Nike Sportswear: Lucky, Episode 3: Oil Me Down

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Robot Films' Founder/Director Chris Robinson has unleashed a trio of hilarious short films for Nike's recent 3X3 campaign to be featured on Nike Sportswear's website ( which marks the launch of its new Sportswear division. Robinson was one of three directors hand-picked by Nike Sportswear to shoot three, three minute webisodes showcasing the retro cool stylings of Nike's iconic running jacket, the Windrunner.

Robinson's Lucky series follows the comic adventures of a struggling production assistant aptly named Lucky who comes to LA following his dream of becoming a music video director. Many of Lucky's adventures are based on situations Robinson himself experienced when he was starting out. "I've been kicking this idea around for a while," says Robinson, who originally conceived of the webisodes as a series of five minute shorts available for download via cell phones on his recently launched Fresh Network site ( The character always wore retro-stylings, so I thought what better forum to launch this character than utilizing the Nike platform."

Lucky sports a classic blue and gray Windrunner throughout the films. Featuring a cameo by rapper Ludacris, Oil Me Down, finds our plucky P.A. confronted with the task of oiling down temperamental plus sized dancers for a music video shoot.

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