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2009-03-23 アップロード · 122 視聴 This video is for everybody, but especially Online gamers and Social Networkers. You guys playing Online games (MMOPRG) like Mofia Wars Mob wars Mobster Boss you know, Rogue Dungeon RuneScape. World of Warcraft Ultima Online Eve Online NHL 09. You‘re having a good time but listen, you’ve got your computers, Xbox 360, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, Nintendo all sorts of stuff DS, Wii and access the Internet. You’re networking with people all around the world globally, through these games and Social Networking websites like MySpace, FaceBook, YouTube, Second Life, and so many others Linkedin, Tagged, Direct matches, Vsocial . Take a minute out of you busy day and set up a free business online and Make some Money while you’re having your good time. Gamers social sites. The video encourages you to consider the time spent online on the Internet and recognize that you could be making money and a great income free of any cost if you choose to set it up that way, while enjoying your online activities. Look, one web site. Gamers social sites. You can do this and promote everything. I pay $10 a month through Global Domains, International and it makes money every month. My name is Tony Slaick. People all around the country are looking for jobs, trying to find employment. I quit my Government job with a local Southern California city after 17 years this last August 2008. Even if you don't get a website you can be in some fantastic businesses Absolutely free! They have excellent compensation and even residual income. That’s income that is paid to you month after month every month for work you did just one time. Don't let anyone tell you that you can only have one. Get into a few of them, that’ll give you diversity and a great income. There are hundreds and even thousands of companies out there looking for the best way any way to market their products and services. They bring their product line to an Affiliate marketing company and you can basically put yourself on their payrolls. That's absolutely Free to you. Every one of these companies will give you a website. You can advertise each one individually or get your own web site for $10 a month with Global Domains and promote your own website with your own name that you want it to be called along with all of the businesses you’re in. I’ll help you set up and build it and give you the support and leadership it takes for you to see success. We’ve got a strong well known organized line with Brian Bear leading and Don DaSilva right above me. Take a minute and do something here that you really know you should do. Click on the link or copy and paste it to you’re browser. It will only take you a few minutes Sign up and get started.



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