Moonlight 1X16完

2009-04-11 アップロード · 1,450 視聴

1.16 – Sonata

Written by: Ethan Erwin, Kira Snyder
Directed by: Fred Toye
Transcribed by: pinkpaisley and Lovecat

[Josef is up on a stage with 2 other men]

MAN: Tonight, Hearst college honours Josef Kostan, whose generous donation has made possible the Sara Whitley Memorial Sports Arena: The new home of the Hearst College Rough Riders basketball team! To commemorate this event, we’re retiring the jersey of the young man that led our team to the national championship last year. He may have gone on to the pros, but he’ll always be Hearst’s favourite son. Ladies and gentleman, number 24: Dominic Michaels!

MICK’S VOICE OVER: Josef Kostan celebrated as a civic-minded entrepreneur. Definitely worth putting on a monkey suit for. [Mick is in the audience and looks over at Beth] And of course there are other fringe benefits, like spending the evening with Beth.

[Cut to Beth talking to Josef at the party]

BETH: This is great. I feel like I’m back at my high school prom.

JOSEF: You know prom wasn’t really big back in the 1700s. High school either. The plague, the plague was big.

BETH: So, what’s your connection to Hearst? Did you attend the college?

JOSEF: No, no. I founded it. Lost a bet with William Randolph. I like the dress.

BETH: Oh, thank you.

JOSEF: Is it a Valentino?

BETH: Civil service doesn’t pay quite that well. [A waitress brings over some drinks]

JOSEF: Thank you. So, how’s the whole civilian investigator thing going? I don’t think Mick likes your new boss.

BETH: He’s still trying to decide if Talbot has romantic intentions towards me.

JOSEF: Mick is not usually the jealous type [They look over to Mick and a woman talking]

BETH: Speaking of jealous?

JOSEF: Don’t worry. Mick isn’t suicidal enough to hit on my date.

BETH: Your date? Let me guess. She was born to Hungarian aristocracy in 1750, danced Swan Lake with the Bolshoi ballet before you turned her?

JOSEF: Actually Simone was born in Reseda., ’80. And nobody turned her.

BETH: Your girlfriend’s a human?

JOSEF: She’s not my girlfriend. She’s one of my lawyers. Quite an up-and-comer. And a very well resource of liquid refreshment.

BETH: You drink her blood?

JOSEF: Usually just on Tuesdays and Fridays, but she wanted to come to the party.

[Mick and the woman walk over to Josef and Beth]

MICK: Simone, this is Beth Turner.

SIMONE: Hi, Mick was just telling me about you. All good things.

BETH: Josef’s just told me about you, too.


JOSEF: Well, if you’ll excuse us. Time for a drink. And the champagne just ain’t cutting it.

SIMONE: And we’ll be right back. [They leave]

BETH: She just lets him drink her blood?

MICK: Yeah, it’s not uncommon. A lot of vampires have human donors. We call them freshies.

BETH: Is it like a paid arrangement or friends with benefits?

MICK: Well, that depends on the circumstances.

BETH: So, I sup- suppose you have freshies.

MICK: I’ve been a vampire for over fifty years now.

BETH: I take that as a yes. How many?

MICK: I don’t know of the top of my head. Not many.

BETH: Rough estimate?

[There’s a fight going on]

MAN: Back off, Hank!

GIRL: Dominic, don’t.

MAN: Hey, break it off.

JACKSON: Cool off, Hank or get out. Okay?

EMMA: [to Dominic] Calm down. It’s over.

BETH: Who are those two?

MICK: It’s Dominic’s managers, Emma and Jackson Monaghan. They’ve got Josef court side seats to every Laker game since Wilt Chamberlain played for them.

BETH: Dominic’s managers are vampires?

MICK: Yeah, they’ve been married for something like 150 years.

BETH: 150 years? That gives a whole new meaning to “‘til death do us part”.

MICK: You wanna dance?

BETH: Yeah.

[Cut to dance floor]

BETH: 150 years with one person… That seems like a long time.

MICK: Well, it depends who you’re with.

BETH: How long were you and Coraline married?

MICK: Technically, 33 years and that did feel like a really long time.

BETH: But here you are dipping you toe in the dating pool again.

MICK: Wow.

BETH: Do you realize this is our fourth official date?

MICK: Define official.

BETH: Any outing that doesn’t involve dead bodies.

MICK: You are such a romantic, you know that?

[Mick hears a scream and then everybody hears a loud scream]

[Dominic’s body is lying in a tub. Simone is there crying]

MICK: It’s Dominic.

BETH: Simone!

SIMONE: I didn’t do it.

MICK’S VOICE OVER: I guess this won’t be our fourth date after all.

[Beth is talking to Simone]

BETH: Simone?


BETH: Hey. A.D.A. Talbot asked me to speak to you.

SIMONE: That’s right. Mick told me that you work for the D.A.’s office. And you used to be a reporter? I think we can both agree that I’ve got a pretty lame story. I wouldn’t want any of my clients going into court with it. But I didn’t kill Dominic.

BETH: You told Talbot that he was already in the tank when you found him.

SIMONE: I was trying to get him out. I mean, it was stupid and too late, anyway.

BETH: So, why didn’t you tell Talbot that you were with Josef?

SIMONE: Because we were ehm…

[Flashback to Josef drinking from Simon’s wrist]


SIMONE: And then afterward, I- I went to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

[Flashback to Simone in the bathroom. A person rushes through the bathroom and Simone hears a loud splash. She goes to check and sees the body and screams]

BETH: But at least if you were with Josef it gives you some kind of alibi.

SIMONE: But then that would give the police a reason to look at Josef more closely. I can’t risk that. I mean, you know what it’s like. Keeping their secret is the number one rule.

BETH: It’s weird talking about them with someone else.

SIMONE: We’re members of a very exclusive club, you and I.

BETH: I know it’s none of my business… Your arrangement with Josef: are you ever afraid that he’ll go too far? That he’ll accidentally turn you?

SIMONE: Josef’s careful. Although, you know, sometimes I-I do wonder.

BETH: You want him to turn you?

SIMONE: No. I mean, no. Of-of course not.

[Ben walks in]

BEN: Beth, can I talk to you for a minute?

BETH: Thank you.

[Cut to hallway]

BEN: She tell you anything new?


BEN: Look, if there’s some kind of kinky gone wrong in the hot tub, she should just say so.

BETH: Why do you think there was something going on between Simone and Dominic?

BEN: Dominic’s coach said she came to all his games, she even left with him a few times. That sounds like something to me.

BETH: Have you interviewed Hank Bishop yet? He and Dominic got into it at the party.

BEN: No. He was gone by the time the cops got there. They’re still looking for him.

BETH: How long are you gonna keep her?

BEN: Until I figure out what she’s hiding.

[Josef is talking to Mick and Beth walks in]

JOSEF: A hundred million dollars worth of architecture and all the papers talk about it Dominic’s death. At least I get a write-off.

BETH: Hey.
MICK: Where’s Simone?

BETH: Talbot is still holding her. He’s not sure if Dominic’s death was an accident or not. He said Simone knew Dominic.

JOSEF: Well, she never said anything to me.

BETH: Talbot thinks they were sleeping together.

JOSEF: Oh, we’re not exclusive. And anyway, what Simone does when she’s not with me is her business.

MICK: How very Egalitarian of you.

JOSEF: That’s a big word. Look, forget Simone, okay? There’s too many vampires mixed up in this.

MICK: Look, don’t worry. We’ll find out what happened to Dominic before the cops start asking the wrong questions. [to Beth] You start with Emma and Jackson, Dominic’s managers.

JOSEF: Good. I’m going home. It’s past my bedtime. [He leaves]

MICK: Josef’s upset.

BETH: I think he’s jealous. And that blood isn’t the only bodily fluid he and Simone are exchanging.

MICK: It’s hard to believe he’d get that involved.

BETH: With a freshie?

MICK: Especially with a freshie. Josef has his rules.

[Beth is talking to her]

EMMA: Josef said you’d be coming by and that you’re, how shall we say- a friend of the family.

BETH: I guess I am, yeah. So, I saw you with Jackson at the party. How did you two meet?

EMMA: I came over from Ireland during the famine. Buried my family there. I was turned on the ship. Never even saw who did it.

BETH: Horrible.

EMMA: Yes, well- My brother was a boxer. So, when I landed in New York I went to the fights searching for something familiar. And Jackson was there. The moment I saw him he felt like home.

BETH: He made you feel safe.

EMMA: He didn’t care what I was. That’s how I knew he was the one.

BETH: He let you turn him?

EMMA: Hmm, he wanted to be with me. Forever. Just wished I’d known about the snoring first.

BETH: So, after all this time no regrets?

EMMA: No, not one. 150 years later I can still remember exactly what Jackson was wearing the night we first met.

BETH: So, what were Dominic and Hank fighting about at the party?

EMMA: Hank was on the Hearst team with Dominic. They would compete for everything: playing time, girls, you name it.

BETH: Any particular girls?

EMMA: Dominic was sowing his wild oats. Do they still say that?


EMMA: He wasn’t mature enough for anything serious.

BETH: Do you think Hank is capable of murder?

EMMA: Dominic made the big time. Hank thought it should be him. There was a lot of bad blood there.

[Guillermo is tying a tag to Dominic toe. Mick walks in]

MICK: That’s beautiful. Getting soft after all these years?

GUILLERMO: Hearst was in my March Madness Bracket. This guy helped me win the office pool. Can’t a man grieve?


GUILLERMO: Neck snapped.

MICK: Accident or murder?

GUILLERMO: Not sure. But I was wondering about all the vamp smell on him.

MICK: He was around a lot of vampires last night. [Mick is reading the file] Dominic had sex right before he died.

GUILLERMO: Yup. Crime scene guys found blood on him. Pre-degraded from the chlorine and other chemicals in the water, but the type was B-Positive, not Dominic’s.

MICK: So, it could be his partner’s. Can you get a hold of that blood sample?

GUILLERMO: Let’s just say that the forensic haematologist owes me serious for March Madness.

[Josef is there with Simone. Mick walks in]

MICK: Make yourself at home.

JOSEF: I always do.

MICK: Ahah. What are we celebrating?

JOSEF: Simone’s release.

SIMONE: The D.A. can only keep someone in for 24 hours without probable cause.

MICK: But they haven’t cleared you yet.

JOSEF: That’s your job.

SIMONE: And I really appreciate your and Beth’s help.

MICK: Right. Simone, what exactly was your relationship with Dominic?

SIMONE: I did some work for his family and ended up following his career pretty closely.

JOSEF: Yeah? You never told me that.

SIMONE: Well, I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea.

JOSEF: Did he hit on you?

SIMONE: Occasionally.

JOSEF: Really?

SIMONE: But then again, Dominic hit on every woman he ever met. I always turned him down.

MICK: Yeah, well, the police found blood on Dominic’s body. B-Positive.

JOSEF: You see? There you go. Simone’s cleared.

SIMONE: I’m B-Negative.

MICK: Ah. Still I think we should give the police a sample.

JOSEF: Oh, there’s a much easier way to settle this.

[Josef vamps and bites Simone’s wrist]

MICK: Josef, don’t.

JOSEF: Here. For professional purposes only, of course.

[Mick hesitates and then bites too. Beth walks in on all of them]

JOSEF: Hi, Beth. We were just having drinks.

BETH: I can see that.

SIMONE: We should go.

JOSEF: But this is so awkward. I love awkward.

SIMONE: I know. [Josef and Simone leave]

MICK: The police found blood on Dominic’s body. I was just making sure it wasn’t Simone’s.

BETH: They have laboratories for that.

MICK: Beth-

BETH: No! Stop. I have a lead on Hank Bishop. He’s the guy Dominic was fighting with at the party. Are you coming with me, or what?

[Mick and Beth pull up]

BETH: So, the police already checked this place out, but I thought you might pick up on something they missed.

MICK: I assume you don’t wanna talk about what happened.

BETH: Why would you assume that?

MICK: Because you haven’t said a word to me since we left my apartment.

BETH: What do you expect me to say?

MICK: I wasn’t feeding on Simone, okay? It wasn’t a big deal.

BETH: Then why do I feel like I walked in on you two making out?

MICK: We were not making out. I only wanna make out with you.

BETH: Yeah, but you don’t wanna drink my blood.

MICK: Whoa, you want me to drink your blood? Where is this coming from?

BETH: No, I don’t- It’s just that when you were dying in the desert and you fed on me you made it seem like it was a big deal and now you’re saying it’s not, so please forgive me for being a little confused.

[Cut to Mick and Beth entering the house. There are guys playing a foosball table and a guy and girl making out]

BETH: God, I should have brought my hazmat suit. [Mick walks over to a wall and wants to touch something]

GUY: Uhuh. Hey, don’t touch that. It’s sacred. Members only.

MICK: We’re looking for Hank Bishop.

GUY: And you are?

BETH: Beth Turner from the D.A.’s office.

GUY: Then you already know what I told the police. Hank hasn’t been around here in a while. I really wish I could help you. The guy owes me like fifty bucks.

BETH: How long since you last saw him?

GUY: Not since last semester. He had a place of his own in Palms. Maybe you should check over there.

MICK: You’re lying. Where is he?

[Another guy shouts]

GUY #2: Hank, the cops are here!

[Hank is trying to escape and the guy hits Mick with the sacred peddles]

GUY: Go, go, go, Hank! Go!

[Mick walks outside and catches up with Hank]

BETH: Hank, stop!

MICK: Hank.

[Hank tries to hit Mick, but Mick is too fast]

MICK: Play nice.

BETH: You okay?

MICK: Yeah, well, I got hit in the face with the sacred ass peddle.

BETH: Karma.

[Guillermo is pulling a body out of a freezer]

MICK: Hey, I got your text.

GUILLERMO: Hey, I scored that blood sample from whoever Dominic was with before he was killed.

MICK: Great.

GUILLERMO: Turns out it’s not contaminated after all. [Mick smells the blood]

MICK: The coroner just doesn’t know vampire blood when he sees it.

GUILLERMO: Humans getting busy with vamps. Always trouble.

MICK: That it is.

GUILLERMO: Trouble with Beth?

MICK: She thinks I fed on Josef’s freshie.

GUILLERMO: So? It’s not like she’s volunteering.

MICK: I don’t want her to volunteer.


MICK: ‘Cause I don’t.

GUILLERMO: I’m just saying. A vampire’s got needs.

MICK: Why do I even talk to you about this stuff? You’ve obviously blocked out all memories of what human women are like.

GUILLERMO: Yeah, well, I need all available brain power to figure out vampire women.

[Mick is talking to Jackson]

MICK: It’s a shame about Dominic.

JACKSON: Yeah. Emma and I have been managing him since he graduated. He would have been great in the pros. Everyone loved Dominic.

MICK: I saw Dominic with a blonde cheerleader at the party.

JACKSON: Lisa. Yeah, Dominic was Lisa’s boy-du-jour. But it wasn’t serious.

MICK: You know her?

JACKSON: Met her in New York, back in 1923, I think. She was a flapper then.

MICK: She’s a vampire?

JACKSON: And loving every minute of it, let me tell ya.

MICK: Well, I didn’t get close enough to her at the party to tell. Did Dominic know?

JACKSON: No, no. Of course not. He didn’t know about any of us.

[Lisa is practising with other cheerleaders. Mick walks in and starts shooting hoops]

LISA: Alright, guys. Good practise.

MICK: Lisa.

LISA: You must be Mick. How have we not met before?

MICK: It’s a cruel world.

LISA: I heard you’re looking in to Dominic’s death. That maybe it was murder?

MICK: Yeah, or an accident. Somebody get a little rough? They found vamp blood on the body.

LISA: Not mine. Not that night.

MICK: You were sleeping with him, though?

LISA: We hooked up once or twice. I’m into jocks this semester.

MICK: Oh. So, how long have you been in college?

LISA: Forty years or so? It’s the perfect life for a vamp. Nobody notices when you sleep all day and there’s a constant rotation of frat boys too drunk to know when a hickey isn’t a hickey.

MICK: No one notices the puncture marks in the neck?

LISA: It’s not the artery I go for.

MICK: Huh.

[Ben is interrogating Hank]

BEN: Okay, Hank. Let’s go over this again.

HANK: I didn’t kill Dominic.

BEN: Then why did you run?

HANK: It’s not safe here. You’re here to protect me.

BEN: Sure, but listen. Who exactly are we protecting you from?

HANK: From her, she killed Dominic, threw him around the room like a rag doll. Snapped his neck lick it was nothing.

[Mick is talking to Lisa]

MICK: So, you weren’t feeding on Dominic?

LISA: No way! He took our team to the tournament three years in a row. He needed his strength. Emma was careful too, at least I never noticed anything.

MICK: Wait a minute, Emma? Emma Monaghan? Dominic was sleeping with his manager?

LISA: Yeah, for the past few months.

MICK: Did Jackson know?

LISA: Not from me. No way I’d get in the middle of that.

[Ben is interrogating Hank]

HANK: And then I saw her face. Her eyes…

BEN: Who is it? Who’d you see?

HANK: It was Dominic’s manager, Emma.

[Beth is waiting for Ben]

BEN: Hey! Listen, Hank says he saw Emma Monaghan kill Dominic during rough sex. We’re gonna go pick her up.

[Beth calls Mick]

MICK: Hey.

BETH: Mick.

MICK: I think Dominic may have been with Emma in the locker room.

BETH: And Hank saw her kill him. Talbot’s on his way to her office now.

MICK: Stop him!

BETH: How, what am I supposed to say?

MICK: I don’t know, anything. Just stall him.

BETH: He’s just bringing her in for questioning. What’s she gonna do?

MICK: Well, I don’t know, but I don’t think Talbot wants to find out.

BETH: Then you have to get there first.

MICK: I’m on my way.

[Mick walks in. Talbot is already there and Emma is panicking]

EMMA: Get your hands off of me!!

[An officer falls through the glass door]

EMMA: No, no!

BETH: Emma, stop.

EMMA: No, I will not go to jail.

BEN: Emma, Emma, put the chair down, okay?

EMMA: [to Mick] Are you here to help me or them?

[She throws the chair at Ben. Mick overpowers her and holds her still]

BETH: Are you okay?

BEN: Yeah.

MICK: Emma, stop. Stop. Stop! This is not how this goes, you know that.

EMMA: I will not go to jail.

MICK: Okay, I’ll figure that out. But think about what you’re doing. You’re enD.A.ngering all of us. What about Jackson?

EMMA: I guess we know whose side you’re on. [She lets an officer handcuff her]

BEN: How did she do all this?

MICK: Psychotic break, maybe?

BETH: Definitely psychotic.

BEN: I-I just… I thought Hank was exaggerating. [Ben leaves]

BETH: Ah, that wasn’t so bad.

MICK: A homicidal, desperate vampire is in custody and she’s gonna need to feed soon. It’s very bad.

[Mick and Beth are looking around]

BETH: So this is what 150 years of marriage looks like. Check out these wedding licenses. They've got a new pair of names every 20 years or so.

MICK: Yeah, one thing about being a vampire: you get to reinvent yourself over and over again.

BETH: But no matter who they were or what they did, they always stayed together. It's so romantic.

MICK: They probably have a double-wide freezer as well.

BETH: Emma said Jackson asked her to turn him, that he knew it was the only way they could really be together.

MICK: Well, at least Jackson had a choice.

BETH: What about you? Have you ever turned anyone into a vampire?

[Jackson walks in]

JACKSON: Sorry, uh, all we got is tap. We don't have many humans over to the house.

BETH: That's fine. Thank you.

MICK: Thank you.

BETH: So, you didn't know about Emma and Dominic?

JACKSON: Never suspected a thing. But like they say, no matter how long you know someone, you never really know 'em. I thought we were happy.

MICK: How long can Emma go without feeding?

JACKSON: She wouldn't do anything stupid.

MICK: You sure about that?

JACKSON: She just needs to know that she's not alone, that we'll figure this out. Let me talk to her.

MICK [to Beth]: Can you get him in to see her?

BETH: Yeah.


[Jackson walks into an interrogation room, Emma’s waiting for him. Mick and Beth are outside]

EMMA: Jackson. I'm so sorry. I love you.

BETH: Why can't we hear them?

MICK: They don't want their conversation to be overheard. They're speaking below audible human levels.

BETH: You can hear them, right?

MICK: Yeah.

EMMA: I never meant to hurt you.

BETH: What’s she saying?

MICK: She's telling him she's sorry.

EMMA: He was sleeping with Lisa. I got angry. I forgot my strength.

MICK: Then when Dominic told her he was seeing Lisa, she lost control. He was dead before she even realized what she'd done.

JACKSON: Did you love him?

EMMA: Of course not. It was nothing.

JACKSON: So you threw away everything we built together, everything we were to each other. You betrayed me for-for nothing?

EMMA: It wasn't about us...or you. It was about me. Being with Dominic, it made me feel young...until he dumped me for a younger model. If only he knew the truth. I'm sorry. I know I screwed up, but it was an accident. This is first-degree murder. That is life in prison. I will never survive that.

JACKSON: Josef already has a lawyer working on your bail. It won't come to that.

EMMA: No, it won't. St. John sided with the humans. He's the one that let them put me in here.

BETH: What's wrong?

EMMA: He will get me out. You go out there, and you tell him if he doesn't...not only will I tell the cops exactly what I am, but I'll tell 'em I'm not the only one.

JACKSON: Emma, that's crazy.

EMMA: You tell him that I will do it. I will give up his name, all of his friends, every vampire in Los Angeles. You have 24 hours.

BETH: What's wrong? What did she say?

[Mick and Josef are walking in]

JOSEF: But how could the judge deny Emma bail, hmm? Whatever happened to innocent ‘till proven guilty?

MICK: Emma is guilty.

JOSEF: I know, but Simone made her sound innocent. And halfway through her speech, even I was buying it.

MICK: Doesn't matter. I've already made some calls. We're gonna work this out.

JOSEF: Oh yeah?

MICK: You know, Simone looked a little green when she left court today, like, uh, she might be afraid you would blame her for the judgment, and by blame I mean...kill.

JOSEF: No. I told her it wasn't her fault. I'm not mad.

MICK: Uhuh. She likes you, you know.

JOSEF: Who doesn't like me? She tell you that?

MICK: She didn't need to, and I think the feeling's mutual. Now, doesn't that violate one of your rules?

JOSEF: Yeah, several.

[Someone knocks on the door. Beth opens]

BETH: Simone.

SIMONE: I'm so sorry. I know I should have called first.

BETH: No, that's okay. Come in.

SIMONE: You know...about the other night, I just...I just feel like I should apologize.

BETH: No, no, no. It's okay. I was just upset. It...just looked kind of, uh...

SIMONE: Intimate?

BETH: Yeah.

SIMONE: Feeding them blood? I mean...I think it's intimate, but to them it's just...vampires don't care about humans like that. We're just a blip in their life span. To love us is to watch us die.

[Mick and Josef are talking]

MICK: So, when are you gonna break it off?

JOSEF: I don't know yet.

MICK: Oh, you really care about this person, even though she's a human.

JOSEF: We were out one night. Simone might've been a few martinis in, but...well, she implied she might be interested in not being human anymore.

MICK: Wait a minute. You're actually considering this?

JOSEF: Look, I haven't tried to turn anyone since Sara Whitley, and we all know how that worked out.

MICK: So you're-you're worried you'll kill her.

JOSEF: Well, maybe I'm worried I won't. Forever's a long time, Mick. And I've got commitment issues.

MICK: Yeah, me, too.

[Beth and Simone are talking]

BETH: Do you think it would be different between you and Josef if he turned you, if you were both vampires? I mean, it didn't work for Emma and Jackson.

SIMONE: But at least they had 150 years to try. Wouldn't you want that with Mick?

BETH: Mick would never turn me. He's a kind of anti-vampire vampire.

SIMONE: Well, I mean, I don't know how he feels about it now, but if you're with him long enough, I guarantee the topic's going to come up.

[Beth knocks and Mick opens the door but doesn’t let her in]

MICK: Hey.

BETH: Hey, can we talk?

MICK: Right now? It's not a good time.

BETH: What's going on? Oh, let me guess: vampire business.

MICK: You can't be involved.

BETH: No, I guess I can't.

[Beth leaves. Mick goes inside. Josef, Guillermo, Jason and a Cleaner are there]

JOSEF: What was that about?

MICK: Nothing.

CLEANER: You should never have allowed the police to take Emma into custody.

MICK: What was I supposed to do, let Emma kill a couple of cops, maybe a D.A.?

CLEANER: Collateral damage.

MICK: No. Not to me.

JASON: Uh, Emma's pretty well-connected. Gotta have the names of at least 300 vampires in the area.

GUILLERMO: Anything she says, the cops will think she’s just nuts.

CLEANER: Until she turns vamp and starts slicing through guards like butter.

JASON: I've sent out decoded e-mails, but there's-there's not enough time. A lot of vamps aren't gonna be able to get out of town.

JOSEF: Which means when the cops come, they'll fight, exposing even more of us. It's gonna be a freaking vampire apocalypse.

MICK: No. Emma's not gonna say anything to anyone.

JASON: You're gonna do it? You're gonna break her out?

MICK: No. We are.

[Mick’s showing a map to the vampires]

MICK: Emma is being held here at the district processing facility. She’s getting transferred from the processing facility to the county lockup. The transport van is scheduled to pick up at 8:00 P.M. For the approximately 18 minutes that she's in transit, she will be under minimal protection. That means one guard, one driver. The transport van's route will take it up Main Street, by which time, Logan will have hacked the city's traffic control mainframe.

LOGAN: I will?

MICK: Yeah. You're gonna make sure the lights at 3rd and Main stay green as the van approaches. Guillermo, I'm gonna need an ambulance, a stretcher, the works.

GUILLERMO: No problem.

MICK: And bring a couple pints of blood.

GUILLERMO: Road snacks?

MICK: Jackson said Emma hasn't fed in over 72 hours. She's gonna be in bad shape.


[More Cleaners arrive]

JASON: Hello, ladies.

CLEANER: What do you want us to do?

MICK: You clean up accidents every day. Now I need you to create one. As the van passes through the 3rd street intersection, you guys are gonna be waiting for it. Main Street is a one-way street. The van will have to stop where we want it to stop. Josef and I will be waiting to extract them. We pack her in the ambulance and take off. Questions?

LOGAN: Can my code name be Lando Calrissian?

MICK: Let's go.

[Emma’s in the van with a guard and a driver]

LOGAN: All right. I am in.

MICK: Okay, do it.

LOGAN: Green lights all the way.

EMMA: Excuse me.

GUARD: What is it?

EMMA: The restraints, they're too tight, and I feel sick. Please.

GUARD: Fine. Let me check 'em.

MICK: Right on time.

GUARD: Wow, you're really cold.

EMMA: I'm very thirsty.

LOGAN: Uh oh, I hit a secondary firewall. The city must've upgraded their system. I need time to pop it.

MICK: You've got ten seconds.

LOGAN: Oh, that's helpful. That's definitely gonna make me go faster! Thanks!

MICK: Hey, Logan!

LOGAN: Calrissian, out!

MICK: Logan, get that light green. They've gotta make it through the intersection.

GUARD: Hey, how much longer? She doesn't look too good.

DRIVER: I think there's some kind of accident up ahead.

GUARD: Flip the lights and take us around. We need to get her to a doctor fast.

[They see the van turning instead of going straight]

MICK: What's he doing?

JOSEF: What's plan B?

MICK: There is no plan B! Hey, Calrissian! Stop that van!

LOGAN [as he jumps in front of the van, making it crash]: Leeroy Jenkins! Oh, yes! I am the man! Did you see that? That was awesome!

JOSEF: Quite the plan B.

MICK: I'll say.

[They get Emma out of the van and leave in Guillermo’s ambulance]

[Emma is tied up. She’ll be executed]

CLEANER: Emma Monaghan, for threatening to expose your brothers and sisters, you have endangered the safety and security of the entire community.

JACKSON: Wait! You can't do this. It was an accident.

CLEANER: This isn't about the human. Our secrecy is all we have. It's all that keeps us alive. The crime is treason, the penalty is death. Continue.

[Jackson tries to go to Emma but a Cleaner stops him]

CLEANER: Stop. Back away now.

MICK: Give them a minute.

CLEANER: Don't do anything foolish, Mr. Monaghan.

[He goes to her]

EMMA: I am so sorry. I-I wanted to start over with you.

JACKSON: I love you. Always have and always will. We're ready.

EMMA: No, Jackson.

JACKSON: No no, no, we do this like we've done everything else; together.

EMMA: No,! No! No! I don't want you to die, too.

CLEANER: Mr. Monaghan?

EMMA: Please.

JACKSON: Together. We're ready.

[A Cleaner sets them on fire]

JOSEF: We don't have to watch this.

MICK: Yeah...we do.

[He’s on the phone]

BEN: Uh huh. No, sir, we don't know how she escaped. We're investigating that as we speak. I'm sorry, sir. Okay, bye.

[Ben notices a file on the floor. He picks it up and the phone rings]

BEN: Talbot.

MAN: File's for your eyes only. We'll stay in touch.

BEN: Who is this?

[The man hangs up. Ben opens the file and it’s a list of names, all vampires, including Mick, Josef, and Emma’s and Jackson’s names crossed out]

[Mick knocks. Beth opens the door and lets him in]

BETH: I assume your "vampire business" meant getting Emma out of jail. Where is she?

MICK: She’s dead. She was a liability to our community.

BETH: Vampires dispensing vampire justice.

MICK: There have to be rules, Beth.

BETH: And Jackson?

MICK: He didn't want to live without her.

BETH: So they were both just executed?

MICK: I know that this isn't easy for you to understand.

BETH: Look, you've been saying for months now that things can't work between us, that we live in different worlds. And I didn't want to hear you, but maybe you're right. You can't come back to my world and I'm not ready to join yours.

MICK: Wait. You think that that's what this is about? You think I'm gonna wanna turn you?

BETH: Wouldn't you? Eventually? And what happens when I start to get old? Maybe then I'd want it, too. I don't ever want to have to make that decision. Emma and Jackson made me realize that you were right. I don't think I can do this anymore.

[Mick leaves and stands in the hallway close to tears]

MICK’S VOICE OVER: I spent the past 55 years trying to close the door on forever. But I can’t anymore. I can’t close the door on Beth.

[He decides to go back and knocks. When she doesn’t open the door, he lets himself in]

MICK: You want to know what Emma and Jackson made me realize? That you were right. You were right all along. This isn't about being a vampire or a human. This is about us and how we feel about one another right here, right now.

BETH: The night that we first met, or met again, whatever, what was I wearing?

MICK: Blue jeans, white striped shirt, cream jacket.

BETH: What about my shoes?

MICK: You were barefoot.

BETH: How can you remember that?

MICK: Because I love you.

[They kiss]



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