh please.

JOSH: Beth.

MICK'S VOICE OVER: I was a medic back in World War Two. Multiple gunshot wounds were common. You did the best you could with what was available to you.

MICK: It's okay, buddy.

[The police arrive at the scene]

LT. CARL: Oh no. How is he? We need to get him to the hospital.

MICK: No, we can't move him.

LT. CARL: No, we need to move him to the car now.

MICK: He's bleeding to death, okay? I am trying to stabilize the wounds, we got an ambulance on the way. You got one guy here, the other guy's in the car, okay? [He focuses back on Josh] Alright, stay with us.

[Carl walks over to the hitmen's car]

LT. CARL: He's still breathing.

MICK: Come on, Josh. Stay with us.

MICK'S VOICE OVER: The artery in his neck is severed. I need to make sure blood is getting to his brain.

MICK: Give me your hand. Hold your hand right there. Put the pressure on, Beth, okay?

BETH: Okay.

MICK: Good work, buddy. You're doing fine. Stay with him, Beth! [Mick goes to the car to get the lighter]

BETH: Just stay with us. I'm so sorry.

MICK: Alright. I'm gonna cauterize the artery. [He puts the lighter to Josh's neck. Josh screams out] Hold him still. Hold him still, Beth.

BETH: Stay still, stay still.

MICK: That's good. That's good. Okay. That's good. We got this area mostly under control. Now, keep pressure on that abdomen there. That's good. You're doing a great job. You're doing a great job, okay?

JOSH: Beth...

MICK'S VOICE OVER: The tourniquet isn't working. I've got to stop the blood flow to his femoral artery.

MICK: Take your necklace off.

BETH: What?

MICK: Just do it.

BETH: How do you know what you're doing?

MICK: You learn a lot in war. Just hold it.

MICK'S VOICE OVER: You find out why some people make it, and others don't.

JOSH: Beth...

MICK: Now this is gonna hurt him. You hold him still. Be brave, buddy!

JOSH: Right.

MICK: Be brave. [Mick cuts into Josh's leg to get the necklace around the artery. Josh screams out]

BETH: It's okay.

MICK'S VOICE OVER: If I can tie the necklace around Josh's artery, I can stop the bleeding in his leg.

BETH: You're okay, you're okay.

JOSH: What day is it?

BETH: It's Friday.

JOSH: October?

BETH: No, sweetie, it's January.

JOSH: Our anniversary's in October.

BETH: I know. You took me on our first date on the 17th. Remember? You took me to your favorite dive bar, Rustic Inn.

JOSH: Video golf.

BETH: We stayed up till two in the morning. I've never had so much fun my whole life.

JOSH: I needed to make sure you were my kind of girl.

MICK: The arteries are clamped. That should stop the blood flow to the legs.

MICK'S VOICE OVER: All this blood is taking it's toll on Beth. It's the sunlight that's taking it's toll on me.

LT.CARL: [He is pushing Bustos forward] Come on, move it!

MICK: How long on that ambulance?

LT. CARL: Two, maybe three minutes.

MICK'S VOICE OVER: He won't last three. At the end of the day, not a lot separates life and death.

MICK: He needs CPR. You're gonna have to breathe for him. Do you know how to do that?

BETH: Yes.

MICK: Okay, breathe now! Two breathes. Come on.

MICK'S VOICE OVER: That's what makes it precious.

MICK: And breathe. Come on, man!

BETH: Don't leave me! Josh!

MICK: Come on.

MICK'S VOICE OVER: I don't hear anything. No pulse, no circulation. Nothing.

BETH: Stay with me. Stay with me, Josh. You can save him.

MICK: No. I can't do that.

BETH: Yes you can. Turn him, he'll live.

MICK: That's not living, Beth.

BETH: Save him, please. For me. Please!

MICK: He's human, Beth. Okay? This is what happens.

[The ambulance arrives]

PARAMEDIC 1: What happened?

LT. CARL: Multiple gunshot wounds. He's right over there.

PARAMEDIC 1: Grab the monitor and the jump bag. What do you got?

MICK: His heart stopped 45 seconds ago.

PARAMEDIC 1: Excuse me. Ready to ventilate. No pulse, he's not breathing. I'm getting the paddles checked.

PARAMEDIC 2: Paddles checked.



PARAMEDIC 1: Check for pulse.

PARAMEDIC 2: No pulse.

PARAMEDIC 1: Okay, defib. 360. Everybody clear.


PARAMEDIC 1: Check for pulse.

PARAMEDIC 2: I'm now taking pulse. No pulse.

PARAMEDIC 1: Everybody clear.


PARAMEDIC 1: Check for pulse.

PARAMEDIC 2: No pulse.

PARAMEDIC 1: Charging to 360, everybody clear.


PARAMEDIC 1: I'm sorry, he's gone.

MICK: Beth.

BETH: Stay away from me.

[She walks away]

[Bustos is in the interrogation room. Mick and Carl and another man are outside watching him]

LT. CARL: Bustos ain't talking. Huerta is in intensive care and Tejada is probably long gone.

MICK: Give me five minutes alone with Bustos.

LT. CARL: Come on, Mick, I can't do that. Risk letting this guy walk on a technicality?

MICK: He's not gonna walk. There's not gonna be a technicality. I won't touch him. You can watch from here. Just give me five minutes.

LT. CARL: Let's go.

MICK: Alone.

LT. CARL: Alright, you got five minutes.

[Mick walks into the room and sits with his back to the window]

LT. CARL: This is a waste of time.

MICK: I'm gonna ask you a question and you probably should answer it.

BUSTOS: HEM no canta.

[Mick slowly turns into vampire mode and growls at Bustos]

BUSTOS: Get him away! Get him away! Get him away from me! Get him away!

MICK: Tell me where to find Tejada.

BUSTOS: El Diablo! Get him away! El Diablo! Get him away! Get him away!

MICK: Where. Is. Tejada?

LT. CARL: Whatever he's doing, it's working.

MICK: Last time. Where is he? Answer my question.

BUSTOS: He's at the-he's at the Hollenbeck bar. Near Chatsworth.

[Mick leaves the room]

LT. CARL: Hey, what just happened?

MICK: He's hold up at the Compost Bar in Boil Heights.

LT. CARL: Compost Bar in Boil Heights. Good work.

MICK'S VOICE OVER: I hated lying to Carl like that. Tejada had escaped justice for long enough and I had a score to settle. Tejada made this personal. When it comes to revenge in vampires, blood is vengeance.

[Mick walks in]

MICK: Where's Tejada?


[Mick pulls the bartender's head to the bar and goes into vampire mode. Someone shoots him and Mick starts to fight the shooter]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: And then there is the part in every bar scene where the bartender pulls out a shotgun. Right one cue.

[The bartender fires the shotgun, but Mick jumps up resulting in some of the patrons getting shot]

MICK: You missed me. [He fights the bartender and everyone else]

MICK'S VOICE OVER: I see them staring at me like I'm inhuman. Those looks used to bother me. Not now.

MICK: Where's Tejada?

MAN: In the office.

[Mick blows the doors of the office]

MICK: Tejada.

TEJADA: What? You come to my place. You come to my place and spill blood? Big mistake. Because now, I'll have your blood.

[Mick goes into vampire mode and throws Tejada against the wall and bites him]

[She is grieving. Her phone rings]

MICK: You gonna answer that?

BETH: I don't wanna talk to anyone. Please, could you just leave?

MICK: Just give me a minute. I know you're angry that I didn't turn Josh, but I didn't kill him. Huerta killed him. And Tejada killed him. Beth, his job killed him. You can't blame me for him being gone. Turning someone into a vampire isn't saving a life, it's taking one.

BETH: Because it's such a curse, I know. You tell me all the time.

MICK: You don't know. Beth, how could you know?

BETH: If you hate what you are so much then why do you go on living?

MICK'S VOICE OVER: You make me want to.

MICK: I'm not really sure. I'm not really sure. I did a lot of bad things after I was turned, Beth. Things that you could never imagine. Things I carry tremendous amounts of guilt about. I wanna make up for them. Beth...

BETH: I just can't stop thinking about him. If you'd have done it he'd still be here. What if it were me lying there instead of Josh seconds before death, would you have saved me? Would you have saved me?

MICK: I would have done the same thing.

MICK'S VOICE OVER: She asked me something I've asked myself over and over again. The truth is I don't know what I would do. What I do know is at the end of the day, not a lot separates life from death. Only one thing: eternity.




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Moonlight 1X1
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