Hear 'n Aid - We Are Star

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제프 테이트를 좋아하게 되었지요..^^

Ronnie James Dio : Who cries for the children ? I do.
Dave Meniketti(Y&T) : Some time in the night When you're feeling the cold
Ronnie James Dio : Take a look at the sky above you
Rob Halford : Those are faces in the light If the story were told
Ronnie James Dio : They are calling you, calling you
Ronnie James Dio : We are magic in the night
Kevin DuBrow (Quiet Riot) : We are shadow we are light
Dave Meniketti : We are forever you and I


Vocal Leads :
Eric Bloon(Blue Oyster Cult) : We can be strong We are fire and stone
Paul Shortino(Rough Cutt) : And We all want to Touch a Rainbow
Geoff Tate(Queensryche) : But Singers and Songs Will Never Change it Alone We are Calling You, Calling You
Don Dokken : We're the beating of a heart
The beginning we're the start
Paul Shortino(Rough Cutt) : Forever we will shine Yeah

We're stars.
We're stars.
We're stars.
We're stars.

GUITAR SOLOS (12 bars each)
1st Solo : Graig Goldy/ Eddie Ojeda
2nd Solo : Vivian Campbell/ Brad Gillis
3rd Solo : Neal Schon/ George Lynch
4th Solo : Yngwie Malmsteen/ Vivian Campbell
5th Solo : George Lynch/ Carlos Cavazo
6th Solo : Brad Gillis/ Craig Goldy/ Buck Dharma

Kevin DuBrow : We are magic in the night
Rob Halford : We are shadow we are light
Geoff Tate : We are forever you and I

Vocal Leads :
Dave Meniketti
Eric Bloom
Rob Halford
Guitar Solo :
Neal schon

We're stars.
We're stars.
We're stars.
We're stars.
We're stars.

* All guitar melody lines on choruses played by
Adrian Smith and Dave Murray


TOMMY ALDRIDGE (backing vocals)
DAVID ALFORD (Rough Cutt: backing vocals)
CARMINE APPICE (King Kobra: backing vocals)
VINNIE APPICE (Dio: drums, backing vocals)
JIMMY BAIN (Dio: bass, backing vocals)
FRANKIE BANALI (Quiet Riot: drums, backing vocals)
ERIC BLOOM (Blue Oyster Cult: lead vocals)
MICK BROWN (Dokken: backing vocals)
VIVIAN CAMPBELL (Dio: guitar, backing vocals)
CARLOS CAVAZO (Quiet Riot: guitar, backing vocals)
AMIR DERAKH (Rough Cutt: backing vocals)
RONNIE JAMES DIO (Dio: lead vocals)
DON DOKKEN (Dokken: lead vocals)
KEVIN DUBROW (Quiet Riot: lead vocals)
BRAD GILLIS (Night Ranger: guitar, backing vocals)
CRAIG GOLDIE (Giuffria: guitar, backing vocals)
CHRIS HAGER (Rough Cutt: backing vocals)
ROB HALFORD (Judas Priest: lead vocals)
CHRIS HOLMES (W.A.S.P.: backing vocals)
BLACKIE LAWLESS (W.A.S.P.: backing vocals)
GEORGE LYNCH (Dokken: guitar, backing vocals)
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN (guitar, backing vocals)
MICK MARS (Motley Crue: guitar, backing vocals)
DAVE MENIKETTI (Y&T: lead vocals)
DAVE MURRAY (Iron Maiden: guitar melody lines, backing vocals)
VINCE NEIL (Motley Crue: backing vocals)
TED NUGENT (backing vocals)
EDDIE OJEDA (Twisted Sister: guitar, backing vocals)
JEFF PILSON (Dokken: backing vocals)
DONALD "BUCK DHARMA" ROESER (Blue Oyster Cult: guitar, backing vocals)
DAVID ST. HUBBINS (Spinal Tap: backing vocals)
RUDY SARZO (backing vocals)
CLAUDE SCHNELL (Dio: keyboards, backing vocals)
NEIL SCHON (Journey: guitar, backing vocals)
PAUL SHORTINO (Rough Cutt: lead vocals)
DEREK SMALLS (Spinal Tap: backing vocals)
ADRIAN SMITH (Iron Maiden: guitar melody lines, backing vocals)
MARK STEIN (Vanilla Fudge: backing vocals)
GEOFF TATE (Queensryche: lead vocals)
MATT THORR (Rough Cutt: backing vocals)

글펌 : 김정후님 채널..



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