Nike Sportswear: Lucky, Episode 1: Origins

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Robot Films' Founder/Director Chris Robinson has unleashed a trio of hilarious short films for Nike's recent 3X3 campaign to be featured on Nike Sportswear's website ( which marks the launch of its new Sportswear division. Robinson was one of three directors hand-picked by Nike Sportswear to shoot three, three minute webisodes showcasing the retro cool stylings of Nike's iconic running jacket, the Windrunner.

Robinson's Lucky series follows the comic adventures of a struggling production assistant aptly named Lucky who comes to LA following his dream of becoming a music video director. Many of Lucky's adventures are based on situations Robinson himself experienced when he was starting out. "I've been kicking this idea around for a while," says Robinson, who originally conceived of the webisodes as a series of five minute shorts available for download via cell phones on his recently launched Fresh Network site ( The character always wore retro-stylings, so I thought what better forum to launch this character than utilizing the Nike platform."

Episode one of the Lucky Series, appropriately titled Origins delves into how Lucky moved from New York to LA leaving behind a girlfriend and a best friend who were hooking up behind his back, a brokenhearted mom, and a dad who passes his favorite Windrunner on to his son.

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