Pentium 4/3.06 cpu를 5기가 로 오버클럭

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Pentium 4/3.06 cpu를 5기가 로 오버클럭 하는 동영상

Experience gathered in past investigations told us that these kind of clock rates can only be achieved on the P4 platform. Nonetheless, as we prepared for each test, we had no clear idea which clock rates would be reached in conjunction with selected components. Our last speed record is exactly a year old. Then we succeeded in getting an Intel Pentium 4/3.06 to operate stably at 4.1 GHz. A few days later we showed how an AMD AthlonXP works at 2.8 GHz. The basis for these tests was a powerful compressor cooling system from Chip-con with a few modifications. Ten months later, with the same basic configuration, we managed to overclock the first 64 bit processor on the desktop market - the AMD Athlon64 FX. The end of the flagpole was reached at 2.8 GHz. Anyone really interested in extreme overclocking should read the following articles:
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위 동영상은 펜티엄4/3.06 기가 시피유를

5.25기가 까지 오버클럭 합니다.

온도를 약 -190도 까지 내려 성공합니다.

질소냉각 방식 입니다...

전문가가 아니면 절대 따라하지 마세요!



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매우 죄송한대 잘 나와요... 코덱을 바꿔보시죠... 참고로 전 z코덱삭제
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코덱다운받아도 아무것도 안나온대요삭제
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